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My Top Recommendation

Saxx Vibe Boxer Briefs

✅︎ Ideal All-Around 5″ (12.7 cm) Boxer Briefs for Everyday Wear
✅︎ 95% Lenzing Viscose/5% Spandex/Elastane blend – comfortably soft
✅︎ Includes Saxx’s BallPark Pouch
💵 Generally around US$34/CAD$37 per pair
❌ No fly
🇨🇦 Canadian Visitors: Use this link for the Canadian version
⬇️ Read my full review below

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Top Recommendation for Briefs

Saxx Ultra Briefs

✅︎ Fantastic Hip-Cut Briefs for Everyday Wear
✅︎ 95% Lenzing Viscose (Modal)/5% Spandex/Elastane blend – comfortably soft
✅︎ Includes Saxx’s BallPark Pouch
💵 Generally around US$32/CAD$35 per pair
✅︎ Standard Vertical fly
🇨🇦 Canadian Visitors: Use this link for the Canadian version
❗ Ultra Boxer Briefs are available too, but they fit looser than Vibe boxer briefs, which isn’t my style.

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Athletic Underwear Recommendation

Saxx Volt Mesh Boxer Briefs

✅︎ Highest Rated Saxx Underwear at 4.8/5 Stars
✅︎ 88% Polyester/12% Spandex/Elastane blend – meets my criteria!
✅︎ Includes Saxx’s BallPark Pouch
💵 Generally around US$35/CAD$38 per pair
❌ No fly
🇨🇦 Canadian Visitors:
Use this link for the Canadian version
➡️ If you need long-leg boxer briefs, go with Quest 8″ (20 cm) Boxer Briefs.

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Cheaper Pouch Alternatve to SaxxSeparatec I-Shaped 3D Single Pouch Boxer Briefs

Separatec I-Shaped 3D Single Pouch Boxer Briefs

✅︎ Features Separatec’s new 3D I-Shaped Pouch, similar to Saxx.
✅︎ 95% Bamboo Rayon/5% Elastane fabric blend – ideal for everyday wear.
✅︎ 6.5″ Inseam Boxer Briefs
💵 $9-13/pair when buying in multipacks.
❓ This is not the same as Separatec’s Dual Pouch underwear! Dual Pouch is not for everyone – click here to watch my demonstration

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Table of Contents

I enjoy Saxx’s I-shaped Ballpark Pouch, featured on all of their underwear. It is easy to slip into, feels light and airy throughout the day, and doesn’t have any gimmicks. I get excited whenever I wear my two Saxx shorts with built-in Drop Cooling Hydro boxer briefs. Plus, my husband also loves his Ultra boxer briefs. Yet the ease of Saxx’s pouch contradicts Saxx’s website, where 14(!) styles and collections leave you bewildered about what to pick.

This article will describe the differences between Saxx men’s underwear styles and compare different models. I want to help you narrow in on what Saxx styles you should get so you can Find Your Ideal Pair. Don’t let Saxx’s website intimidate you! Also, if you already wear Saxx underwear, let everyone know what Saxx styles you like in the comments section! 🙂

What are the different Saxx Men’s Underwear Styles?

Saxx has 14 underwear styles, which Saxx’s website categorizes as follows:

Phew! That is a lot to digest and understand before making an underwear purchase. I go through each collection in detail below. However, there are some commonalities with all Saxx underwear:

  • Fit: Saxx has five types of fits:
    • Loose fit: This is what Saxx calls its boxer shorts. But in terms of boxer shorts, I would classify Saxx boxers as slim-fit boxers.
    • Relaxed fit: Relaxed fit trunks and boxer briefs aren’t so tight against your body. They fit like worn-out boxer briefs, so if you expect boxer briefs that hug your body, a relaxed fit is not for you.
    • Slim fit: What I call a good pair of boxer briefs and what most guys would expect. They hug your body and do their job well.
    • Semi-Compression Fit: Tight boxer briefs that may hug you a bit too tight. Found only in Saxx’s Kinetic collection.
    • Compression Fit: Saxx calls this a “tighter, more supportive fit.” I say only get it if you know what you are doing. Also, only found in the Hyperdrive collection.

