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Author’s Note: All of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales from 2022 are over. But I am leaving up the page so you can see what I wrote and what gift ideas there are for future reference. I have removed all notes about pricing and discounts from this page as well, so if the writing seems choppy or off in some places, that is why – there used to be pricing information there.

Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving in the United States – is upon us has come and gone! But fortunately, brands are continuing to have sales through Cyber Monday (November 28) Wednesday (but very few, I have updated the list below)! While the media and brands heavily promote Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the United States, I rarely hear about the amazing Black Friday underwear deals in the media. Yet Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a wonderful time to stock up on new men’s underwear, so take advantage!

What are the latest trends?

If you are buying for a guy and aren’t sure what to get, here are this year’s two main trends in men’s underwear:

  • Specialized Pouches: Most guys – 71% by one estimate – wear underwear without a pouch. Don’t become another statistic! Many, many, many pairs of men’s underwear come with pouches today, so there is no need to buy pouch-less underwear. More importantly, many brands are coming out with custom-designed pouches, and this trend is only picking up more steam. I recommend reading my Cheat Sheet to Men’s Pouch Underwear to learn more about the differences between non-separated, I-style, U-style, and Dual Pouch styles (yep, you can’t just buy men’s underwear off the shelf and assume it has all you need, haha).

Comparison of Shinesty Ball Hammock Pouch vs Saxx Ball Park Pouch
Do you know your Men’s Underwear Pouch shapes? If not, I will help you!

Comparison of men's underwear pouches: Saxx Ballpark Pouch vs Separatec Dual Pouch

Beyond this year’s trends, I love how colorful and comfortable men’s underwear is today. Whatever your style and preferences, there is something out there for everyone. If you need guidance, check out my posts on Common Men’s Underwear Styles and How to Buy Men’s Underwear in Three Simple Steps. And you can email me for specific advice as well!

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Black Friday Cyber Monday Underwear Deals


Everyone loves Amazon, especially if you have Amazon Prime (and if you don’t, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial). While Amazon has Black Friday Cyber Monday sales throughout the website, there is no blanket Black Friday Cyber Monday promotion. Thus, you still must find those hidden Black Friday underwear deals for men. But to save you time and energy, here are some hidden gems I found:

  • Puma Men’s Performance Boxer Briefs: I love my Pumas, which I have reviewed previously. Right now, Amazon has an amazing sale on a three-pack of these boxer briefs. Price varies by size and color, but I found these light blue boxer briefs to be the cheapest. That is an amazing price for an 85% polyester/15% Spandex blend. Note that these boxer briefs have a 4″ inseam, shorter than the standard 5-6″ inseam found on other boxer briefs.

  • Separatec Active Sport Quick Dry 8″ Long-leg Boxer Briefs: If you wear a size small or medium, you need to check out this deal on these Separatec long-leg boxer briefs (sale over). Another great deal! You can also read my review of Separatec’s long-leg boxer briefs, which is also useful if you are new to long-leg boxer briefs.
  • David Archy Bamboo Underwear: If you want some quality bamboo trunks or boxer briefs for everyday wear without spending a fortune, check out these David Archy bamboo trunks and boxer briefs from Amazon.
    • For lovers of briefs, I didn’t forget you! These four and six-packs of bamboo briefs are nice!
    • Remember, though, that these David Archy underwear do not come with the Dual Pouch; they just come with a regular pouch. Also, pay attention to whether it has a fly and the length, as there are many options on Amazon – don’t get the wrong ones!
  • Jockey Modal Boxer Briefs: I want to point out that these Jockey modal boxer briefs. I love them and they are a great deal for quality modal underwear. Plus I love the geometric designs.
  • PSD Underwear Fans: I haven’t worn PSD underwear as I am not really into full-color graphics on my underwear. Yet, there are some die-hard PSD underwear fans out there, which is cool.

  • Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs: Cotton underwear is not my cup of tea – I haven’t even worn Hanes or Fruit of the Loom since I was a kid. I only like bamboo or modal underwear for everyday underwear. However, I know many guys who like their Hanes or Fruit of the Loom standard cotton underwear. The best deal I could find of these absolutely no-frills boxer briefs – as plain as you can get – is this 12-pack on Amazon – although see below if you are into bulk buying underwear.
    • If you are looking for a more entry-level price on bamboo or modal underwear, scroll back up a few paragraphs to David Archy’s bamboo trunks and boxer briefs.

Mack Weldon

I love Mack Weldon underwear, especially their AIRKNITx underwear. I previously wrote about my first pair of adult briefs – Mack Weldon AIRKNITx briefs – and I wrote my Ultimate Guide to Mack Weldon Underwear. Yet, while high-quality, Mack Weldon isn’t cheap, and they rarely have sales.

