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You know how to dress to impress. You know your style and how to look confident and sexy on the outside. But then you strip down for a sexy time and the horror! You are stuck wearing old, washed-up, baggy underwear with holes and stains. What a letdown!

Me demonstrating loose boxer brief leg bands
Be honest. Are these what your boxer briefs look like?

Instead, straight men need to pay attention to their underwear as much as any other part of their clothing because men’s underwear matters, especially for date night. Underwear isn’t straight or gay or bi or anything related to your own sexuality. It is a piece of clothing that is supposed to make you comfortable and show off your body to your partner. Treat it that way!

I give three ideas for sexy underwear for straight men that I believe will appeal to a wide assortment of men (regardless of your sexuality)! Note that there are men’s underwear out there that are even bolder and more revealing for those of you ready to take your underwear to the next level. But let’s start somewhere, and these three ideas will probably be far sexier than what you have on right now.

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General Tips for Sexy Underwear for Straight Men

Before I give ideas for sexy underwear, I want to go over some basic ground rules. If you don’t follow these rules, it won’t matter what you wear for underwear – you’ll turn off your partner before you can impress. And remember not to follow these five mistakes for men’s underwear!

Wear Clean Underwear

This might be self-evident, but I want to ensure we are all on the same page. Please wear clean underwear, or at least underwear that you have worn for less than one day. Don’t wear underwear you have worn for more than one day, and don’t wear underwear that you have been sweating heavily in. If in doubt, change to a new pair of underwear right before going on a date or having sex. That way, you won’t have to worry.

No Cartoons

When I was in school, a lot of guys wore cartoon-themed boxers. That was ok in school – sort of. But as an adult, no, it is not ok. You want to wear sophisticated underwear that beams with masculinity and confidence. Your Super Mario boxers won’t cut it (save them for weekend mornings).

I think my Shinesty “Big Bang” boxer briefs are hilarious, but I wouldn’t wear them on a date!

No Loose Underwear

Going back to school, it was also common for guys to wear underwear for months to years. I don’t have a problem with that as long as they are in good condition. But many guys will keep pairs of underwear that clearly are worn out. You know what I am talking about: boxer briefs that look like boxer shorts with leg bands that do nothing but bunch up.

Loose underwear does nothing to show off your body to your partner. Your glutes and your package will be hidden behind a baggy cotton veil. You want your partner to have a sneak peek, not have to wonder. Save your comfy, loose boxer briefs for weekend mornings – not date night.

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No Holes, Stains, or Tears

Along with old underwear being too loose, often it has holes, stains, and tears. No, no, no! Honestly, you should replace these underwear pairs for your own sake. But even if you don’t, please don’t wear old, stained underwear with holes for your partner.

Ask Her What She Wants

How many of you have asked your partner what underwear she wants you to wear? I hope you have! If not, ask her. You must have searched on Google and now reading this article for a reason. Wear things that she finds sexy. Even asking her will probably make her feel that you care. And what could be sexier than wearing sexy underwear? Shopping together for sexy underwear.

Mack Weldon

Ideas for Sexy Underwear for Straight Men

Now that you know the underwear ground rules, it is time to pick out some sexy underwear. We live in a golden age of men’s underwear, so anything you and your partner want is out there. But for guys that live in gray Hanes boxer briefs, try starting with these three suggestions below.

Briefs. Yes, briefs.

If you think there is no way you are wearing tighty-whiteys, then don’t (unless you are into tighty-whiteys, and if so, awesome!). Men’s briefs nowadays are sexy and sophisticated and don’t look anything like tighty-whiteys (and nothing wrong if you love white briefs). In 2023, men’s briefs are back in style and you can read what are my thoughts on the best men’s briefs here.

There are three keys to wearing a sexy pair of briefs:

  • First, ensure you get hip briefs, not full-rise or full-cut briefs. The fabric is cut higher up on your hips for a cleaner look on hip briefs compared to full-cut briefs.
  • Second, wear only dark colors. Dark colors are sophisticated, so wearing dark-colored (dark gray, dark blue, or black) briefs with a hip cut is quite sexy!
  • Third is optional, but if you are game to buy low-rise briefs, then do it! The waist of low-rise briefs comes below your natural waist, so even less fabric is covering you up. But you are still wearing underwear, so your private parts are protected and covered.

