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Author’s Note: Tani sent me these Silk Cut Hip Briefs free of charge to try out. However, I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are my own.

Sale Alert: For Father’s Day 2024, Tani is offering 40% off three items or more. This is an amazing time to stock up!

What I love about men’s underwear is that there are many brands, styles, and designs to try out. While it seems everyone wears the same leading brands – such as Calvin Klein and Hanes in the U.S. – this isn’t the case. All guys need to experiment with wearing new, unique, and exciting brands. And underwear experimentation brings us to today’s latest addition to my underwear collection, Tani USA.

Tani reached out to a certain men’s underwear expert (me!) to provide a review of one of their products, and I chose their Silk Cut Hip Briefs for two reasons. First, as I have noted previously, briefs are rising in popularity again amongst guys. Not only do I want to add more briefs to my collection, but I also want to provide help to guys seeking to switch to briefs.

The second reason is that readers know about my love for modal underwear, which primarily drove me to Tani’s Silk Cut lineup. Modal is softer and better for the environment than cotton, so I recommend all guys try out modal underwear. And as I will find out, Tani’s Silk Cut briefs are no exception.

Trying On Tani’s Silk Cut Hip Briefs

Once I opened the package, Tani’s briefs felt amazing in my hands. They were very soft, yet not as thin as my Calvin Kleins, which are one of my favorite modal boxer briefs yet provide little support. In contrast, Tani’s briefs felt like they could support me while providing luxurious comfort.

Tani uses MicroModal AIR, a finer version of the regular modal fabric. As a modal underwear snob, I can tell the difference between modal fabrics, and Tani’s feels thicker yet softer than Calvin Klein’s modal. Yay MicroModal AIR!

After I got out of the shower, I put on these Tani briefs for the first time. I couldn’t believe, as a 35-year-old guy, I was wearing tighty-whiteys white briefs. Yet I was, and they looked lovely! I love that the waistband is thinner than usually found on men’s underwear. I prefer thinner waistbands, so less material rubs against my waist. And thinner waistbands look clean and crisp, providing a modern sophistication to white briefs.

Me wearing my Tani Silk Cut Hip Briefs for demonstration.
Me wearing my white Tani Silk Cut Hip Briefs.

Wearing Tani’s briefs felt as comfortable and luxurious as I anticipated. The MicroModal fabric is soft and light against my skin, yet also snug in a good way. These briefs supported my balls well, and I didn’t feel like I was freeballing like I sometimes do in my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs. 

Speaking of light fabric, these white briefs are somewhat translucent. The pouch has thicker fabric, so it is not see-through. Yet, everywhere else, the fabric is thin enough to allow the color of your skin to come through a bit. I believe it adds to the sexiness of these low-rise briefs, so I am good with it. However, consider this if you expect a thick, opaque pair of white briefs to arrive.

Remember, these are low-rise briefs

One note I want to share is how low-rise these briefs are. I knew they would be low-rise, and I like that style. Yet, they are low rise. After I pee, sometimes I feel like they won’t even cover my penis fully (they do, though, I’m not that big, haha). Other brands like Saxx or Real Men Underwear have a higher rise to cover more of your waist and lower stomach. 

Me wearing Real Men Underwear Blue Briefs
Real Men’s Hip Briefs have a higher rise for more waist and lower stomach coverage.

On the other hand, these Silk Cut briefs provide slightly more coverage of your hips and pelvis than other hip-cut briefs, such as Calvin Klein. There is not a big difference at all, and if you prefer a more modest look yet still want a hip-cut brief, these Silk Cut briefs are perfect. Tani also sells regular Silk Cut briefs (not Silk Cut hip briefs), so check those out, too.

Calvin Klein Micro Hip Briefs - 7-Pack
351 Reviews
Calvin Klein Micro Hip Briefs - 7-Pack
  • Microfiber stretch underwear hip briefs multipack with soft Calvin Klein logo waistband
  • Smooth and soft microfiber stretch fabric
  • Added stretch for maximum comfort and enhanced movement, contour pouch creates a flattering and smooth shape

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The Details of Tani Silk Cut Hip Briefs

As always, I cover eight essential features of each pair of underwear so you know what to look out for and how to Find Your Ideal Pair.

  • Length: Hip Briefs expose more of the hip than full-cut briefs. I like this cut as it looks modern and sophisticated compared to old-school “tighty whiteys.” Note that Tani also offers Silk Cut boxer briefs, too!
    • If you want to expose ever more skin than these Tani briefs but still want your butt covered, unlike jockstraps, consider buying a Tanga brief instead.
  • Price: $$$$. Tani is an expensive brand, no way around it. These Silk Cut Hip Briefs are $40/pair, which is very high for what is a pair of white briefs. I wouldn’t pay $40/pair for these white briefs on their own. However, I would pay around $30/pair, which is in line with other luxury brands such as Tommy John and Mack Weldon.
    • Cheaper Alternative: If you want a cheaper alternative, I recommend David Archy’s MicroModal Briefs. They are not as low-rise and provide a bit more coverage, yet they are equally as soft and comfortable.

David Archy MicroModal Briefs - 4 Pack
2,242 Reviews
David Archy MicroModal Briefs - 4 Pack
  • Low rise waistband settles on hips ensuring a no peek waistband.
  • Soft and comfort, you'll love the slim profile of your under clothes silhouette.
  • Thin, lightweight sheer micro modal feels so silky smooth, you'll forget you're wearing underwear.

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  • Colors and Patterns: I chose white briefs because I don’t have any white briefs in my underwear collection. Yet Tani offers several colors. Note that Tani doesn’t sell patterned briefs, only solid colors.
  • Material and Fabric: These hip briefs are 94% MicroModal AIR and 6% elastane. Modal is super soft and one of my two favorite underwear fabrics. Most modal undies come with 5% elastane, so having the extra 1% elastane content is a nice touch.
  • Flys: As expected on high-end men’s underwear, there is no functional fly.
  • Penis Pouches: All of Tani’s underwear comes with a standard, non-separated penis pouch. I felt it was roomy, although bigger guys may want extra space.
  • Branded waistbands: I appreciate that Tani’s waistbands feature a subdued logo, which depending on the color, is nearly invisible. If I purchase higher-end underwear, I don’t want to become a billboard for the brand. Note that Tani’s waistband size is also thinner than usual waistbands for a low-rise look (less chance of the waistband showing above your shorts).
  • Multipacks: No more multipacks are available.
  • Design Country: United States

Final Thoughts on Tani Silk Cut Hip Briefs

Overall, I loved wearing my Tani briefs throughout the day and while sleeping. As of February 2024, these Tani briefs are still high in my underwear rotation because I love them so much. If you are looking for a high-quality pair of modern hip-cut briefs, and like or desire the low-cut look, then these Tani Silk Cut Hip Briefs are a great pick.

Yet, are they worth $40? I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them at full price. However, as I mentioned above, you can apply sales and coupon codes to lower the cost into the low to mid $30s/pair. $30/pair is a great deal compared to other high-end underwear brands, so I’d take that deal! The same goes for Tani’s Silk Cut boxer briefs as a genuine contender to my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs. Email me at hello@mensunderwearguide.com if you want an alert when Tani goes on sale!

Have you checked out Tani’s underwear before? Tell me about your experience!

A hottie wearing Tani boxer briefs.

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