And because I feel Mack Weldon’s underwear is high-quality (they sell other men’s clothing too!), they are a great investment in a long-lasting underwear drawer.

One note is beyond Black Friday, US military members, First Responders, teachers, and nurses/doctors/medical staff may qualify to save 25% off their first purchase. Keep this in mind if you want to try out Mack Weldon, but either you aren’t ready to buy during Black Friday.

Gift Idea: My personal favorite is AIRKNITx underwear, and for the price, I believe AIRKNITx is the best deal in Mack Weldon’s lineup. You can supercharge the Black Friday discount by building a three, six, or nine-pack of underwear. For example, a nine-pack of AIRKNITx trunks regularly comes to $232, a savings of $38 (14%) from the regular individual pair price (this is separate from the now-expired Black Friday discount).


BN3TH - Logo - 728x90

Bn3th is a Canadian underwear company similar to Saxx. Focusing on athletes and sports, Bn3th features underwear not commonly found elsewhere, such as underwear for hockey players. All of their underwear includes a U-shaped pouch, which, as I wrote above, is not my favorite pouch type. But many guys love U-shaped pouches and Bn3th underwear, and of course, my ultimate goal is to have every guy love their underwear. And Bn3th’s Classic styles are made from 95% modal, which I love.

Gift Idea: If you or someone you know plays hockey, it could be cool to buy them one of Bn3th’s “hockey jocks.” I have never played hockey, so, unfortunately, I can’t tell you if they work, but Bn3th has reviews on their site for you to review (they are ok).

For the rest of us, the best deals are Bn3th’s classic trunks and boxer briefs. If you are a fan of Bn3th or looking for premium modal underwear with a U-shaped pouch, this is a great deal for Bn3th.

Tani USA

Tani USA is a premium underwear brand, even slightly more expensive than Mack Weldon and Tommy John. Tani gave me a pair of their white Silk-Cut hip briefs to try out, and I loved them. I also got a pair of Tani’s amazing Silk Cut boxer briefs! Readers know I am a huge fan of modal and bamboo underwear, and Tani’s silk-cut briefs had an amazing modal fabric and feel. Plus, as they were low-rise hip-cut briefs, they were very modern looking (note, they are definitely low-rise).

Gift Idea: I am a big fan of Tani’s Silk-cut hip briefs and boxer briefs. Note on the boxer briefs, they are only 4″ long, which is on the shorter side of men’s boxer briefs (usually they are 5-6″). Since I love trunks, the size works better for me, but note if you or who you are buying for likes longer boxer briefs. Year round, you can check the sale page to see if you can find something you like that is already on sale.


MeUndies offers monthly underwear subscriptions for both men’s and women’s underwear (although any gender can wear their underwear!). I am pleasantly surprised that MeUndies also includes thongs and jockstraps in its men’s underwear lineup (no jockstraps in its monthly subscription plan, though), as I would not have expected a mainstream company to include those styles for men. But that is wonderful for guys into jockstraps and thongs, although I am lukewarm on jockstraps!

MeUndies offers two underwear lineups: standard modal undies and their “Breathe” lineup. Their standard modal underwear is 92% modal and 8% Spandex, which is a very good blend. On the other hand, their Breathe lineup is 69% nylon, 9% recycled nylon, and 22% Spandex. Anytime a pair of underwear has greater than 15% Spandex content means it will be very comfortable, as Spandex provides greater stretch in the fabric.

You can buy individual pairs of MeUndies or subscribe to their monthly underwear deliveries. Prices are lower with a subscription, and you get to pick out your first pair of underwear. MeUndies states that you can cancel anytime (double-check before purchasing a subscription!), and you can also skip months, which offers great flexibility.

Gift Idea: Additionally, they offer matching men’s and women’s underwear. Thus, if you want a gift for yourself and your partner, you may want to try out their matching underwear gift selection.


aussieBum is an Australian men’s underwear brand that equally specializes in men’s underwear and swimwear. aussieBum’s designs emphasize the male body, such as their Wonderjock 2.0 series and Enlarge 2.0 series.

Gift Idea: Buy an aussieBum wardrobe full of Seamless Tech 3.0 briefs for everyday underwear.

For sex appeal, try the Wonderjock 2.0 or Enlarge 2.0 series, as noted above. Although I have not personally tried either series, I love that the description mentions they are made from 87% modal and 13% Spandex. As an enormous lover of modal underwear, the 87%/13% fabric blend is even better than Calvin Klein’s 90-92%/8-10% modal fabric blends.

