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Shocked! Something that I have written about in my Ultimate Guides as a “must-have.” A feature that I consider second nature when purchasing men’s underwear. A concept I unfortunately just took for granted that other men knew. I found out today that 71% of men have never tried it.1

What is this feature? A ball pouch on guys’ underwear. Pouches create extra room for your penis and balls to breathe a bit and not get compressed and squished. Consider it a guest house for your balls instead of cramming them in your guest bedroom, leaving you without any comfort in your own home!

For me, having a pouch is non-negotiable. I must have a pouch in any new pair of underwear I purchase. I wrote an entire review of my first experience with a custom-engineered pouch – Separatec Dual Pouch – plus reviews of Saxx’s BallPark Pouch, Shinesty’s Ball Hammock Pouch, and Bn3th’s MyPackage Pouch. So I strongly encourage you to pay a little extra and get a pouch. In this blog post, I’ll tell you why I feel this way and why you should too.

What kind of underwear will you be picking out?

Why Get Ball Pouch Underwear

Going back to the headline statistic that led me to this blog post, 71% of men are not aware of the benefits of having underwear with a ball pouch. Yet, there are several notable reasons to have a pouch:

What is the pouch on men’s underwear for?

You know your penis and balls are outside your body as a guy. More precisely, they are in front of your body. Yet flat underwear – underwear without a pouch – does not incorporate this crucial part of male anatomy into the design. Flat underwear squishes your penis and balls against your legs and crotch, which is not the natural curve of your body. 

Furthermore, your balls may be in for a wild ride when you are actively playing sports or moving around. Much like wearing a seat belt, a pouch straps in your balls so they don’t get hurt clanking against each other, your pants, or your legs. There is a reason why jockstraps are associated with playing sports – a pouch in your briefs or boxer briefs is there for the same reason.

Friction protection

As mentioned above, pouchless underwear flattens your balls against your legs. When you are active or out in hot climates, and your legs start sweating, have you noticed that it is easy for your balls to stick against your legs and crotch? And then, when you lift your balls away, there is a moment of relief? That is because sweat needs to evaporate to cool the skin. Sweat can’t evaporate if not exposed to air, which it isn’t if the skin is stuck together.

Pouches with separation will assist with separating the balls from your crotch and legs so the skin can breathe, sweat properly, and cool down. Simple pouches may not necessarily provide a whole level of separation, although more advanced pouches will. The difference is that a simple pouch only provides more room for your penis and balls; they can still interact with your legs and crotch. On the other hand, advanced pouches provide fabric separation between your legs and balls so they can’t contact each other. Saxx’s Ballpark pouch, for example, uses mesh liners to create ball-separating underwear.

If you work in hot climates, want special underwear for vigorous workouts, or sweat profusely, you will want to splurge for advanced pouch construction. Pouches assist guys suffering from irritation or chafing around their balls and upper thighs (although other reasons may exist for this too!).

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Temperature Control

As noted above, your balls hang outside your body to be cooler – temperature-wise – than the rest of your body. Cooler temperatures are essential for scrotal and sperm health. Men produce sperm optimally with a scrotal temperature of 93-95 degrees Fahrenheit (34-35 Celsius), compared to a body temperature of 98-99 degrees Fahrenheit2 (37 Celsius). Tight underwear increases scrotal temperature2. While switching to boxer shorts will assist with greater airflow and cooler temperatures, most guys wear briefs, trunks, or boxer briefs for style and comfort.

Yet tight underwear squishes your balls against your body, negating the body’s attempt to keep your balls cooler. Hence, having a pouch can assist with temperature control as pouches increase the separation between your body and your balls. On the other hand, I would love to see more academic research into whether briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs with pouches indeed cool the scrotum. If scrotum cooling occurs, is it on the same level as wearing boxer shorts? Even with a pouch, fabric surrounds your balls – unlike boxer shorts – so how much cooling occurs?

How to Purchase Pouch Underwear

Fortunately, most pairs and companies offer some pouch options, sometimes even multiple options. Since most brands do not explicitly advertise a pouch, there is a quick way to determine whether a pouch exists. Check for a seam that runs vertically over where your penis would sit down to the crotch or at least halfway up from the crotch to your penis “midpoint,” per se. You may need to zoom in on photos if shopping online. This seam provides stability to the “roof of the guest house.” If the seam is visible, there is at least a basic pouch.

Separatec Quick Dry Boxer Briefs with Dual Pouch
  • PATENTED DUAL POUCH UNDERWEAR for MEN: Separatec men’s athletic underwear are made with a roomy and supportive double pouch that provides extra space for your man-parts, while keeping them separate comfortably, which keeps your goods off your legs and prevents skin irritation, sticking problems.
  • MOISTURE WICKING and QUICK DRY: Breathable, moisture wicking and lightweight sport ball pouch underwear drys faster than polyester , keeping you fresh and dry, providing you with the ultimate comfort.
  • ANTI CHAFE and LONG LEG: Long leg performance boxer briefs for men provides a longer leg for extra coverage, no ride up and hem legs stay in place. You will not have to deal with uncomfortable bunching and chafing.
  • ATHLETIC UNDERWEAR MEN: Our compression underwear for men has well-made moisture control, keeping you cool and dry when you stay active. They are perfect for everyday wear, long periods of sitting at working hours, workouts and outdoor activities. Add spandex fabric for better stretch to support your every movements.

