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$30? $50? $150 for a pair of underwear? Men live in a golden age of men’s underwear, yet with this choice also comes a variety of brands – and some brands charge an arm and a leg for a pair of boxers! So how do you invest in fantastic pairs of underwear without depleting your wallet? Take advantage of underwear discounts!

Buying discounted underwear on sale is a fantastic way to stock up for less without spending hundreds (thousands?) of dollars. Yet, you often don’t have to wait until a major holiday to take advantage of sales. Not only do brands have sales year-round, but many also have underwear discount programs, so you never have to pay retail.

In this blog post, I will show you how to save the most on high-quality underwear year-round, including how to get the most value from your underwear. Note that even if I don’t mention your favorite underwear brand in this article, use these suggestions to see if your favorite brand offers such discounts. Then you can save on your next purchase!

Comparison of 4 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch men's boxer briefs.
Four, six or eight, getting discounted underwear is always great!

Underwear Value vs. Underwear Discounts

Before buying new underwear at discounted prices, knowing the difference between value and cost is vital. You can buy cheap underwear that is expensive and quality underwear that is cheap. The reverse is also true. But when you purchase high-quality underwear at great prices, you not only get excellent underwear today, but you’ll also save money in the long run with underwear that lasts a long time.

Put another way, buying three pairs for $20 and keeping them for one year is the same as buying three pairs for $40 and keeping them for two years. Although the second three pairs are twice as expensive, they are the same value as the first three pairs. So it is essential not to get caught up purely on price and instead look at everything, including comfort, style, design, material, and price. That way, you will make a well-rounded decision.

Additionally, to maintain high-quality underwear and keep it lasting for a while, follow these guidelines:

  • Laundry wash rules: First, follow the care guidelines set by the manufacturer. Often, you can’t wash high-end underwear in hot water, especially modal, bamboo, and microfiber. It is also best to wash your underwear with other softer clothes, such as t-shirts, socks, and linen shorts, rather than with rougher materials, such as jeans and towels.
  • Air Drying: After washing your underwear, don’t throw it in the dryer and set it to high heat. Instead, use cool to warm drying temperature, or do as I do and air dry your underwear. Drying racks are ideal for apartments, and you’ll save energy using your dryer less.

Using my guides and website, you’ll learn how to Find Your Ideal Pair of underwear so you can load up on what is suitable for you. That way, you also won’t waste money buying underwear that you don’t like or are uncomfortable for you.

Monthly Subscriptions for Underwear Discounts

One of my earliest articles for this blog was about men’s underwear subscriptions. You read that correctly. Many brands offer subscriptions for men’s underwear, where you will receive new underwear monthly. And instead of being a fad, the number of subscription services has grown over the past few years.

You can save money by subscribing, as the brands often give discounts on each pair of underwear. For example, MeUndies offers 30% off and Shinesty offers up to 39% off for their subscription programs, so it pays to shop around.

Read more about the pros, cons, and what to look for in men’s underwear subscriptions in my guide here. However, here is a sampling of companies that offer men’s underwear subscriptions:

  • Shinesty – You can save up to 39% off both men’s and women’s underwear, depending on the styles you pick. You can get an additional discount if you pay for one year in advance. Find out more here.
Shinesty Boxer Briefs Review Header

  • MeUndies – MeUndies was one of the original underwear subscription programs, and MeUndies is still going strong. You can select from a variety of men’s and women’s styles up to 30% off. You can learn more about MeUndies’ subscription program here.
  • Underwear Expert – Another original subscription program, the Underwear Expert caters to men looking for a high-quality underwear subscription program from various brands. This separates Underwear Expert from other programs because you can get different brands monthly. Get 30% off your first subscription box using code EXPERT here.

Underwear Expert gives underwear discounts for its subscription service.

Buying in Bulk for Big Underwear Discounts

Another way to buy great underwear for less is to buy underwear in bulk. I only recommend this if you are already familiar with the brand and the underwear you want to buy. That way, you aren’t spending much money on something you don’t know you will like. But if you have your favorite brands and/or pairs of underwear, this is an excellent way of saving money.