Here is a sexy example: 2eros Aktiv Mesh Briefs, which are wonderful (get 15% off through the link by using coupon code MUG15). They are hip briefs and are black, offering a sophisticated yet sexy appearance. I especially like the mesh on the front and parts of the butt for added sexiness, and I bet different than your usual pairs of underwear. Having worn these briefs, I also believe they are great for everyday underwear – in case you want to wear them more often!

The model wearing 2eros Aktiv Pegasus Briefs.
And here is me wearing them. I feel pretty sexy in them.

Another example is David Archy Bamboo Briefs. These briefs aren’t overtly sexual like the 2eros briefs above, but that may appeal more to certain guys and their partners. I, for example, find it sexy when guys wear high-quality, well-designed “everyday” underwear. You can wear these briefs as part of your regular underwear rotation, so they also serve a dual purpose. I own the boxer brief version, and I love them for everyday wear, which you see in this video. And I also own the Dual Pouch version of these briefs, which you read more about here.

Man wearing blue David Archy briefs.

David Archy Blue Bamboo Briefs

Finally, a third example is these Real Men (RM) briefs. The unique thing about these Real Men briefs is the pouch. RM sells two sizes of men’s pouches – B size and D size – meaning that if you are larger, you can opt for the D size and wear very comfortable underwear. And think of how sexy your package will look! I know the image on Amazon may be a turn-off, but you can see how they look in real life below.

Me wearing Real Men Underwear Blue Briefs
This is me wearing blue briefs from Real Men. Note the size of the pouch.


Jockstraps are super sexy. Once underwear only for gays or gym class in the 1960s, as deemed by society, more men across the sexuality spectrum are looking towards jockstraps for several reasons. Jockstraps are cooler temperature-wise, provide great support for your balls, and look really sexy. And I mean sexy.

One of my YouTube viewers commented that once his girlfriend found him wearing a jockstrap, that would end any sexual activities. I disagree if you haven’t tried it. Ask her to take down your pants and find how little you are wearing – and with your sexy butt exposed – and then see if that ends the sexual activity.

Here is a tutorial on wearing a jockstrap if you aren’t familiar

The Teamm8 Score Sheer Jockstrap quickly became one of my favorite underwear after being gifted a pair to review. I *love* the mesh side panels, so it looks like a brief from the front, but yet still a jockstrap. The rich blue color is my favorite color for underwear. Note that this jockstrap is drenched with sexiness, ideal for date night. However, because the pouch is small, I would not necessarily recommend wearing it as daily underwear.

Teamm8 Score Sheer Jockstrap Review
Read my full review of the Teamm8 Score Sheer Jockstrap

My readers have recommended two other jockstraps: the Obviously jockstrap and the Cocksox jockstrap. The Obviously jockstrap is made from 90% modal/10% Spandex, which means it is super soft. The Cocksox jockstrap, on the other hand, is 92% Supplex (nylon)/8% Spandex, which is more of a slippery microfiber material. Both come in various colors (but stick to the darker colors) and get amazing ratings!

Obviously Men's Jockstrap - Ultra Soft Modal
102 Reviews
Obviously Men's Jockstrap - Ultra Soft Modal
  • The Jockstrap provides engineered freedom of movement for guys who are active and lead a dynamic lifestyle. The PrimeMan Jockstrap features 20mm wide rear jockstrap elastic and is the ultimate in sports style, and is designed to be worn low slung on the hips.
  • Highly engineered using unbelievably light and soft custom MicroModal/Lycra fabric with an elegantly designed, silky smooth waistband – the PrimeMan Jockstrap uses intelligent design to deliver our most premium underwear experience.
  • Featuring our AnatoMAX anatomical pouch technology, providing natural positioning with no readjustment required, the PrimeMan Jockstrap is the perfect product for the active man and will provide the perfect fit that you deserve.
  • 90% Micro Modal / 10% Lycra Spandex - the softest, most luxurious-feeling underwear with a touch of spandex to maintain shape over time
  • Small Waist: 30-32", Medium Waist: 34-36", Large Waist: 38-40", Extra Large Waist: 42-44"
Cocksox Men's Jockstrap
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Cocksox Men's Jockstrap
  • Unique Cocksox enhancing pouch. Unlined for maximum comfort. Super wide 42mm soft elastic waist band for extra comfort & side seam to show off your Cocksox brand.
  • The most enhancing and uplifting of the Cocksox pouch designs. Choose the Original Pouch when your boys want a boost.
  • Fully breathable. Hold their Shape after many washings. Faster drying than Cotton. Durable & long lasting. Long lasting softness. Draws moisture from the body. Colorfast.
  • Made from Supplex offering the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fibre technology