  • Prices: Saxx is a premium brand, so expect most underwear to be in the $30-40 per pair range, with a couple of collections above $40. Some styles offer multi-packs for a slight discount (usually two or three-packs). Note that you can get 20% off by choosing Saxx’s Top Drawer Refresh, which requires buying seven pairs at once. Saxx also has sales throughout the year, which are good times to stock up.

  • Colors and Patterns: Saxx is known for wild patterns and crazy prints, although not as crazy as Shinesty. The pattern selection varies significantly among collections, but almost all collections have a couple of solid colors available (primarily white, gray, blue, and black). Note that a couple of the Sport collections only have black as a color choice.

  • Length: Like most men’s underwear companies, Saxx has a vast collection of boxer briefs (5” / 12.7 cm inseam) but less so of briefs, trunks (3” / 8 cm inseam), long-leg boxer briefs (8” or 9″ / 20-23 cm inseam), and slim-fit boxer shorts (5” / 12.7 cm inseam). Most collections do not include all four styles, but they all have boxer briefs at least (except for Hyperdrive). If you like briefs, trunks, or boxer shorts specifically, here are the collections you’ll want to note:
    • Briefs: Ultra, Non-Stop Stretch Cotton, Drop Temp Cooling Cotton
    • Trunks (3″): Vibe, Non-stop Stretch Cotton, Drop Temp Cooling Cotton
    • Long-leg boxer briefs (8″): Quest, Volt, Kinetic Light Compression
    • Long-leg boxer briefs (9″): Hyperdrive Compression Mesh
    • Slim-fit Boxer shorts (5″): Quest, DropTemp Cooling Sleep, Daytripper

Comparison of men's underwear inseam lengths
Comparison of the most common men’s underwear lengths (inseams). Saxx’s trunks are equivalent to Mack Weldon on the left, and Saxx’s long-leg boxer briefs are equivalent to the Separatec long-leg boxer briefs on the right (except for Hyperdrive, which is 9″). Saxx’s boxer briefs and slim-fit boxer shorts are just a tad shorter than Calvin Klein’s boxer briefs in the middle.

For this guide, I also took the time to read the reviews on Saxx’s website, both good and bad. I wanted to see what other guys thought about each underwear style and any issues they had. I have incorporated these reviews into my discussion about each collection. To get straight to the point, here are Saxx’s highest ratest underwear collections per their customer reviews:

For each pair, you still need to do your research to Find Your Ideal Pair. Fortunately, you are reading the guide to help you! 🙂

What is Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch?

Saxx men’s underwear (and some of Saxx’s shorts) come with Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch, which is an I-shaped pouch, not a U-shaped pouch. The Ballpark Pouch contains a separate space for your balls and penis with mesh side panels (guardrails) to separate your legs and groin from your balls.

Overview of Saxx Men's underwear Ballpark Pouch
Saxx Ballpark Pouch on Ultra boxer briefs
Saxx Oh Buoy Swim Shorts Ballpark Pouch with Saxx men's underwear built-in
Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch in a pair of Oh Buoy swim shorts with DropTemp Cooling Hydro Boxer Briefs.

My husband and I find the Ballpark Pouch very comfortable. I like it because it is an I-shaped pouch rather than a U-shaped pouch like Shinesty (although Shinesty boxer briefs are very comfortable!). Putting my balls into a U-shaped pouch is hard – it requires work, assuming they fit. On the other hand, with an I-shaped pouch like Saxx’s, you just put on your underwear, and your balls naturally fit inside the pouch.

Comparison of Shinesty Ball Hammock Pouch vs Saxx men's underwear BallPark Pouch
Comparison of Shinesty Ball Hammock Pouch vs Saxx BallPark Pouch

The closest pouch type to Saxx is the V-shaped pouch, which is found in other competitors like Bn3th and Pair of Thieves. The difference is that on a V-shaped pouch, the pouch fabric comes together at the bottom of the crotch. An I-shaped pouch maintains separation the entire time.

