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Coming into my 30s, I have become much more adventurous with my underwear collection. My 20-year-old self would not recognize my 34-year-old self’s underwear drawer at all. Some recent milestones include purchasing my first pair of trunks, my first pair of briefs as an adult, and my first pair of bamboo underwear. Yet I’m sure many of you are thinking, is that what you call adventurous?

For me, it is! And for most guys, I believe this is the case as well. For example, my husband’s underwear collection is all boxer briefs – primarily Champion boxer briefs – in the standard gray, blue, and black colors. There is no-nonsense, no fuss, and reflective of many guys’ underwear drawers.

But this year, after acquiring more briefs, I ventured even further into the proverbial underwear water: I bought myself a jockstrap. Half underwear and half invitation to stare at my butt, men’s jockstraps are not mainstream underwear. Yet, jockstraps are helpful for several situations, and I wanted to explore a more adventurous side of my underwear collection. And my experience turned out to be not what I predicted!

Which one are you?

Why wear men’s jockstraps?

Coming into this purchase, I viewed jockstraps as sexual rather than utilitarian in the underwear spectrum. The idea of exposing my bare butt while walking around the house in front of my husband is exciting, not to mention how sexy I felt I would look in a jockstrap. Talk about exposing the beauty of the male body while still leaving a bit of mystery and desire!

This video is my 2nd jockstrap – the Teamm8 Score Sheer Jockstrap.

Yet I realized that jockstraps are utilitarian too. With so much less fabric than conventional underwear, your skin cools faster by sweating and breathing naturally. Men’s jockstraps take up less room than traditional underwear – excellent for travel packing. And for guys who aren’t into wearing tight underwear – yet still want ball support – jockstraps are an ideal underwear style.

With this in mind, I purchased my jockstrap based on a reader’s tip – which I always appreciate! Perhaps a bit pricey for my first try at around $28, but I wanted to make sure I was buying a quality jockstrap for my first experience. I chose an elegant pattern for the pouch for a more sophisticated look, which I love. While I went against my personal preference of not buying cotton underwear, I loved the look and appreciated the personal suggestion from my reader. Thus, I added my first jockstrap to the cart, clicked Pay Now, and became impatient for its arrival.

my first men's jockstrap by todd sanfield
My first jockstrap

Trying on my first jockstrap

Arrival day! My anticipation had been building for a few days as I watched the shipping progress. That night, I showered, tore open the package, and put on my first jockstrap. And damn, did I look sexy! 

I instantly fell in love with the look. I appreciated my choice of a more sophisticated design instead of an overtly sexy brand like Andrew Christian. Not that I don’t like Andrew Christian’s designs, but as readers know, I prefer more subdued underwear that is refined and sophisticated. (Again, why purchasing briefs was adventurous to me!)

I put on my shorts and went into the bedroom, where my husband watched TV before bed. As I took off my shorts to get in bed, I felt sexy, and my husband noticed. 🙂 So far, so good! And as for sleeping in a jockstrap, I enjoyed it. I tend to run hot temperature-wise while sleeping – I required a heavy weighted blanket to help my anxiety – so having as little clothing as possible helps me. While my husband and I have experimented with sleeping naked, it backfires because instead of relaxing me, I get all excited. Hence, we both have to wear underwear while sleeping.

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Do men’s jockstraps work as everyday underwear?

The next day I continued wearing my jockstrap for a more practical test – do jockstraps work as everyday underwear? The first test was our morning exercise. We intensely walk (3.5-3.7mph) for 30 minutes each morning uphill. I had on my gym shorts, and wearing a jockstrap felt so lovely. The air circulation cooled me down and felt especially nice against my butt. My jockstrap felt airy and liberating at the same time.

One concern I had was sweat absorption. Without material covering my butt, would my shorts absorb my sweat instead of my underwear? It depends. While walking, sweat wasn’t an issue primarily because my butt is hairy, so the hair forms a barrier between my skin and shorts. 

However, when I sat down afterward, yes, there was sweat transfer. Yet no more than when sitting down and your legs transferring sweat to your shorts. Sweat transfers more the less hair you have, so keep that in mind. For example, I shave my body semi-regularly, and after shaving, my shirts become sweat traps; before shaving, you can barely tell I sweat.

Nonetheless, throughout the day, I felt weird sitting down at times, with my butt directly contacting my shorts. While on the one hand, it felt cool and comfortable, on the other hand, I worried about general sweat and grime absorbing into my shorts. I wear v-neck undershirts because I don’t want to get my shirts dirty; I wear underwear for the same reason. Yet my underwear wasn’t covering one of the significant parts of my body.

One way to combat my anxiety is to shower well before wearing a jockstrap. Make sure to clean your butt well while showering, especially between the cheeks. When I shower, I always use a loofah – guys, you must try it out! – to lather well between my cheeks. I also then use excess shampoo to get in there nicely. Gay guys know it is essential to keep a clean butt, yet it is equally important for all guys!

Tanga briefs look like jockstraps from the front and sides, but offer butt coverage for those who aren’t quite ready to go bare butt all day.

Also, if you want the sex appeal of a jockstrap from the front and for your pouch, but still want some backside coverage, consider trying tanga briefs.

I explain what are tanga briefs in this video.

What I didn’t like about my first jockstrap

I haven’t written about the actual underwear yet; instead, I’ve rambled about the missing part. My jockstrap was generally comfortable, yet not as comfortable as my other underwear—two reasons why this is the case. First, I went against my rule of buying cotton underwear. Many guys are into cotton underwear – including my husband – but cotton just doesn’t work for me. Hence, the cotton pouch wasn’t running a bit too hot for me.

