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Author’s Note: I purchased this Bn3th underwear using my own money.

Everyday Boxer Briefs

Bn3th Classic Boxer Briefs

✅︎ Lovely everyday modal boxer briefs
✅︎ 95% Tencel Modal/5% Spandex/Elastane blend – super soft!
💵 Generally around $32/pair
❗ Vertical fly is optional – double-check!
❗ Bn3th’s MyPackage Pouch is ok, although I prefer Saxx’s BallPark Pouch
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Everyday Boxer Briefs

Bn3th Entourage Boxer Briefs

✅︎ Entourage Boxer Briefs are ideal for water activities such as surfing and swimming
✅︎ 95% Tencel Modal/5% Spandex/Elastane blend – super soft!
💵 Generally around $38/pair
❌ No fly
❗ Compare to Mack Weldon’s Stealth Boxer Briefs
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Everyday Alternative to Bn3th

Saxx Vibe Underwear

✅︎ Ideal everyday boxer briefs and trunks
✅︎ 95% Viscose/5% Elastane blend – quite soft
✅︎ Vibe is slim-fitting, so they fit like boxer briefs should (imho)
✅︎ Contains Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch
💵 Generally around US$32-34/CAD$33-37 per pair (you can save a bit by buying multipacks)
❌ No fly
🇨🇦 Canadian Visitors: Use this link for the Canadian version

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While in the United States, we have legacy underwear brands like Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and Jockey, Canada has cool upstarts like Saxx and Bn3th (pronounced “beneath”). Saxx and Bn3th have much more in common than just being Canadian, eh? They both are headquartered in Vancouver; they both started in the 2000s; and they both have their own proprietary underwear pouch.

I have written several articles previously about Saxx and its BallPark Pouch, including my Ultra boxer briefs review and my Saxx shorts review. And while I have had a pair of Bn3th Classic Boxer Briefs with its MyPackage ball pouch for a while, I haven’t yet written my thoughts about these Saxx alternatives. So today, I am reviewing Bn3th Classic Boxer Briefs with MyPackage pouch.

Trying On Bn3th Classic Boxer Briefs

I purchased these Bn3th boxer briefs because they were on sale, and I wanted to try Saxx’s main Canadian competitor. Putting on these Bn3th Classic Boxer Briefs felt great. I adore modal fabric, and this fabric doesn’t disappoint. The pattern is cool, reminiscent of a California sunset over the ocean (Bn3th is big into surfing culture). Originally from California, I found the pattern comforting. 🙂

How is the Bn3th MyPackage Pouch?

The main draw of Bn3th underwear is its MyPackage Pouch. Bn3th’s pouch is a U-Shaped pouch, meaning it looks like the letter U from above. U-shaped pouches are designed to hold your balls like a cup. Contrast this to V-shaped and I-shaped pouches designed more for skin separation.

In this video, I show the differences between Saxx’s I-shaped pouch, Pair of Thieves’ V-Shaped pouch, and Bn3th’s U-Shaped pouch.

I like Saxx’s I-Shaped pouch and Separatec’s Dual Pouch the best. I have worn Shinesty’s U-shaped pouch previously – the most similar to Bn3th’s pouch – but my balls don’t fit in the pouch. Since the point of the U-shaped pouch is to “cup” your balls, if they don’t fit, then the pouch is pointless. So while I like wearing Shinesty’s boxer briefs, the U-shaped pouch isn’t adding value.

However, Bn3th’s U-shaped pouch is better than Shinesty, as it is a little larger to allow your balls to go in. This allows the side pouch panels to separate your balls from your legs, which helps with temperature control and skin irritation.

I would still vote for Saxx or Separatec’s pouch, but like Shinesty, Bn3th’s pouch isn’t uncomfortable. And since it is a bit larger than Shinesty’s pouch, I would choose Bn3th over Shinesty, but they are about the same.

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What about the rest of these Bn3th Classic Boxer Briefs?