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What are the differences between Ball Pouches?

The next item to check for is whether the pouch is non-separated, a separated single pouch, or a separated dual pouch. If you aren’t sure you are wearing pouch underwear, you probably have a basic, non-separated single pouch. This is a no-frills pouch consisting of an indented pouch – for more room for your penis – and sometimes extra fabric.

On the other hand, ball-separating underwear has additional fabric – usually mesh or another light material – surrounding the pouch to keep your penis and balls separate from your legs and groin. “Single” and “dual” pouch refers to whether there is one pouch for your balls and penis, or two separate pouches, one for your penis and one for your balls. Note below, however, that the ball “pouch” on the right isn’t separated from your body like the single pouch on the left.

How to tell the difference between single and dual pouch underwear
Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch (left) uses mesh to separate your balls from your groin, while Separatec’s Dual Pouch (right) separates the penis from balls, but not balls from the groin.

Two main designs dominate among brands for single-separated pouches: U-shaped and I-shaped pouches. U-shaped pouches are designed to “cup” your balls, whereas I-shaped pouches provide more of a hammock for your balls. In both scenarios, the goal is that “guardrails” physically separate your balls from your crotch and legs.

Comparison of Shinesty Ball Hammock Pouch vs Saxx Ball Park Pouch
Comparison of Shinesty’s U-shaped Ball Hammock Pouch vs Saxx’s I-shaped Ball Park Pouch.

It wasn’t easy for me to slide into Shinesty’s U-shaped pouch and I couldn’t fit my balls inside the pouch. The pouch didn’t come out far enough, although this is designed to increase ball support. I prefer Saxx’s I-shape pouch design as it was straightforward yet was a bit looser.

Most brands offer a U-shaped pouch for increased support. Note that not all U-shaped pouches are designed the same: each brand varies how deep the trough of the “U” goes into the crotch. A deeper trough is easier to fit into yet provides less separation between your balls and your crotch. Nonetheless, I prefer Saxx’s I-shaped pouch and Separatec’s Dual Pouch over the various forms of U-shaped pouches.

Comparing Pair of Thieves Cool Breeze Pouch to Saxx Ballpark Pouch
The V-shape is closer in function to the I-shape pouch than a U-shape pouch.

V-shape pouches also exist. I consider them off-shoots of an I-shape pouch than a U-shape pouch because functionally, V-shape pouches act like I-shape pouches. The only difference between a V-shape pouch and an I-shape pouch is that the guardrails on a V-shape pouch touch each other at the bottom of the crotch, while on an I-shape pouch, the guardrails never touch. Contrast this to a U-shape pouch that uses a Kangaroo-like pouch design rather than guardrails.

I recommend purchasing pouch underwear

I strongly recommend always purchasing briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs with a pouch. However, today’s underwear engineers have developed all sorts of pouch construction (the guest house metaphor really works!) to provide additional comfort and ball-separating underwear. Many brands even have their own terms for their specially designed pouch. While these terms are exciting and the boxer briefs comfortable, engineering isn’t cheap, so make sure it is worth purchasing higher-end boxer briefs just because of their fancy pouch. Common scenarios requiring splurging include:

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What underwear has a ball pouch?

Saxx, Bn3th, Hanes, Shinesty, Separatec, Turq, David Archy, and UFM are some brands with advanced pouch technology. You may have your personal preferences with all of these brands, yet you can’t go wrong with any of these options. Furthermore, many of these brands are now adding their advanced pouches directly to shorts and pants with built-in underwear. Thus, having your balls sit comfortably in a pouch can’t be easier.

Instead of focusing solely on the pouch, review each brand’s options in terms of pricing, material, etc., and make sure they match what you love and want. When you combine what you know you want in new underwear with pouch technology, you’ll rise to underwear nirvana (or something close!). Here are some tips:

  • Modal and Bamboo materials for everyday softness: All brands below (except Hanes) feature underwear collections with these two materials, which I love. Make sure the pair you choose has a 90-95% modal or bamboo blend for the material.
  • Polyester or nylon for sports and water activities: Look to Saxx’s Sport Mesh and Volt series for intense sports and Saxx’s Hydro collection for water activities, or Bn3th’s recycled polyester series also suitable for water activities.
  • Flashy prints and patterns: Saxx, Bn3th, and Shinesty all offer a wide variety of prints and patterns, including Shinesty’s X-Rated collection (which is quite humorous!).
  • Ball separating underwear to prevent chafing: Separatec and David Archy’s Dual Pouch do not provide true separation of your balls from your groin and legs, although some separation does occur. Saxx, Bn3th, Shinesty, and Turq provide liners to separate the balls physically from the rest of your groin. You’ll probably want ball-separating underwear if you sweat a lot and suffer from chafing.
  • Custom pouch fit: All brands offer one-size-fits-all pouches except for UFM. UFM’s pouch includes drawstrings so you can adjust the size and support of the pouch, which is a very cool concept. This is excellent when you need extra support for sports but prefer to let your balls breathe when chilling on the weekends; you can wear the same underwear in both situations!
  • Shorts with Pouch Underwear Built-in: Why not combine pouch underwear and your shorts into an all-in-one package? Saxx and Shinesty sell shorts with their respective underwear built-in.
Shorts with built-in underwear have several benefits – including a private place to stash your valuables!
  • Cheapest Pairs for a budget: Hanes Total Support Pouch boxer briefs and trunks can’t be beat for budget shoppers. I’d recommend trying one of the other brands as well for a higher quality pair, yet if you want a pouch on a budget, then Hanes can be your starter pouch underwear. Hanes also sells long-leg boxer briefs with the Total Support Pouch (you can read more about long-leg boxer briefs here).
  • Best overall value: Separatec and its sister brand David Archy provide the best value for a dual pouch at around $10-12 per pair. For a single pouch, Hanes offers its Total Support Pouch boxer briefs for less than $7/pair (see above). Contrast this to Saxx and Bn3th, which usually cost $25-$30/pair and higher.