For example, Saxx offers its “Top Drawer Refresh.” Available anytime throughout the year, you can buy seven pairs of underwear for 15% off or 15 pairs for 20% off. What I like about the Saxx Top Drawer Refresh is that you can mix and match styles and prints. So if you want some briefs and trunks, you can buy both and get the discount. This is better than stock multipacks, where you are limited to whatever color and style combinations the brand makes available.

Here are some similar programs:

  • MeUndies has its Build a Pack system. You can choose three, six, or ten pairs and save up to 50% off regular pricing. I like that you can choose from any of the cuts, colors, and patterns you want. But unlike Saxx, you can’t mix and match cuts. If you are into thongs and jockstraps, then you’ll need to look at MeUndies’ product pages for those pack discounts.
  • Mack Weldon has their Pack Builder program. You can choose three, six, or nine pairs from Mack Weldon’s entire underwear selection and save up to 14%. Again, you can choose different colors and patterns but not mix and match styles.
  • Shinesty’s Build-a-Boxer-Pack is interesting as it gives you a 5% discount for each additional pair you buy, up to six pairs. So if you buy two pairs, you get 5% off, whereas if you buy six pairs, you get 25% off. And don’t let the name fool you – you can also build a pack of briefs and trunks too!
  • Todd Sanfield: Todd Sanfield – a boutique men’s underwear brand with spicy yet sophisticated styles – just announced its multipack program. Todd makes swimwear too, so you can save on both your swim briefs and your everyday briefs!
  • Pair of Thieves has its Bundle Builder. It works almost identically to MeUndies’ program, except you only save up to 25%. But Pair of Thieves is generally cheaper than MeUndies, so everything works out. Unfortunately, you can’t use the Bundle Builder to stock up on bikini briefs or jockstraps.

If your favorite brand doesn’t have some Pack Builder like above, you should look at any multipacks the brand sells. Most brands give a discount to stock multipacks. The only downside is that you are stuck with whatever colors, patterns, and styles in the pre-configured multipacks. Yet, still a great way to save!

Underwear Discounts for Military and First Responders

One of the most accessible year-round discounts is if you are a US military member, a First Responder, a doctor, or a nurse. Some brands will provide a 20% discount or more if you qualify. However, note that some brands restrict this discount to your first purchase – so stock up wisely!

These underwear discounts require verifying your occupational status with a third-party website. Keep this in mind if you are concerned about privacy. Additionally, you’ll want to double-check if higher sales are available, especially during major holidays like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Days. And if you are an Amazon Prime member, you’ll also want to cross-check pricing with Amazon, especially if you aren’t buying enough to qualify for free shipping.

Mack Weldon Community Heroes Program

Mack Weldon offers 15% off your purchase to the following: Nurses, Medical Providers, Military, First Responders, Students, and Teachers. Note you can only use the discount once every 182 days (about six months). You can use it on Mack Weldon’s website or in one of their retail stores. To know more about Mack Weldon’s high-quality men’s underwear, read my complete Guide to Mack Weldon Underwear.

My collection of Mack Weldon Underwear
My collection of Mack Weldon Underwear

Bn3th Military and Services Discount

Bn3th is a Canadian underwear company that is famous for its ball pouch, like Saxx. Bn3th’s program gives 20% off to US military members and First Responders, which Bn3th qualifies as “EMT Certified Police, Fire, and EMT.” Bn3th’s website doesn’t say the discount is limited to only one time, which is fantastic. However, the 20% discount doesn’t apply to multipacks or items already on sale.

Tommy John Underwear Discounts for Government Employees

Tommy John’s program is more expansive than others because it includes most government employees, not just those in frontline positions. According to its website, Tommy John offers 25% off to “Military Members, Military Families, Veterans, First Responders, Healthcare Workers, K-12 Teachers, and Government Employees.” This is quite the list, and 25% is excellent, too, at a high-end brand like Tommy John.

To get the discount, visit Tommy John’s homepage and scroll to the bottom. The links to the different member discounts are in the first footer column.

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Calvin Klein Frontline Workers Discount

I am also a big fan of Calvin Klein, especially their modal boxer briefs (read my review here). Calvin Klein offers 20% off to First Responders, which they deem as most “doctors, nurses, technicians, medical researchers, EMTs, [and] firefighters.” Interestingly, Calvin Klein notes you can use the discount twice in 30 days, but you’ll need a new code each time.