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Favorite Underwear Style


Separatec is the focus of several of my blog posts, including my review of their bamboo briefs and long-leg boxer briefs. Separatec’s claim to fame is their Dual Pouch system, which separates the penis and balls into separate areas (hence, their name, Separatec). Below is a video demonstration of their Dual Pouch fly system, while you can read more about pouches on my Cheat Sheet to Pouch Underwear.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll want to comparison shop on Amazon to see if you can get the same price (or even better!) as on Separatec’s website, plus free shipping as a Prime member. (You can get a 30-day free trial from Amazon Prime if you don’t have it.)

Gift Idea: If you are shopping for an athlete or a Weekend Warrior, I love Separatec’s 8-inch long-leg boxer briefs. For everyday underwear, go for Separatec’s micromodal trunks or bamboo trunks. As readers know, I love my Separatec bamboo briefs, and I believe trunks are the most versatile men’s underwear style, so this is a perfect pairing.

David Archy

David Archy is Separatec’s sister company, and both brands share much of the same underwear. The key difference is that not all of David Archy’s underwear features the Dual Pouch; many of David Archy’s styles use a simple single non-separated pouch design. Guys who don’t want a special pouch yet want to benefit from lower-cost, quality underwear should choose David Archy styles that specifically do not have the Dual Pouch.

Since David Archy sells men’s clothing other than underwear, you can also get good deals on bathrobes, socks, and pajamas.

Gift Idea: Today, boxer briefs are no longer the king of men’s underwear. Instead, shorter styles like trunks and briefs have momentum and popularity. So if you are like me and love shorter styles, I’d go straight to David Archy’s modal four-pack of briefs or four-pack of trunks (you can get similar trunks on Amazon for less). These briefs and trunks *do not* have the Dual Pouch design, just a regular pouch. The price is good for a four-pack of modal underwear and is great everyday underwear.


Saxx was one of the first men’s underwear companies to develop its own pouch design. Nowadays, many companies have their own proprietary pouch design, which you can learn more about on my Cheat Sheet to Men’s Pouch Underwear. However, Saxx’s I-style pouch design is my favorite (along with Separatec’s Dual Pouch) because it is much more straightforward to use.

Gift Idea: I’ll throw a curveball here. Instead of stocking up on Saxx underwear, check out Saxx’s non-underwear items. I bought these 7″ Oh Buoy red swim shorts for a trip to Mexico, and oh boy are they comfortable! They are extremely lightweight, and they come with Saxx boxer briefs built-in, including the I-shaped pouch. You – or whoever receives your gift – will be ready for Summer 2023!


T-Bô is a Swiss company that makes fine bamboo underwear. But what makes T-Bô unique is that they seek guidance from their customers on what new colors and designs to produce. They call it the “T-Bô Community,” which, in other words, is crowdsourcing design ideas. I love this approach to men’s underwear!

Gift Idea: Buy a three-pack of T-Bô bamboo trunks. I love bamboo underwear and it is hard to find reasonably-priced, high quality bamboo underwear.

Underwear Expert

The Underwear Expert – which, I beg to differ! – offers a subscription plan for guys. They will send you a new pair of underwear every month that the Underwear Expert custom selected. You might think it is odd to put your underwear on a subscription similar to Netflix, but it can be an amazing way to get a wide selection of new underwear throughout the year. Who doesn’t want that?

Before you opt for their subscription, check out my Guide to Men’s Underwear Subscriptions, so you know the pros and cons, plus what to look for. I also talk about other men’s underwear subscription services so you can comparison shop with other plans.

Additionally, the Underwear Expert sells individual pairs of underwear through its shop. You’ll find a wide variety of niche underwear styles, such as thongs and jockstraps, plus boutique underwear brands like Teamm8 and Code 22. One thing I don’t like about their website is that actual availability of different sizes for each pair is hit or miss – you may get a bit frustrated as you find your size isn’t actually available.

Gift Idea: Time to spice up your underwear drawer! The Underwear Expert features a lot of sexy underwear so take advantage of that. Get a Code 22 Mesh Push-up Jockstrap that exudes masculinity or a luxurious designer thong from Impetus to show off your butt – why hide it? 😉 But then again, you could buy jockstraps on Amazon that are similar for a lot less.

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Favorite Underwear Style

Bear Skn Underwear

Bear Skn Underwear caters to larger guys, up to 6XL. Their underwear collection includes jockstraps, briefs, and boxer briefs. No reason why larger guys can’t enjoy Black Friday underwear deals and get stylish underwear! (But guys down to a size small can still wear Bear Skn Underwear!)

