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My Recommendation
PUMA Performance Boxer Briefs (3-Pack)
11,173 Reviews
PUMA Performance Boxer Briefs (3-Pack)

✅︎ Athletic Boxer Briefs ideal for guys not needing a fly or leg chafing protection
✅︎ 85% Polyester/15% Spandex blend
💵 Generally less than $10/pair (in a 3-pack)
❌ No fly
❌ 4″ inseam not recommended if you need leg protection from chafing
⬇️ Read my full review below

Alternative with Fly
New Balance 6-inch Boxer Briefs
74,667 Reviews
New Balance 6-inch Boxer Briefs

✅︎ Alternative for Guys needing a Vertical Fly
✅︎ 6-inch inseam for more leg coverage
💵 Generally less than $7/pair (in a 3-pack)
✅︎ 90% Polyester/10% Spandex blend

8-inch Long-Leg Athletic Boxer Briefs

Separatec 8-inch Performance Boxer Briefs

✅︎ 8″ boxer briefs for greater leg protection against chafing
✅︎ Ranges from 88% Polyester/12% Spandex to 82% Polyester/18% Spandex (more Spandex is better)
💵 Around $12-15/pair (in a two-pack)
❓ Not sure about the Dual Pouch? -> Read my review here

Buy Now on Separatec.com

Table of Contents

I love Puma shoes. Specifically their suede shoes. Blue suede, red suede, green suede, tan suede. I have worn most of Puma’s suede colors since high school. Even today, when Puma has sales throughout the year, I always check pricing on their suede lineup to stock up. So yes, I have Puma shoes in my closet – box unopened – ready to be worn when my current Pumas fall apart. Yet, I never gave a thought to buying Puma men’s underwear.

That is until I saw these red Puma Performance Boxer Briefs one day at Ross. At the time, my underwear drawer was relatively plain and monochromatic. I’m sure many of you can relate, wearing black, gray, and blue boxer briefs every day. These red Pumas caught my attention: they were bold, even a bit spicy. The price was right, and the fabric composition sold me: 85% polyester with 15% Spandex (elastane). Not only would this Puma underwear be great for working out, it very well could be excellent for wearing anytime. I added it to my cart, and I am glad I did!

Road Testing Puma Shoes Boxer Briefs

I have loved wearing these Puma boxer briefs for the past couple of years. The material feels just as I predicted (which is why it is so important to know your underwear materials!). They are super comfortable at the gym and during daily wear, as they are quick-drying when sweating. These boxer briefs stretch very well, are optimal for squats and sports, and, surprisingly, do not ride up.

These boxer briefs have a penis pouch, and one crucial detail that I noticed is that the crotch area is slightly larger than on other boxer briefs I own. This extra room adds comfort and keeps the region a tad cooler, especially if you are larger.

The leg length is appropriate at 4” inseam and suitable for both wearers of boxer briefs and trunks. However, if you suffer from leg chafing or skin irritation, you’ll want to go with at least 6″ boxer briefs, such as my Jockey Microfiber Boxer Briefs or these New Balance Boxer Briefs. And if you need more leg coverage or have thick thighs, consider getting 8″-9″ boxer briefs instead.

Read my full review on Jockey Microfiber Boxer Briefs.

And let’s talk about value. Do these Puma boxer briefs hold up? Yes! I have owned this pair for a couple of years now, and with relatively regular wear, they have held up very well. The fabric is as solid as day one, and the leg bands are still firm, so they won’t ride up. 

Having said that, I air-dry these boxer briefs because of the high Spandex content. I strongly encourage you to do the same. Air drying doesn’t mean hanging them on a clothesline; you can also use the air-dry setting on your dryer at home. Air drying ensures these boxer briefs last much longer than being exposed to high heat on the dry cycle.

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Can these Puma boxer briefs be all rainbows and butterflies? No, this isn’t a unicorn, and the controversy is where I wouldn’t expect: the waistband. As I noted below, I am not a fan of the graphic design of the waistband. The logo is too bold for me. My version has the least bold design – a positive for me – yet it is still too much for my tastes.