Me wearing my Calvin Klein black modal boxer briefs
Any pair better than black Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs?

Hanes Military Discount

Hanes is the largest underwear company in the United States, so I would have expected them to have a military discount program. And they do! Hanes offers 10% off to US military members and veterans. While the discount is on the low side, Hanes is already a lower-priced brand, so it makes sense they can’t give away the (underwear) farm.

Note that the fine print says the maximum discount is $10. In other words, you will max out the discount with an order of $100 or more. You will also want to price compare with Hanes underwear on Amazon, especially if you get free shipping through Amazon Prime.

Underwear Discounts for Students and Teachers

I would have loved getting underwear discounts when I was in college. Fortunately, I graduated college to write this underwear blog and tell you how to save money! I find these student underwear discounts quite good if you are heading to college for the first time and need to stock up. Or perhaps you are ready to graduate and can use the discount for one final underwear shopping spree.

Like the First Responder and Military discount programs above, you’ll usually need to verify your student status with a third party.

Saxx Underwear Discounts for Students and Teachers

I love Saxx’s BallPark Pouch, so I was pleased to learn that Saxx not only gives 20% off to the usual First Responder groups, but Saxx also gives 20% off to students and teachers! Saxx notes that to get the student discount, you must be 15 years old and in “full-time education.”

To sign up, visit Saxx’s homepage and scroll to the bottom to get the discount link. The links appear in the middle footer under “Shop.”

Ultimate Guide to Saxx Men's Underwear

Mack Weldon Student and Teacher Discount

Teachers and students are included in Mack Weldon’s Community Heroes Program, so get your 15% discount before checking out. Although Mack Weldon also sells work clothes, you’ll appreciate wearing some AIRKNITx underwear during the most stressful days – as a student or as a teacher!

PSD Underwear Discounts for Students

PSD Underwear is the place to go if you enjoy wild designs and large prints on your underwear. They also sell regular clothes too, including loungewear and activewear. Fortunately, PSD also offers a student discount of 20% off, which you can learn more about here.

Hanes Student Discount and Teacher Discount

In addition to its military discount, Hanes also provides 10% off to college students and teachers. Again, while the discount percentage is lower than other brands, Hanes is already way lower priced than the brands above. And remember to comparison shop with pricing on Amazon!

Sign Up for Underwear Mailing Lists

One way I know about a lot of underwear is that I sign up for companies’ e-mail lists. Being on the mailing list means you’ll get first notice of sales throughout the year, which is a perk. But many companies will also give you a coupon code to sign up for their e-mail list, often 10-20% off. Although it is a one-time purchase coupon code, it is an easy way to save!

Again, the best way to use this code is to sign up once you know you will be ready to make a good-sized purchase. The codes often expire, so you don’t want to sign up too far in advance and miss out on your discount. You also don’t want to waste it on a small purchase as the discount won’t be that valuable.

Some companies have also started text messaging (SMS) campaigns. I find text messaging way more intrusive than email. But if you are cool with receiving texts, you may get an additional discount by agreeing to receive texts. I have not seen many underwear companies do this, but there are a couple.

Wait for Holiday Sales

If you aren’t in a rush, you can wait until the major holidays for a good sale. The most significant sales will occur three times yearly: Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday in late November, mid-to-late December for the holidays, and Amazon Prime Days in July for underwear on Amazon.

For example, in November 2022, I took advantage of a blowout Jockey sale to try out Jockey underwear. I bought five different styles, and while one style I thoroughly disliked, I also found two styles that I love: my Jockey modal boxer briefs and my Jockey microfiber boxer briefs. Overall, I thought it was an amazing purchase because I added new styles to my wardrobe that I wouldn’t have otherwise tested because the prices are too high.

Me wearing Jockey modal boxer briefs
Me enjoying my Jockey modal boxer briefs at a steal of a price.

Final Thoughts on Buying Underwear at a Discount

If you are searching for new underwear, use the tips in this blog post to buy new underwear at a discount. Whether buying in bulk from your favorite brand or setting up a monthly subscription, you can save money year-round while ensuring you have new underwear. Plus, if you are in the military, a First Responder, or a student or teacher, you may qualify for special discounts on your favorite underwear brand. You earned these discounts by being in your profession – make sure to use them! 🙂

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