Second, I wasn’t accustomed to the underwear bands running below my butt cheeks. These bands are an essential component of men’s jockstraps; the straps keep the pouch secure. Yet, until I wore my jockstrap, I hadn’t realized that all other underwear does not have this feature. Briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs wrap around, so the fabric is the support. But jockstraps have no fabric other than the pouch, so straps must wrap around the butt to hold everything in place.

men's jockstraps guide diagram

However, some jockstraps don’t have butt straps. Instead, they use the pouch and waistband to hold on to you, such as these Real Men Jockstraps. You can also read my review of Real Men Underwear’s large pouch underwear here.

Note the lack of back butt straps.

Tips on Buying Men’s Jockstraps

Ultimately, this last point about the bands is why I don’t see myself wearing jockstraps as everyday underwear. On successive wears since then, I haven’t been able to get used to the straps under the butt cheeks. On the other hand, I love wearing jockstraps when at home all day – especially during hot weather! I am so glad I chose the pattern because it looks sophisticated and masculine (yes, jockstraps are masculine!). And wearing a jockstrap in anticipation of having sex is a thrill. 🙂

Here are my tips for purchasing your first jockstrap:

  • Waistband thickness: The average men’s underwear waistband is around 1.5 inches (3.8cm). Thicker waistbands – those around 2 inches (5.1cm) – keep your underwear in place better, while thinner waistbands – around 1.25 inches (3.2cm) – lend well to low-rise jeans. The same applies to jockstraps. Yet, jockstraps add another dimension to waistband choice. Some guys prefer the thick waistband look as a throw back to old-style athletic supporters (below left). If you prefer this style, you’ll want to purchase jockstraps with a thick waistband.
  • Separated Ball Pouch: All of my readers better be wearing pouch underwear. If not, stop and read my guide to pouch underwear for men. While almost all jockstraps will have a pouch for comfort, if you are used to wearing separated penis pouches, then stick with jockstraps that have proprietary penis pouches. Obviously is one company that treats its jockstrap pouches the same as the rest of the underwear lineup; don’t settle for less!

  • Start small: Wearing a jockstrap for the first time is a much different experience from wearing other types of underwear, especially if you haven’t worn briefs in a long time. Start by picking up a jockstrap on the cheaper side, so you get used to the feeling and decide whether jockstraps suit you. Once you enjoy jockstraps and want to expand your collection, then you’ll be ready to purchase higher-quality models, like the one I bought.
  • Jockstrap Pros: On the other hand, if you are a jockstrap connoisseur, consider purchasing a jockstrap subscription plan from The Underwear Expert. By subscribing to The Underwear Expert, you’ll get a custom-curated shipment of jockstraps on your schedule to keep you well stocked. And with my link, you’ll get 25% off your first month!

  • Go slow: I treated my jockstrap like any other new underwear I purchased by giving it an entire test run. Yet, jockstraps aren’t like a new pair of boxer briefs; they just aren’t made for the same reasons. Start by wearing your new jockstrap just around the house on a lounging day in a comfortable environment. Or better yet, wear it before a sexy date with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or your first date! You’ll feel sexy underneath, and what better way to share intimacy than by bringing in another person to share your first-time jockstrap experience?
  • Shower beforehand: Take a shower before wearing your jockstrap and clean your butt well. A good cleaning ensures that your shorts or pants/trousers will stay clean for longer. 
  • Don’t wear when sick: Unlike other underwear, please don’t wear a jockstrap if you are sick. You’ll spread germs far easier; plus, what fun is it to wear a jockstrap while feeling crappy?
  • Experiment as you go: After liking the feel of your first jockstrap, be adventurous! Find bolder colors and sexier styles. You may even want to experiement with the jockstrap’s cousin, the male thong.

Overall, I recommend jockstraps entirely as a part of any guy’s underwear collection. Men’s jockstraps have a purpose for specific occasions. I firmly believe that a guy’s underwear collection is like any other part of a man’s wardrobe: a wide variety of clothes for a wide variety of occasions. However, I don’t see myself including jockstraps in my everyday rotation. Instead, I wear them when the mood strikes me, which ultimately makes them even more special. 🙂

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  • Milo BlackSeptember 26, 2022 at 7:27 am

    Where to begin…
    I’m a professional working in an office setting and I wear athletic-type jockstrap (thick waistband) in fun bright sexy colors under my executive suits on a daily basis. The butt straps contour my buttock and make my pants fit much nicer. I’ve received compliments at work that my “pants” look great…when I lean over, the straps are visible through the pants fabric ever so slightly tantalizing the viewers: SEXY!
    When I go to the gym and change out of my suit, men discretely stare my way at my pouch fully filled—I don my workout shorts and do my routine, including a run, feeling free and adventurous.
    I only have a few remaining traditional briefs in my drawer—I now mostly own a variety of jockstraps in many colors and designs…all athletic thick bands: the manly look!

  • Eric @ MensUnderwearGuide.comOctober 1, 2022 at 9:33 am

    Thanks Milo for your comment! Great overview from a jockstrap lover. I know a lot of guys that like that traditional thick waistband, but not for me, haha. I LOVE seeing the outline of guys’ underwear through their pants and never thought before about jockstraps showing through creating the outlines as well. Are there times where you wear briefs instead of jockstraps?

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