Comparing Pair of Thieves Cool Breeze Pouch to Saxx Men's Underwear Ballpark Pouch
Comparing Pair of Thieves Cool Breeze Pouch to Saxx Ballpark Pouch

Practically, a U-shaped pouch gives a lift to your balls, a V-shaped pouch somewhat, and an I-shaped pouch doesn’t lift your balls. But all pouches attempt to maintain skin separation between your balls and legs to promote sweat evaporation and cooling.

What is the difference between Saxx BallPark Pouch, BallPark Pouch PRO, and BallPark Pouch Free?

Saxx has introduced two new variations of its BallPark Pouch. The BallPark Pouch PRO is a tighter and smaller version of the BallPark Pouch, but generally works the same way. The PRO pouch is found on semi-compression and compression underwear, such as the Kinetic and Hyperdrive compression underwear.

On the other hand, the BallPark Pouch Free is found on Saxx’s boxer shorts (“loose fit boxers”). Instead of being an I-shaped pouch, the BallPark Pouch Free is a U-shaped pouch, akin to Shinesty. This kind of pouch is needed for boxer shorts because the crotch – where the original BallPark Pouch would lay – is too loose on boxers to be of any use.

Saxx Men’s Underwear Comparison

With the introduction to Saxx men’s underwear and its Ballpark Pouch out of the way, let’s get into the different styles. I’ll break it down into three main categories as Saxx does – Everyday, Outdoor, and Sport – and detail each model.

Everyday – Vibe and Ultra

Saxx’s prominent everyday underwear, the Ultra and Vibe styles, combine the softness of bamboo viscose with Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch. 

I own a pair of Ultra boxer briefs, and while they are comfortable, I wish I had gotten the Vibe boxer briefs instead. The reason is that Ultra is “relaxed fitting,” while Vibe is “slim fitting.” In other words, Vibe fits like boxer briefs, while Ultra fits like worn-out boxer briefs. I like my boxer briefs tight against my body. But if you want looser boxer briefs – such as my husband, who now wears my Saxx Ultra boxer briefs – then Ultra is better for you. 

Saxx includes both Vibe and Ultra in one collection, although they are separate collections to me. Saxx combines them because both use the same 95% viscose/5% Spandex material blend. However, they fit completely differently. Plus, only Ultra has a fly, while Vibe does not. Either way, both collections are among the highest-rated Saxx men’s underwear collections.

  • Saxx Customer Rating:
  • Fit: Vibe – Slim fit, Ultra – Relaxed Fit.
  • Length: Vibe – 3” trunks and 5” boxer briefs; Ultra – Briefs and 5” boxer briefs.
  • Price: US$32-34/CAD$33-37 per pair (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: Both collections have solid colors, patterns, and wild prints.
  • Material and Fabric: 95% Lenzing viscose/5% elastane. They are soft because the viscose derives from bamboo, and I love bamboo underwear. Most bamboo underwear comes in this 95%/5% blend, which works.
  • Flys: Vibe – No; Ultra – Yes.
  • Eric’s thoughts: Get the Vibe for everyday underwear, especially at the office. If you prefer a comfy style for chilling at home, you can go with the Ultra collection, but they fit looser than Vibe. The exception is that you’ll want the Ultra collection if you wear briefs. Also, it is best to tumble dry low or air dry to prevent the fabric from wearing out too quickly (typical of modal and bamboo underwear).