Separatec “Dual Pouch”

Separatec created their “Dual Pouch” system to separate your penis and balls – read more about it here. Using my guest house metaphor (yet again!), Separatec’s ball pouch is like a detached guest house. Your penis goes through a hole and enters a separate space just for the penis outside the main underwear “frame.” Likewise, your balls sit in a curved space inside the main underwear, although while physically separated from your penis, your balls are not separated from your groin.

At first glance, it looks weird, to be honest. Yet, it makes perfect sense. First, placing your penis in a separate compartment ensures it doesn’t get squished against your balls and the rest of your pubic area. Second, as mentioned above, fabric separation between your balls and penis prevents sweat and moisture build-up. Finally, the shape and outline of both pouches match your anatomy, ensuring comfort.

I own Separatec bamboo briefs, and I love them, especially because of the Dual Pouch. One drawback of the pouch is that the flap at the end of the penis pouch is sometimes irritating, especially if semi-erect or erect. I still love the Dual Pouch the rest of the time, and thus I recommend it, but something to note, especially if you have a sensitive penis tip.

Note: Separatec has started selling non-Dual Pouch underwear. It uses an I-shaped single pouch, similar to Saxx (and I love Saxx’s pouch). But if you want the Dual Pouch, ensure the description says Dual Pouch!

  • Length/Style: Separatec includes all of the main styles: hip briefs, 3.5″ trunks, and 6.5″ boxer briefs. Separatec also produces 8” long-leg boxer briefs for tall guys, when wearing boardshorts, or for athletics and working out on the other end of the spectrum. Or for guys who prefer bikini or tanga briefs, Separatec sells those too!

Separatec Bamboo Bikini Briefs

Buy now: Separatec’s bikini bamboo briefs

  • Price: $$. Separatec’s three-packs of Dual Pouch usually cost around $10-12 per pair, which is excellent value. You can also get a seven-pack for around $8.50/pair by clicking here. You can also price compare with Amazon, as Separatec sells some of its underwear on Amazon too.
  • Colors and Patterns: Separatec’s designs are more conservative than Saxx and Shinesty, yet flashier than David Archy, which I profile later on as both brands use the same dual pouch construction. A wide range of colors is available, including orange, red, and green. Separatec’s lineup also includes patterned underwear with a dual pouch. Guys looking for non-boring underwear would prefer Seperatec underwear over David Archy.

Buy now: Can’t go wrong with a seven-pack of bamboo Dual Pouch undies!

  • Material and Fabric: Separatec sells its dual-pouch underwear for both everyday use and athletic/high-sweat situations. Separatec’s line-up also includes several options, including the most common 95% bamboo/5% Spandex blend, various polyamide/Spandex athletic blends, and cotton-modal mixed blends.
    • I recommend the 95% bamboo blend for most situations, which I wear for everyday activities. However, for high-sweat situations, choose the polyamide-Spandex models (I have the 8″ polyamide-Spandex boxer briefs and they are nice).

  • Fly: Yes! A flap at the end of the Dual Pouch provides quick access. Instead of inserting your fingers into a slit and pulling out your penis as in conventional vertical flys, with Separatec’s Dual Pouch, you simply “uncover” the tip of your penis to pee. However, Separatec includes a standard vertically fly on its single I-shaped pouch underwear.
  • Branded Waistbands: Separatec’s branding is more flashy and bold than David Archy’s below. While I am not a fan of bold branding, I prefer Separatec’s waistband design over David Archy as it looks modern to me. Waistband design preference is purely a personal choice since the same manufacturer produces both brands’ underwear, and thus, the waistband comfort is the same.
  • Multipacks: Many multi-packs are available, including two, three, four, six, and even seven-packs! Most multipacks are $10/pair or less – an amazing value!
  • Design Country: China

Buy now: Solid black trunks are some of the most flattering underwear for guys!

Saxx – BallPark Pouch Underwear

Saxx calls their advanced pouch the BallPark Pouch, and Saxx states it is a patented design. Unlike the two-pouch system of David Archy/Separatec, Saxx’s I-shaped single pouch holds both your penis and balls. Mesh panels on both sides of the pouch provide physical separation between your balls and upper legs. This separation prevents skin sticking and irritation, as well as holding your balls in place. Furthermore, Saxx advertises that their pouch is a “hammock” shaped to provide a natural curve, providing greater room and comfort.