Solid Black Boxer Briefs as Sexy Underwear for Straight Men

Finally, who says regular black underwear – especially boxer briefs – can’t be sexy underwear for straight men (or any men at all)? Sexy underwear doesn’t have to be wild and eccentric. Black underwear is quite sexy to me, and I am sure to many others. You can be both sexy and practical at the same time!

But you can’t just wear your usual black underwear. First, it needs to be solid black. No patterns or stripes. Second, ideally, the waistband is black, too, without a logo or a discreet logo. You don’t want your underwear company’s logo staring your partner in the face.

I’ll make an exception for Calvin Klein’s waistband logo, which is timeless and sophisticated.

Additionally, please remember to follow my rules at the beginning of this article: no holes and no worn-out underwear. We want tight, body-conforming underwear to show off all sof your packages. Wearing bamboo, modal, or microfiber underwear – not cotton – is also best for showing off your body.

I’ll start off by suggesting Calvin Klein Modal Boxer Briefs since most guys are familiar with Calvin Klein. Unlike every other men’s underwear blog post on the Internet, I want to make clear that you can’t get the Calvin Klein Cotton Classics/Cotton Stretch boxer briefs. You must get the CK Body Modal Boxer Briefs, like these on Amazon. They are much softer – and hug your body better – than the cotton versions.

Me wearing my blue Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs
Me wearing my blue Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs.

An alternative is Calvin Klein Microfiber Low-Rise Trunks. These trunks will be shorter on the legs, and the waistband will rest lower than your usual boxer briefs. But that adds to the sex appeal! Calvin Klein Microfiber boxer briefs and trunks were some of the first fancy pairs of underwear I bought after college, and I still love them!

Calvin Klein Sensuous Microfiber Low-Rise Trunks
194 Reviews
Calvin Klein Sensuous Microfiber Low-Rise Trunks
  • SILKY SOFT MICROFIBER: The signature mix of fibers offers exceptional stretch, dries fast and wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry
  • SUPPORT + COMFORT: Featuring a contoured pouch for a supportive fit, Calvin Klein’s men’s Trunks have a soft, flexible logo waistband that stays put without too much compression and retains its shape, wear after wear
  • SIGNATURE FIT: Designed with a full rise. Waistband sits at the regular level, above hip. Leg line sits high on thigh
  • DESIGNED IN THE USA: Calvin Klein’s mens trunks are created by its NYC-based global design team using premium imported materials.
  • CARE: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low heat. We recommend hang drying your trunks to extend the life of your garment.
Do you know the difference between boxer briefs and trunks?

Final Thoughts on Sexy Underwear for Straight Men

Whether you choose a sexy brief, a seductive jockstrap, or a sophisticated black trunk, you will feel more confident in good-looking underwear. And by remembering my tips to wear clean underwear, avoid old, worn-out pairs, and stay away from cartoonish undies, your partner will also appreciate these tips as well.

If you are a straight guy reading this, I hope you have some ideas of how to impress your partner in the bedroom by wearing high-quality, sophisticated, stylish, and sexy underwear. Just because you are straight doesn’t mean you can’t care about your underwear, and you should care about your underwear!

That is actually the whole point of my website and YouTube channel – ensuring you can Find Your Ideal Pair of men’s underwear. Don’t be uncomfortable every day by wearing the wrong underwear!

So while you are here, why don’t you check out my Guide to Mack Weldon Underwear, my Guide to Wearing Pouch Underwear, and my reviews of everyday favorites like my Jockey modal boxer briefs? And if you have any questions, you can email me at or DM me privately on Instagram @mensunderwearguide

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