Affiliate Marketing Policy

How I Get Paid

I am passionate about men’s underwear. However, my bank wouldn’t accept my offer of free underwear advice to pay my mortgage. Thus, any links to products and brands on may contain affiliate marketing links in which I get paid a small commission when you purchase from that site. Here are the details of how I manage that and how it affects you.


How it affects you

First, it doesn’t affect the price you pay to that brand. Whether you shop through my link or without my link, the price you pay is the same. Sometimes you can save using coupon codes the manufacturer has provided me so my readers can save. There may be other discount codes that provide greater savings, others that provide less savings. It is ultimately up to you – and only you – to determine if the purchase is worth completing. I am not responsible for your shopping actions and habits.

Affiliate marketing does affect you in that my site and third-party sites use cookies to track whether you have used my affiliate links to purchase something. This allows me to obtain commission for your purchase so I consider these cookies vital to my blog and business. If you do not wish to be tracked, please do not use my site. Of course, I want everyone to be happy, however, ultimately I have to run a business in a capitalist economy.

Finally, it does not affect the content you read on this website. A lot of what I write about is from my own personal use and research of the products. Some of the reviews I write are based on me having personally purchased the product previously and using my past experiences to communicate my feelings about the product. There may be times in which a brand offers me a free product to review and write about. If that is the case, I will disclose that at the top of the blog post for full transparency. However, all of the thoughts, feelings, comments, and writings of the blog post are mine and mine alone. I will point out the positives and negatives so you can make a fully informed decision to the best of my and your ability.


How it affects me

Primarily, it affects me in that this is my chief source of income from this website. I want to be rewarded for my efforts, and there are real costs in running this website. Writing about underwear is not a charity where I can feel like I am doing good while volunteering. Of course, I am truly interested in men’s underwear, and I really do want to help other guys and their partners choose great underwear for themselves. However, that doesn’t mean it should cost me money to do so. Based on what I wrote above for how it affects you, I believe that affiliate marketing is an ideal tradeoff between allowing me to make money while still delivering you – my readers – the most benefit as possible with as few drawbacks as possible.

It also affects me because I may choose to write about products or brands or topics that provide affiliate marketing income over those that do not. While this is not necessarily directing what I write on the website, money also talks. I may choose to prioritize brands that offer higher affiliate commissions – or affiliate commissions at all – over those that do not.


Affiliate Marketing Programs I am a Part of

Below you’ll find a list of affiliate marketing programs I am a part of, including as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This list may not be entirely exhaustive as programs do change every so often. However, this will allow you to see what those programs are and what their Privacy Policy is.


Please note that when you click a link from my website that goes onto someone else’s website – such as a brand’s website to look at a product – I am no longer responsible for the privacy policy of that other website. I strongly encourage you to read the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Use of that external website.



I am so glad that you are reading my blog and I hope that you are able to take away some nuggets of information. I also would love for you to come back and continue reading. Part of this also includes using my affiliate links to purchase new underwear so I can continue writing and running this blog and feel the motivation to continue the journey.

If you have any questions or concerns about my affiliate marketing policy, by all means please let me know at Thank you so much for stopping by!