Compared to basic pouches found in most men’s underwear, Saxx’s main differentiator is the mesh panels on the sides of their single pouch. Unlike the two-pouch design of David Archy/Seperatec above, Saxx’s pouch keeps the penis and balls together but separate from the rest of the groin. For single-pouch designs, I prefer Saxx’s I-shaped design to Shinesty’s U-shaped design. Read my full review of Saxx’s Ultra boxer briefs here for the details!

Photo of Saxx's Ballpark Pouch underwear
Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch design
  • Length/Style: Saxx sells briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, and long-leg boxer briefs – click here to see all of Saxx’s men’s underwear. I find the length of the trunks (3″), boxer briefs (5″), and long-leg boxer briefs (8″) the ideal sizes for most guys, which is awesome. Saxx also offers a large selection of shorts with their BallPark pouch built-in. This is a great way to buy quality shorts and quality underwear simultaneously!

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  • Price: $$$$. Saxx is in the upper tier of pricing and is a premium product. However, there are sales throughout the year, and you can save 20% by buying seven pairs at once.
  • Colors and Patterns: Guys looking for lots of patterns and graphics on their underwear will appreciate Saxx’s choices. Their designs remind me of American Eagle or Bn3th, with many playful designs and patterns based on nature. However, Saxx’s designs are not as outrageous as Shinesty’s designs.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 05:40 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Material and Fabric: Saxx’s lineup varies extensively among material blends, with over 13 variations. For example, fabric blends include:
    • 95% viscose (plant fibers)/5% elastane (Ultra series and Vibe series)
    • 77% nylon/9% polyester/14% elastane (Quest series)
    • 85% nylon/15% elastane (Kinetic HD series)
    • 57% cotton/38% modal/5% elastane (DropTemp Cooling Cotton Series)
    • I recommend the Kinetic HD series or Quest series for sports, strenuous activities, and gym sessions. The DropTemp Cooling Cotton, Vibe, and Ultra series are your Netflix and chill underwear and daily collection (I own the Ultra series). Note that the Ultra series is designed to be looser than usual boxer briefs. If you prefer slim-fitting boxer briefs, make sure to buy the Vibe series. I have found my Ultra boxer briefs become uncomfortable over time as they are too baggy.

Me wearing my Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs
My Ultra boxer briefs are too baggy – great for chilling, not so great under pants.
  • Fly: Most of Saxx’s lineup includes functional flies. If a functional fly is a must-have, according to Saxx’s website, these models do not have a functional fly: Vibe, Kinetic HD, Volt, and Hyperdrive.
  • Branded Waistbands: Saxx’s waistband is plain except for its white logo on the front. While the waistband features embossed logos everywhere else, it is hard to notice except for up close. Their logo is quite simple, so I believe Saxx’s waistbands work for all guys. The color is usually black, yet some models include other solid colors and even a green camouflage pattern.
  • Multipacks: Multipacks are available and offer a slight discount to full price. However, as Saxx is already in the upper tier of pricing, I only recommend purchasing a multipack if you are already a fan. If you love Saxx already, you can save 20% by buying seven pairs at once.
  • Design Country: Canada

Shinesty – Ball Hammock pouch

Shinesty sells fun men’s ball-separating underwear. They offer plenty of boxer briefs with prints and images, most of which are meant to be humorous. On the serious side, Shinesty offers the Ball Hammock design for their penis pouch. More akin to Bn3th than Saxx, the single U-shaped pouch has fabric lining three sides of the pouch for skin separation. I found it a bit snug – I couldn’t fit my balls inside the pouch! – although the boxer briefs were still comfortable.

Furthermore, Shinesty is unique among the brands on this page as they offer a subscription plan. Monthly subscription plans are a great way to spice up your underwear collection because each month, you will get a new, comical pair that will make you the life of the party! (Read my full guide to men’s underwear subscriptions here.)

  • Length/Style: Shinesty offers standard 6″ boxer briefs and 8.5″ long-leg boxer briefs, as well as briefs and 3″ trunks! They also offer athletic and board shorts with a built-in pouch liner.
  • Price: $$$$. Expect to pay $25+ for each pair, although Shinesty offers around a 30% discount if you subscribe to their monthly subscription plans.

The Tool Kit / Tool Ball Hammock Pouch Underwear With Fly

Buy now: The Took Kit boxer briefs from Shinesty

  • Colors and Patterns: Shinesty’s patterns are even more flamboyant than Saxx’s, especially their X-Rated underwear collection.
  • Material and Fabric: Shinesty’s makes most of their underwear using my favorite material, modal. If you will be wearing this underwear during sports or water activities, purchase Shinesty’s ParadICE Cooling Boxers line up instead, made out of a polyester/spandex mesh for quick drying.

The Grand Finale / USA Camouflage Ball Hammock® Shinesty Pouch Underwear Briefs

Buy now: While these Shinesty X-Rated briefs are NSFW, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them to work.

  • Fly: Shinesty offers boxer briefs with and without functional flys. Make sure you select the correct option when purchasing!
  • Branded Waistbands: I prefer subdued logos on my underwear waistbands, so Shinesty’s simple logo is fantastic for me.
  • Multipacks: Multipacks are available and usually offer a slight discount to full price. Shinesty’s monthly subscription service offers a far larger discount if you are a fan.
  • Design Country: United States

The Threat Level Midnight / Black Ball Hammock® Shinesty Pouch Underwear

Buy now: Shinesty also sells no-nonsense underwear with fantastic names, such as these black “Threat Level Midnight” boxer briefs.

