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Boxer briefs are the most popular men’s underwear. However, they have one main drawback: the leg material can “ride up” your leg, making them uncomfortable under pants or shorts. Boxer briefs become even more uncomfortable when they ride up under tight pants. Keep reading if you have this problem.

Before shopping around – and wasting money – for the “perfect” boxer briefs that don’t ride up, consider making some changes to your underwear collection that could solve this problem.

Great boxer briefs feel awesome!

Five Steps for Boxer Briefs that Don’t Ride Up

What are five steps you can take to ensure your men’s boxer briefs don’t ride up? Keep reading for more details, and then afterward, check out my recommendations for the best boxer briefs on Amazon.

Buying the Right Size of Men’s Boxer Briefs

Make sure you buy the right men’s underwear size for you. Brands often have slightly different size charts, so if you usually wear a medium, one brand may recommend you wear a small or large, especially if you are on the border between two sizes. The table below shows a few common men’s underwear brands, and you can see how a size Medium – which is generally 32-34 inches/81-86 cm – varies between the brands:

BrandWaist Size for Medium
Saxx32-35 inches / 82-89 cm
Jockey32-34 inches / 81-86 cm
Hanes30-34 inches / 78-86 cm
Intimissimi29-30 inches / 74-78 cm

Underwear that is too large will ride up because there is nothing on the leg for the boxer briefs to hold on to. Underwear that is too small will also ride up because your middle thigh – the largest part of your leg – is too big for small underwear, forcing the material up. So make sure you check out the size chart before buying your next pair of underwear.

Replace Overstretched or Worn Out Boxer Briefs

Replace any underwear that is overstretched or worn out. Over time, the legs of boxer briefs will wear down, and the elastic leg bands won’t be as tight anymore. Or if you have thicker thighs, your boxer briefs may get overstretched trying to fit around your thigh. Either way, if the leg bands aren’t tight anymore, there is nothing to hold the boxer briefs down, so they will ride up during the day.

Replacing loose leg bands is key for boxer briefs that don't ride up
These boxer briefs should be replaced since the leg bands have worn out and no longer hold the skin.

You can keep your boxer briefs from wearing out prematurely by washing and drying them correctly. A lot of non-cotton underwear cannot withstand high heat in the dryer. Lowering the heat – or better yet, air drying – can prolong your underwear. Additionally, it is better to wash and dry with softer materials. For example, washing your jeans and underwear together can be pretty rough on your underwear.

If you treat your underwear well during laundry day, your underwear will treat you better. 🙂

Consider Wearing Long-leg Boxer Briefs

Speaking of thicker thighs, if you have large thighs, consider wearing 8-9″ (20-23 cm) long-leg boxer briefs. Men’s boxer briefs are usually 5-6″ (13-15 cm) inseam, but long-leg boxer briefs are 7″ (18 cm) and greater. 8-9″ (20-23 cm) are the most common inseam for long-leg boxer briefs. By wearing these long-leg boxer briefs, the leg band will sit below the thickest part of your thigh instead of on or above it. Thus, your thigh will naturally prevent the boxer briefs from riding up, as they won’t be able to get around your thigh.

Comparison of men's underwear inseam lengths
Note that the 8″ boxer briefs on the right side go below the thigh, meaning the leg band is below the thigh for extra security. The 3″ trunks and 6″ boxer briefs don’t provide this.
David Archy Bamboo Long-leg Boxer Briefs (Three-Pack)
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Or Consider Wearing Men’s Briefs

Instead of fixing your boxer briefs, consider wearing briefs instead. Since briefs don’t have any leg material, there is nothing to ride up! Men’s briefs are coming back into style, and there are so many brands and styles of briefs nowadays. You don’t have to settle for just plain white cotton briefs from previous eras. Plus, you can always wear boxer briefs while lounging at home or when you wear looser shorts – and keep briefs for the office!

Briefs are a solution for boxer briefs that don't ride up.
Men’s briefs don’t have any legs, so there is nothing to ride up. Click here to see what I think are today’s best men’s briefs.

Wear Looser Pants

Finally, if your pants are too tight, you may want to wear a bit looser pants. During the day, your underwear will naturally ride up for the reasons above. But tight pants won’t allow your boxer briefs to come down because the pants constrict the movement naturally. So instead, your boxer briefs will slowly ride up and then further ride up as the pants continue to push up the leg material. And because there is no room around your legs, your boxer briefs won’t be able to slide back down on their own.

Because guys tend to wear tighter pants at work, such as work slacks, I recommend briefs as the best men’s underwear for the office. That way, you don’t have to deal with your boxer briefs riding up during the day.

David Archy Bamboo Briefs (Six-Pack)
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David Archy Bamboo Briefs (Six-Pack)
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How do I keep my Boxer Briefs from riding up?

Follow my five steps above to keep your boxer briefs from riding up: buy the right size, replace worn-out boxer briefs, wear long-leg boxer briefs if you have thick thighs, wear briefs if you wear tight pants, or wear looser pants. Also, ensure you aren’t committing any of these five men’s underwear mistakes. And finally, below are some suggestions for new boxer briefs that I recommend:

Let me know your questions in the comments and your solutions for boxer briefs that don’t ride up. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions about Boxer Briefs Riding Up

How do I stop my boxers from riding up?

Make sure you buy the right underwear size and replace boxer briefs with worn-out legs and leg bands. Additionally, if you have thicker thighs, consider buying long-leg boxer briefs – those with legs eight inches or longer – as the leg band will be below the thickest part of the thigh. Finally, consider if your pants or shorts are too tight. If they are, buy slightly looser pants so your pants don’t bunch up your underwear.

Are boxer briefs supposed to ride up?

No. While common, if your boxer briefs ride up, they may be ill-fitting or worn out, and thus, it is time to replace them. If you have problems with boxer briefs riding up no matter what you try, then consider wearing men’s briefs instead. Briefs don’t ride up.

How do I know if my boxer briefs are too big?

Perform the finger test: if you can slide your finger into your waistband or up the legs of your boxer briefs without having to pull away the fabric from your skin, your boxer briefs might be too big or worn out. Additionally, the crotch of your boxer briefs should fit around your groin. If there is space between the crotch and your groin, that may also signal boxer briefs that are too large.

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