The material of the waistband is also a sticking point. On the one hand, I love the waistband because the material on the inside is super soft. I’m not sure if I can think of another pair of underwear that has as soft of a waistband as these and something completely unexpected. Yet, this fuzzy-like feeling retains moisture when sweating despite the rest of the boxer briefs being quick-drying. Also, if your skin is sensitive to fuzzy materials or has heightened skin sensitivity in general, the waistband material may not suit you.

Details and Notes

Using my Ultimate Guide to Men’s Boxer Briefs, below are my notes on the factors that may make these boxer briefs right for you:

  • Length: These Puma boxer briefs have a 4” inseam, which is on the shorter side for boxer briefs (generally 4”-6”); however, 4” provides good coverage for small and medium-sized men. Trunk lovers will appreciate these shorter-length boxer briefs for working out instead of wearing longer boxer briefs or compression shorts. Yet, I recommend looking at New Balance Boxer Briefs or Jockey Microfiber Boxer Briefs for standard 6″ boxer briefs. And if you need longer 8-9″ boxer briefs due to leg chafing, check out my Guide to Long-Leg Boxer Briefs.
Comparison of 4 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch men's boxer briefs.
Comparison of 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch men’s boxer briefs.
  • Price: $$. Buying a three-pack costs a very reasonable amount, at less than $10/pair (often lower). The price is perfect for a higher-than-entry-level quality and lower than Under Armour, Lululemon, and other athletic/athleisure brands.
  • Colors and Patterns: Puma offers many color choices, including both solid colors and patterns. They include the standard black and gray boxer briefs to the more exotic red, yellow, and teal boxer briefs. However, because the three-packs come in predefined colors, you won’t be able to customize which colors you prefer. 
  • Material and Fabric: The pair I have is 85% polyester and 15% Spandex (elastane), although Puma also sells a 90% polyester/10% Spandex blend under the same “Performance Boxer Brief” branding. For maximum comfort, I highly recommend going for the 85%/15% blend. The extra 5% Spandex makes a difference, yet the prices are about the same. 15% Spandex is on the high-end in terms of Spandex comfort, which I appreciate and make these boxer briefs very comfortable.
  • Flys: No functional fly, which is appropriate for underwear designed for workouts, activities, and sports. You won’t have to worry about your penis flopping out.
  • Ball Pouch: Yes, all styles have a standard ball pouch, which I found quite comfortable. The crotch area is slightly larger than other brands, further adding room for your balls to breathe.
  • Branded Waistbands: Yes, all Puma underwear is branded with the Puma logo, although there are several variations of their logo for some reason. The waistband logo is probably the only aspect of this underwear that I would change as I find their logo too bold. Along with colors, pay attention to the waistband design and select less “aggressive” waistbands if you prefer blander branding.
  • Multipacks: Yes, they come in three-packs by default.
  • Design Country: Germany

PUMA Performance Boxer Briefs
11,191 Reviews
PUMA Performance Boxer Briefs
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Active Stretch
  • Tag-Free!

Conclusion: Yes, I recommend Puma Performance Boxer Briefs

Overall, I rate these Puma boxer briefs as a definite buy for most guys, especially if you plan to wear them while working out. The price is fantastic – better than Under Armour – and even with a couple of years of use, they have held up very well for me. In addition, the high Spandex content creates a very stretchy fabric that is quick-drying and is comfortable in almost all situations. 

The only downside is the waistband, which doesn’t perform as highly as the rest of the boxer brief. The waistband tends to retain moisture, and while the interior of the waistband is quite soft and comfortable, it may also be annoying to guys with high skin sensitivity. 

Nonetheless, my ultimate recommendation is that for a good pair of underwear for sports and the gym or work in hot climates, these Puma Performance Boxer Briefs are an exceptional value buy. Just make sure to follow these two rules: 1. Purchase the 85% polyester/15% Spandex model, if possible, before the 90%/10% model. 2. Please air dry or hang dry to ensure they last a long time.

Let me know in the comments if you own any Puma underwear and what your experience has been!

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