David Archy

David Archy also uses a dual pouch system on some of its underwear, appearing identical to Separatec. One of the comments on Amazon notes that David Archy and Separatec are “too close for coincidence.” This commenter is correct; the same Chinese manufacturer makes both brands.

Nonetheless, the two brands have several differences. Separatec includes dual pouch construction on most of their models, while David Archy only has a few Dual Pouch models. Thus, guys wanting the Dual Pouch will have far more selection of colors, patterns, and materials with Separatec. Additionally, David Archy’s designs are more conservative, while Separatec is more hip and flashy, purely from an aesthetic and marketing perspective.

On the other hand, if you don’t want a specially-designed pouch, as I have mentioned in this guide, and instead want a comfortable, regular pouch, then David Archy is for you!

Me wearing bamboo David Archy “boxer briefs” (they are labeled 5.5″ trunks on their website and have a single pouch).
  • Length/Style: David Archy sells briefs, trunks (2.5” inseam), and boxer briefs (6.5” inseam) with the Dual Pouch so all guys can wear their preferred style. However, David Archy also sells underwear with basic one-pouch construction, which is also very comfortable. So, if you want the advanced Dual Pouch, you must ensure it is the style you are ordering.
  • Price: $$. At around $10/pair, David Archy is in the sweet spot for pricing and allows you to stock up for a very reasonable cost. You can also get Free Shipping by using my coupon code hello200 at davidarchy.com or use code DAJAO15 to save 15% off a $65+ purchase.
  • Colors and Patterns: One thing David Archy does not sell much of is patterned underwear. Most of their colors are very conservative, consisting primarily of the standard dark colors (black, gray, and blue) and white. These colors are perfect for guys who want timeless-looking underwear. If you look for flashier designs, scroll back up to read about David Archy’s alter-ego, Separatec, or for wild designs, scroll back up to Shinesty.
David Archy Modal Boxer Briefs w/Dual Pouch

✅ Includes Dual Pouch
✅ 92% Modal/8% Spandex – extremely soft fabric!
✅ Available as 2.5″ trunks or 6.5″ boxer briefs
✅ Available in 3-Packs and 4-Packs

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  • Material and Fabric: Reading my blog, you’ll know I am a dedicated fan of modal underwear. Thus, I love that David Archy makes their Dual Pouch underwear with 92% modal and 8% Spandex blend. I recommend at least 8-10% Spandex content in underwear, so this fabric blend is right on the spot. Note that David Archy also sells bamboo underwear, but the bamboo underwear does not come with the Dual Pouch – only a single, non-separated pouch.

David Archy Pouch Underwear
David Archy’s simple, non-separated single pouch. It is quite comfortable if you don’t need the bells and whistles of a special pouch.
  • Fly: The fly is functional as there is a flap at the end of the penis pouch. You lift the flap and pull out your penis to wee.
  • Branded Waistbands: For the Dual Pouch line, David Archy brands their waistbands with their name and a cross sign (which isn’t their logo, so a tad interesting). It looks sporty and masculine and is the same color as the waistband, thus blending in well. I find this fortunate because some of David Archy’s underwear comes with their name written in a flowery script, which I do not like.
  • Multipacks: David Archy underwear usually comes in packs of three or four, which is excellent for your first-time buy or for stocking up after loving the underwear.
  • Design Country: China

David Archy *Single-Pouch* Bamboo Boxer Briefs (Four-Pack)

✅ Over 11,000 Ratings on Amazon with 4.5/5 stars
💵 Less than $11/pair
✅ Has a Vertical Fly
✅ 95% Bamboo Rayon/5% Spandex – Very Soft
⚠️ Available in 2.5″, 3″, 5.5″, and 8″ versions so double-check what you are buying

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Bn3th – MyPackage Pouch

Bn3th started as a company under the name MyPackage. It just so happens that is the name of their penis pouch design; quite the coincidence! 

Bn3th’s MyPackage pouch is similar to Shinesty in that it is a U-shaped pouch in a single-compartment design using side panels to provide separation and support. There are differences in the length and size of the side panels, as Bn3th’s side panels go to the waistband while Shinesty’s side panels don’t. In comparison, Saxx’s I-shaped pouch is open to the crotch, while Bn3th’s design has a mesh separation at the crotch. Put another way, Saxx’s I-shaped pouch acts like freeway guardrails, whereas Bn3th’s U-shaped pouch is akin to guardrails on a hairpin curve. 

I find Bn3th and Saxx quite similar in marketing, design, price, and even location—both companies are based in Vancouver, Canada. And both companies’ ball-separating underwear will provide an amazing experience.