One thing to note about these boxer briefs is that they are 6.5″ long (16.5 cm). This is on the long side of boxer briefs, and you’ll notice if you are used to wearing 4-5″ boxer briefs (10-13 cm). If you want something shorter, I recommend going with Bn3th’s Classic Trunks, which are 3.5″ long. Or if you are looking for briefs, Bn3th sells Classic Briefs, but the color selection is limited to just a couple of colors.

On the other hand, 6.5″ boxer briefs might be good for men who have problems with their boxer briefs riding up. This is especially true if you have thicker thighs. Or if guys have skin irritation or chafing on their legs, 6.5″ boxer briefs will help too. As I mentioned, Bn3th has a strong surfing culture, so it makes sense that Bn3th’s underwear skews to the longer side.

My Overall Thoughts on Bn3th Classic Boxer Briefs

Overall, I found these Bn3th boxer briefs quite comfortable, and I like them! The Tencel modal is very comfortable, and I appreciate Bn3th using a high-quality modal fabric. However, I don’t think they are necessarily worth $32/pair. If you can buy them on sale in the low to mid $20/pair range, that would work well! Using my coupon code BR10, you can save 10% on your purchase. Or if you are in the military or a First Responder, you can save 20% instead!

I would compare these Bn3th boxer briefs to similar modal boxer briefs like Calvin Klein or Jockey. Note, though, that Bn3th uses Tencel modal material, which is of higher quality and softer than general modal fabric. Combined with the MyPackage Pouch, I would say Bn3th’s modal boxer briefs are on par with a higher-quality brand like Calvin Klein, and a good price is in the $20-$25/pair range. Tani is another brand that offers Tencel modal material, and their underwear is very soft.

But note that Bn3th has a separated pouch, as noted above, while these other brands don’t have a separated pouch. If you need or want a separated pouch, I would look at Saxx or Separatec as a better comparison.

Comparison of men's underwear pouches: Saxx Ballpark Pouch vs Separatec Dual Pouch
Saxx’s BallPark Pouch vs. Separatec’s Dual Pouch

Details of Bn3th Classic Boxer Briefs

Here are my nine features of men’s underwear to examine when buying new underwear:

  • Price: Bn3th Classic Boxer Briefs and Trunks are $32, while the briefs are $28-$32, depending on the collection. The long underwear is $58. Remember my coupon code BR10 for 10% off! Or you can save 20% if you are a member of the military or a First Responder. You can also buy select Bn3th underwear on Amazon too.
  • Colors and Patterns: What I love about Bn3th is that they have a wide variety of colors and patterns to make wearing Bn3th underwear fun. I appreciate that Bn3th has fun patterns, but they aren’t so wild compared to Saxx or especially Shinesty with its X-Rated Collection. Or for more conservative guys, Bn3th sells solid black, blue, and gray underwear too.
  • Material and Fabric: Bn3th Classic underwear is 95% modal and 5% Spandex/elastane, which is standard for modal underwear. But Bn3th uses Tencel modal, a higher-quality and softer modal version. They are very soft and comfortable and ideal for everyday wear. On the other hand, if you want moisture-wicking underwear or more supportive underwear for intense activities, go for Bn3th’s Entourage boxer briefs.

Bn3th Entourage Boxer Briefs are better for hiking, surfing, and intense workouts.

  • Flys: You can get the classic boxer briefs and trunks with a vertical fly or without a fly. Note that the color selection is far less with a fly than without a fly, so keep that in mind if you desire variety.
  • Ball pouch: Bn3th’s proprietary U-shaped ball pouch is called the MyPackage Pouch. My husband and I both like the pouch, and I believe it works better than Shinesty’s U-Shaped pouch.
  • Branded Waistband: Some of Bn3th’s underwear has large bold logos on the waistband, while others have small, subdued logos. I prefer smaller logos, but if you like showing off the waistband, choose Bn3th’s flashier waistbands. Either way, note that the Bn3th’s Classic underwear has a 1.375″ waistband, a tad smaller than the standard 1.5″ waistband for men’s underwear. I prefer smaller waistbands as I find them more comfortable.
  • Multipacks: Bn3th sells three-packs for a slight discount.
  • Design Country: Canada (much like Saxx)

Let me know in the comments your experiences with Bn3th underwear!

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