Everyday – Daytripper

Daytripper is the polyester alternative to the Ultra collection, as both styles feature a relaxed fit and a fly. However, I wouldn’t bother with the Daytripper collection. If you want everyday underwear that is soft and with a relaxed fit, go with Ultra above. If you prefer polyester-based underwear – for sports, the gym, or other outdoor activities – go with Quest or Volt, although both are slim fitting. Or if you want a 10-pack of Saxx boxer briefs on the cheap, Daytripper could be a good value add.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: Boxer Briefs: 4.5/5: Boxer Shorts: no ratings yet.
  • Fit: Relaxed Fit
  • Length: 5” boxer briefs (🇨🇦 Canadian link) and new Boxer Shorts
  • Price: US$27/CAD$29 per pair of boxer briefs, although if you buy a 10-pack, the price comes down to US$21/CAD$23.20 per pair (as of July 2023). The new Boxer Shorts are US$30 per pair.
  • Colors and Patterns: Solid colors, patterns, and wild prints.
  • Material and Fabric: 97% polyester/3% elastane. 3% elastane is low to start, but it is exceptionally low on a polyester-based boxer brief. I always recommend at least 10% Spandex for synthetic-based underwear.
  • Flys: Yes
  • Eric’s thoughts: Skip the Daytripper series, although, to be fair, the Daytripper reviews are very good on Saxx’s website. However, getting a 10-pack for $21/pair is good if you want to buy Saxx in bulk.

Everyday – Non-Stop Stretch Cotton

Saxx’s answer to everyday cotton underwear is the Non-Stop Stretch Cotton collection. I like that Saxx used a 96% cotton/4% elastane blend, so there is some stretch from the elastane compared to 100% cotton underwear. Plus, it is the cheapest Saxx men’s underwear available, so you can enjoy Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch at a great price.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: Boxer briefs: 4.4/5; Trunks: 4.2/5; Briefs: 4.6/5. (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Fit: Relaxed Fit
  • Length: Briefs, 3” trunks, and 5” boxer briefs
  • Price: US$23-25/CAD$27-29 per pair, although three-packs are slightly cheaper per pair (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: Only two patterns and a few solid colors
  • Material and Fabric: 96% cotton, 4% elastane.
  • Flys: Yes
  • Eric’s thoughts: Full disclosure: I don’t like cotton underwear. Yet, if you love 100% cotton underwear, then Saxx’s Non-stop Stretch Cotton is what you want to buy. However, if you haven’t tried modal or bamboo underwear, try getting a pair of Vibe or Ultra above to see if you appreciate the incredible softness as I do.

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Favorite Underwear Style

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Everyday – 22nd Century Silk

Following Saxx’s cheapest underwear is Saxx’s most expensive underwear at $60/pair. 22nd Century Silk is also one of Saxx’s newest underwear lines, born in late 2022. While it is expected for silk underwear to be more expensive, 22nd Century Silk might not be what you think.

While many comments on Saxx’s website are positive, some note that these aren’t much different than Ultra or Vibe, which are half the cost. 22nd Century Silk boxer briefs only have 9% silk content, not 100%, despite their name. In other words, they are modal-viscose boxer briefs with a bit of silk. I think this is another collection that you can skip.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: 4.1/5
  • Fit: Relaxed Fit
  • Length: 5” boxer briefs (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Price: US$60/CAD$65 per pair(!) (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: Saxx is slowly expanding color selection besides black and black camouflage – a couple of cool patterns are now available.
  • Material and Fabric: 52% viscose, 33% Tencel lyocell (modal), 9% silk, 6% elastane
  • Flys: Yes
  • Eric’s thoughts: I haven’t tried 22nd Century Silk, so I can’t say much about it, other than $60/pair better be worth it for semi-silk underwear! And based on the reviews, material, and price, unless you are a Saxx fanboy (and if so, let me know in the comments!), stick with the Vibe or Ultra series for half the cost.

Everyday – DropTemp Cooling Cotton

The difference between DropTemp Cooling Cotton and Non-Stop Stretch Cotton is the material: DropTemp Cooling is made from a cotton-modal blend, while Non-Stop Stretch Cotton is only cotton and elastane. 