  • Length/Style: Bn3th’s underwear lineup focuses on 6.5” boxer briefs. Some designs include a 3.5” trunk option, although not all of Bn3th’s products feature trunks. Bn3th also released their new briefs for brief lovers, although color selection is very limited. Nonetheless, Bn3th does not offer long-leg boxer briefs. Not having long-leg boxer briefs is somewhat surprising since Bn3th’s marketing targets surfers who often wear baggy boardshorts.
Bn3th Classic Modal Boxer Briefs
  • Slim fit with no fly, 6.5" inseam
  • MyPakage Pouch Technology, Pucker Panel gusset helps the pouch do its job, allowing the underwear to contour around your body
  • Carefully placed flatlock seams means no chafing in your most sensitive areas, Luxury 1 3/8" no-roll waistband
  • 95% TENCEL Modal + 5% Spandex

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  • Price: $$$$. Similar to Saxx, Bn3th is in the upper pricing tier, as expected for a premium brand. However, Bn3th is usually slightly cheaper than Saxx.
  • Colors and Patterns: If you haven’t sensed a pattern yet, Bn3th’s lineup includes many whimsical designs, a la Saxx, but not as outrageous as Shinesty. Many of Bn3th’s boxer briefs feature tropical or water-themed patterns owing to Bn3th’s target audience of surfers. Of course, solid colors are available as well.
  • Material and Fabric: Bn3th has several fabric options depending on your intended use (again, much like…you know who). Options include modal/spandex blends (“Classic”), moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics (“Pro”), and even recycled polyester designs (“Entourage”) ideal for surfing and swimming. For many years, Bn3th did not have any cotton-based underwear. However, recently Bn3th introduced the cotton-modal “Outset” collection.

Last update on 2024-06-13 at 16:32 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Fly: Unlike Saxx (wow!), most of Bn3th’s lineup does not include functional flys. If you are desiring a functional fly, you’ll be limited to Bn3th’s “Classic w/Fly” lineup. 
  • Branded Waistbands: Bn3th brands all of their waistbands with some color variation of their logo. Some pairs feature a small, nondescript logo towards the front; others have bigger and bolder versions of their logo around the entire waistband. Going back to the comparison I made earlier between Saxx and American Eagle, Bn3th’s waistband reminds me more of American Eagle than Saxx.
Me wearing my Bn3th Classic Boxer Briefs
Bn3th’s waistband is conservative on their Classic underwear.
  • Multipacks: Multipacks are available and usually offer a slight discount to full price. Considering the pricing, I only recommend purchasing a multipack if you are already a fan.
  • Design Country: Canada
Bn3th 3.5-inch Classic Trunks
  • Slim fit with no fly, 3.5" inseam
  • MyPakage Pouch Technology, Pucker Panel gusset helps the pouch do its job, allowing the underwear to contour around your body

Last update on 2024-06-13 at 20:56 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Pair of Thieves – Cool Breeze Pouch

Pair of Thives has been around for a decade selling everyday underwear for men at affordable prices. U.S. readers may know them from shopping at Target, but Pair of Thieves also sells on their own website and on Amazon as well. Up until now, Pair of Thieves only had a standard non-separated pouch. But with November 2022’s launch of its Hustle boxer briefs, Pair of Thieves joined the pouch underwear game.

Pair of Thieves’ Cool Breeze Pouch is a V-shaped pouch somewhat similar to Saxx’s I-shaped Ballpark Pouch. The difference between the two pouches is that Pair of Thieves’ guardrails come together at the bottom of the crotch – forming a V-shape – while Saxx’s never touch. While I still give Saxx the top slot between the two, Pair of Thieves’ pouch is a very close second place for single, separated pouches.

I recently reviewed Pair of Thieves’ Hustle boxer briefs, and you can read the full review here, including a review of their Cool Breeze Pouch. Or if you are looking for simple, non-separated pouches, read my review of their new Quick Dry boxer briefs here.

Note: The Cool Breeze Pouch is only available on Hustle boxer briefs, not any of Pair of Thieves’ other men’s underwear.

  • Length/Style: The Hustle collection only includes 5″ inseam boxer briefs.
  • Price: $$. Retail price is around $27 for two, or $13.50/pair. The price is quite good for what you are getting, so definitely a deal.
  • Colors and Patterns: Pair of Thieves makes limited solid colors and patterns for its Hustle lineup. Important note: I can only recommend solid colors because the patterned boxer briefs have a rough feel and are less breathable. Solid colors for Hustle include a two-pack of black and dark blue boxer briefs and a two-pack of blue and pink boxer briefs.
Me wearing Pair of Thieves Hustle underwear
Me wearing Pair of Thieves dark blue Hustle boxer briefs
  • Material and Fabric: 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. I love the feel of the fabric – provided that it is only one of the sold colors! Again, the price is very good for such a quality feel and fabric.
  • Fly: Hustle boxer briefs do not come with any functional fly.
  • Branded Waistbands: Pair of Thieves brands their waistband in the same color as the waistband. It is visible but blends in very well, so hard to see unless you are up close.
  • Multipacks: Pair of Thieves only sells its Hustle boxer briefs in two-packs.
  • Design country: United States

Pair of Thieves Hustle Boxer Briefs 2-Pack

✅ 5″ Boxer Briefs with a separated “Cool Breeze Pouch”
✅ 80% Nylon/20% Spandex blend – extremely silky
💵 Around $13.5/pair (in a 2-pack)
❌ No fly
❌ I recommend only getting solid colors as the printed versions have a rougher finish
⬇️ Read my full review below

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Pair of Thieves SuperFit Boxer Briefs 3-Pack

✅ 5″ Boxer Briefs with a regular, non-separated pouch.
✅ 85% Polyamide/15% Spandex blend
💵 Around $13/pair (in a 3-pack)
✅ Standard Vertical Fly

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UFM: Underwear for Men

Underwear for Men (UFM) takes a different approach to pouch underwear. Instead of a one-size-fits-all pouch, UFM’s underwear includes drawstrings for you to adjust the pouch size manually. Think of it like the drawstrings on your favorite hoodie, except cradling your balls instead of your head.