Bear Skn’s underwear usually features a blend of 67% bamboo, 28% cotton, and 5% elastane. Although I haven’t tried their underwear, I’d probably prefer to have a full bamboo/elastane blend instead of having cotton into the mix. The underwear also includes standard vertical flys for guys who want to have flys. Bear Skn has an eclectic mix of designs, including solid colors, plaids, and prints.

Gift Idea: For larger guys, being able to buy sizes that fit you and are stylish – especially jockstraps and briefs – is a wonderful gift. I also appreciate that they include 67% bamboo, a very soft material, although I would have preferred a full bamboo fabric blend rather than including some cotton. Note that other brands also offer larger sizes as well, such as Undergents (up to 3XL), Bamboo Cool (up to 3XL), Comfneat (up to 7XL!), and Jockey (up to 4XL). Thus, larger guys have options, too, so don’t be afraid to shop around! 🙂

Pair of Thieves

You may know Pair of Thieves from shopping for men’s underwear at Target. You can also buy Pair of Thieves online. I just reviewed Pair of Thieves’ new Hustle boxer briefs, which you can read here.

Gift Idea: Try out Pair of Thieves new Hustle boxer briefs. I recommend the solid colors, not the printed designs, as the printed designs had a rougher feel and less breathability.

Tommy John

I consider Tommy John a high-end men’s underwear brand alongside Mack Weldon. Although I haven’t tried Tommy John yet, many of their styles, fabrics, and features are exactly what I expect from a top-of-the-line underwear brand.

Note: Remember that one quirk of Tommy John is their nomenclature – it doesn’t line up with other men’s underwear brands. When shopping on Tommy John’s website, remember the following:

  • Briefs = Briefs (not too many ways to say briefs)
  • American-style trunks (2″-3″ inseam) = 2″ Square Cut for Tommy John
  • 4″ Boxer Briefs (on the shorter side of boxer briefs) = 4″ Trunks for Tommy John
  • 6″ Boxer Briefs (regular boxer briefs) = 6″ Mid-Length Boxer Briefs for Tommy John
  • 8″ Long-leg Boxer Briefs = 8″ Boxer Briefs for Tommy John

I don’t agree with Tommy John’s naming system, as it makes longer styles seem shorter. Nonetheless, as long as you understand what length you are getting, it ultimately does not matter.

Gift Idea: From the descriptions, it is hard to go wrong with Tommy John, much like Mack Weldon. If you want underwear for travel or gym sessions, I’d go with the Apollo boxer briefs as the description notes the fabric will keep your skin cooler. For lounging around and working from home, readers know I have a soft spot for modal underwear. Thus, I’d go with Second Skin 2″ Square-Cut trunks. Trunks are great for relaxing, and modal is amazing to wear!

Todd Sanfield

Todd Sanfield started his underwear company in 2010 in Detroit, which has grown quite a bit since then. I own a jockstrap from Todd Sanfield, which I love wearing before sex. I felt that it is high quality, and I love the design, even though I am not a fan of the butt straps on a jockstrap (this is a thing I have with all jockstraps, nothing against Todd!).

Overall, I really like his designs, plus I love his photography (you should visit his website to sign up for his newsletter!).

Gift Idea: While I only own a jockstrap from him, if I were to buy more pairs, I would go for the Essential Bikini Brief or the Essential Hybrid Trunk. The silhouettes are great, and modal is my favorite underwear material besides bamboo.


I have never tried Rounderbum, nor am I affiliated with them, but you know who has? Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank. He invested $150,000 into the company in 2018 when Rounderbum appeared on Shark Tank.

From afar, I have always found their new designs innovative, and because of that, Rounderbum is on my list to try out. They are famous for adding padding into their underwear to accentuate the butt, as in their padded boxer briefs. But they have other designs, such as their Dual Tech Lift Jock Thong, both a jockstrap and a thong simultaneously. Or their simultaneous bulge-enhancing and butt-enhancing briefs.

Gift Idea: If I were to get something, I’d get the Anatomic Trunks and Boxer Briefs, as I’d want to try something to enhance my butt. I also really like they have prints for eight different countries participating in the World Cup – I’d get Spain or Brazil trunks. Wow!

Final Thoughts on Black Friday/Cyber Monday Underwear Deals

While this is an amazing time to pick up new men’s underwear for great prices, don’t worry if you aren’t ready to buy now or don’t see something you like (although contact me if you aren’t finding what you want). Most brands have sales throughout the year that you’ll be able to take advantage of. Additionally, I encourage all guys to buy higher-quality underwear and wash it properly (gentle wash, air dry if possible) to keep your underwear lasting a long time. I have plenty of underwear that has lasted me for years. That way you won’t have to buy new underwear as often, saving your money for some special underwear that you really want!

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Favorite Underwear Style

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