I love this novel concept of allowing guys to adjust their underwear based on their preferences or changing needs. Playing sports? Adjust your underwear for a tighter, more supportive pouch. Lounging around? Loosen the strings a bit to give your balls and penis some relaxation time. This design puts the comfort of your balls in your hands.

Read my full review of UFM Underwear here, including what I thought of the adjustable pouch.

UFM Polyester Boxer Briefs w/Adjustable Pouch
  • [IMPORTANT! SEE SIZE CHART IMAGE FOR BEST FIT SELECTION] SUPPORT YOUR MANHOOD: Our revolutionary anti-chafing compression boxer brief is designed for high performance lifestyles and features a one-of-a-kind, patented adjustable pouch that gives every man the support he needs
  • QUICK DRYING, MOISTURE WICKING FABRIC: Our boxer briefs are made from soft, breathable fabric that is specifically designed to support your balls while wicking away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable all day long
  • ADJUSTABLE DRAWSTRING SUPPORT POUCH: While most designs simply smash your manhood against your thigh, each pair of our UFM boxer briefs come with a drawstring pouch supports you without smashing your junk
  • DESIGNED TO MOVE WITH YOU: Great for everyday wear, our boxer briefs stretch to fit every inch seamlessly, while the hammock keeps you feeling secure whether you wear them on their own or underneath clothing
  • THE LEADER IN ATHLETIC SUPPORT: Introduced to the sports market in 2013, UFM underwear is worn by both amateur and professional endurance athletes around the world to help prevent chafing, rubbing, sagging and sweating

Last update on 2024-06-13 at 18:11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

I want to note that I found UFM’s website harder to navigate than other brands, especially when determining the differences between their “generations” of underwear. Read the FAQ regarding generational differences. The simple answer is that Generation 3.1 provides more support (i.e., tighter) than Generation 4 and 5. Currently, Generations 3.1 and 5 are available for purchase.

  • Length/Style: UFM offers all standard men’s underwear styles: briefs, 3″ trunks, 6″ boxer briefs, and 9″ long-leg boxer briefs.
  • Price: $$$. While standard pricing starts at $25, you can often get UFM pairs for around the $20 mark, especially on discontinued models (UFM differentiates between “generations” of pouch design, much like Apple).
  • Colors and Patterns: UFM offers primarily solid colors with a couple of sparse patterns. If you like fun or bold underwear, you will want to spend more time at Shinesty, Saxx, or Bn3th; otherwise, UFM has bold, solid colors for guys who prefer solid colors.

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  • Material and Fabric: You’ll find both 95% bamboo/5% spandex for everyday wear and 90% polyester/10% spandex for athletic and high-intensity activities.
  • Fly: Yes, UFM offers a functional fly.
  • Branded Waistbands: UFM brands their waistbands with their logo, and the logo is a bit too much for me. Then again, if you don’t care about this, disregard. 😉
  • Multipacks: You can purchase multipacks at a slight discount. However, the discounts aren’t anything amazing to warrant buying extra if you don’t need extra pairs.
  • Design Country: United States

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Conclusion: Yes, please buy pouch underwear.

When buying men’s underwear, a pouch is a must-have. Even basic brands like Hanes now offer pouches, so there is no reason to buy briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs with a flat front. When shopping online for underwear, look for a pouch seam in front where your penis is. If present, there is a pouch; if not, most likely not. Please, purchase the pouch.

In line with the explosion in men’s underwear choices, many brands now sell proprietary pouches developed by design engineers. Brands with proprietary pouches tend to cost more – sometimes a lot more. I recommend splurging for an advanced pouch for guys that sweat a lot, play sports, have irritation or chafing around their balls, or have large thighs. Yet, don’t just buy a pair because of the pouch. Pay attention to everything else about the underwear: material, color, style, and pricing are among the top criteria. Guys have plenty of pouch options; find a pair you will enjoy.

On the other hand, not everyone needs to buy a top-of-the-line pouch. Having a simple pouch is often good enough and saves money. If you haven’t worn underwear with a pouch yet, you’ll especially feel the difference with even just having a little extra room! Overall, here is my summary from above:

  • Modal and Bamboo materials for everyday softness: All of the brands above feature underwear collections with these two materials, which I love. Make sure the pair you choose has a 95% modal or bamboo blend for the material.
  • Polyester or nylon for sports and water activities: Look to Saxx’s Sport Mesh and Volt series or Bn3th’s recycled polyester series.
  • Flashy prints and patterns: Saxx, Bn3th, and Shinesty all offer a wide variety of prints and patterns, including Shinesty’s X-Rated collection (which is quite humorous!).
  • Best overall value: Separatec and David Archy will provide the best values, coming in around $10-12 per pair. Both companies offer the Dual Pouch, which separates the penis from your groin, but not the balls. If you want ball-separating underwear, Shinesty and UFM provide the best value.
  • Ball separating underwear to prevent chafing: Separatec and David Archy do not provide true separation of your balls from your groin and legs. Saxx, Bn3th, Shinesty, and Turq provide liners to separate the balls physically from the rest of your groin. You’ll probably want ball-separating underwear if you sweat a lot and suffer from chafing.
  • Custom pouch fit: All brands offer one-size-fits-all pouches except for UFM. UFM’s pouch includes drawstrings so you can adjust the size and support of the pouch, which is a very cool concept. This is excellent when you need extra support for sports but prefer to let your balls breathe when chilling on the weekends; you can wear the same underwear in both situations!

Is it worth paying top dollar for a mathematically-designed pouch? Do you consider ball-separating underwear a must-have? Let me know your thoughts on high-end pouches in the comments and if you have specific pouch designs you prefer!


  1. HanesBrands, March 15, 2021: https://ir.hanesbrands.com/news-releases/news-release-details/hanes-helps-men-find-ball-ance-launch-comfort-flex-fitr-total
  2. Mendiola, Jaime, Alberto M. Torres-Cantero, Ashok Agarwal. March 2009. Lifestyle factors and male infertility: an evidence-based review. Archives of Medical Sciences 5(1A):S3-S12.

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  • Jim ErwinJanuary 19, 2023 at 11:13 pm

    This was a great article/review.
    In your waistband evaluation, do you consider the “flipping” band many men with a bit of a belly experience?
    It drives me insane! Jockeys pouch boxer briefs are the only brand I have found that do not take on the folded over waistband.

    • Eric @ MensUnderwearGuide.comJanuary 20, 2023 at 5:43 pm

      Thank you, Jim, for your feedback! I haven’t focused explicitly on waistbands rolling over, but I know what you mean. That is good to know about Jockey’s pouch boxer briefs. I have some Jockey modal boxer briefs and their waistbands seem sturdy. Jockey has a ton of selection so if they work for you, I’d keep going with them. 🙂

      Does your other underwear fit tight or too tight? If you are on the higher end of your size of underwear, you may want to consider buying the next size up next time. That may reduce the pressure on the waistband so it doesn’t roll over.

      Another thing you may want to check is the waistband size of your Jockeys compared to other pairs that roll over. Most men’s underwear is 1.5″, but some waistbands are 1″ or thinner, while others can go up to 2″. If you notice a thinner or thicker waistband works better for you, that is something to note for future pairs.

      Let me know what other questions you have and thank you for reading!

  • SamApril 5, 2023 at 9:28 am

    You didn’t mention my favorite brand Me Undies. Their products gave ball caddy pouch. They are the best and they have world class customer support

  • Modal underwearJuly 25, 2023 at 1:39 am

    You need to take part in a contest for one of
    the most useful sites on the internet. I will recommend this web site!

  • MikeJanuary 21, 2024 at 7:00 pm

    Love this roundup! Thanks for putting all this together! Best overview I’ve seen yet. Strange that all this underwear exists, and yet very few people talk about it.

    Why no All Citizens, though? I find their fabric very comfortable, and their pouch nice, but not the best. The horizontal fly is amazing though. I don’t know why all companies don’t do this with the fly.

    • Eric at MensUnderwearGuide.comFebruary 4, 2024 at 9:39 am

      Thank you Mike for commenting! I love that you love my overview – I appreciate it!

      I haven’t tried All Citizens yet, but they are on my list. I am excited to try their Paradise Pocket. Why do you say it is “not the best”? What is your favorite pouch?

      I have a couple of pairs of underwear with a horizontal fly, and I don’t like it. The slit is too small, hahah. Jockey makes quite a few pairs with a horizontal fly if you are interested: https://amzn.to/3uvhBrM and https://amzn.to/3u9PmPy

  • JohnMay 1, 2024 at 6:27 am

    I am debating between getting the new single pouch Separatec and single pouch David Archie.
    What would you stay are the main differences between them (so far the only difference I came across was the separating mesh) and which do you recommend?
    One review said that the separatec is not meant for tall as when he sat down the waist was also pulled down due to lack of rise. Do you agree with that?
    Thank you,

    • Eric at MensUnderwearGuide.comMay 1, 2024 at 7:45 am

      Hello John,

      Thank you for asking. You are correct that the main difference is the mesh. The Separatec pouch is an I-shaped pouch, where you have mesh on both sides of your balls, to provide separation from your legs. This design is very similar to Saxx’s BallPark pouch, which I love. The David Archy pouch is just a standard non-separated pouch, like many other men’s underwear. There is no separation or any fancy design – it is simply additional area for your balls and penis. You can read more about my David Archy bamboo boxer briefs here.

      Some Separatec designs are low-rise, which is perhaps what that review was referring to. However, the I-shaped boxer briefs should be fine – my husband and I haven’t had this issue with Separatec’s boxer briefs, and we are 5-11/6 ft for comparison.

      In general, David Archy and Separatec are going to be very similar to each other – they are the same company. I don’t think you can go wrong with either selection. If you are going to be wearing this underwear in hot or sweaty situations, I’d try out the Separatec I-shaped pouch and see if that helps with comfort by providing the mesh separation. Otherwise, if you don’t particularly care about that, and want a solid yet very comfortable regular boxer briefs, I would go with the David Archy bamboo boxer briefs.

      Let me know what questions you have – and please remember to use my affiliate links to support my blog! 🙂

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