After reading the reviews on Saxx’s website, I want to point out my issue with cotton-modal underwear: you don’t get the best of either cotton or modal underwear. Guys expecting the firmness of cotton underwear will be disappointed because modal is much softer, lowering the fabric firmness and support. And men like me wanting the breezy, gentle touch of modal will be disappointed because cotton doesn’t breathe or cool down as much as modal. 

Additionally, a few reviews mention the tag sewn onto the waistband instead of printed onto the interior. These customers aren’t pleased with the tag design, so that might be another issue with DropTemp Cooling Cotton.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: Boxer briefs: 4.1/5; Trunks: 4.2/5; Briefs: 3.5/5. (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Fit: Slim Fit
  • Length: Briefs, 3” trunks, and 5” boxer briefs
  • Price: US$30-32/CAD$35-37 per pair (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: Several patterns and solid colors 
  • Material and Fabric: 57% cotton, 38% modal, 5% elastane
  • Flys: Yes
  • Eric’s thoughts: Skip this series. If you are into cotton, get the Non-Stop Stretch Cotton, which is cheaper. And if you are into modal, get the bamboo-based Vibe or Ultra series.

Everyday – DropTemp Cooling Sleep

In August 2023, Saxx developed the DropTemp Cooling Sleep lineup of loose-fit boxers (Saxx’s term for boxer shorts). They are meant to be sleeping shorts, except without wearing underwear underneath because, well, they are underwear. These boxers are definitely for guys who wear boxers to bed.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: No ratings yet. (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Fit: Loose Fit
  • Length: 5″ Boxer Shorts
  • Price: US$36/CAD$40 per pair (as of August 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: Limited selection of solid colors and patterns 
  • Material and Fabric: 56% cotton, 37% modal, 5% elastane, and 2% polyester.
  • Flys: Yes, a vertical button fly.
  • Eric’s thoughts: If you like wearing boxer shorts, you don’t have much selection at Saxx. Your only other proper option is Quest boxer shorts, but Quest is made from nylon rather than a cotton-modal blend. So if you are looking for boxers for sleeping or lounging, you probably would want DropTemp Cooling Sleep over Quest. But it is a personal preference in terms of fabric.

Outdoor – Quest

Quest and Volt are the backbones of Saxx’s Outdoor and Sport lineups, respectively. They are versatile boxer briefs that handle sweat well and contain enough elastane/Spandex to stretch and move with you. Whether it is for traveling, hiking, or working outside, no wonder why both boxer briefs rank at the top of Saxx men’s underwear collections in terms of customer reviews.

Volt is geared more towards sports and working out, where as Quest is geared more towards traveling, hiking, and general sweaty situations. But Volt has so many more patterns to choose from, whereas Quest has a limited selection.

Also unique among Saxx collections is that Quest features boxer shorts. However, please note that these are slim-fit boxers. They aren’t baggy and roomy like most boxers, but they won’t be so form-fitting like boxer briefs. You will be disappointed if you expect Hanes or Fruit of the Loom boxers!

  • Saxx Customer Rating: Boxer briefs: 4.7/5; Boxer shorts: 4.3/5; Long-leg boxer briefs: 4.6/5. (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Fit: Slim Fit
  • Length: 5” boxer briefs, 8″ long-leg boxer briefs, and 5″ slim-fit boxer shorts
  • Price: US$34-36/CAD$38-39 per pair (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: There are several patterns and solid colors for the boxer briefs, but only three for the boxer shorts.
  • Material and Fabric: 77% nylon, 14% elastane, and 9% polyester
  • Flys: Yes
  • Eric’s thoughts: Quest is your only other option (other than DropTemp Cooling Sleep) for Saxx underwear if you wear boxer shorts (and they are slim-fit boxers). Additionally, Quest is the default Saxx underwear for boxer briefs for most not-super-intense outdoor activities, including if you work outside. For intense workouts and sports, choose Volt Breathable Mesh instead (but Volt has no fly). And if you need compression for intense workouts, then Kinetic or Hyperdrive are your options.

Outdoor – DropTemp Cooling Mesh

Formerly known as Hotshot, Saxx’s DropTemp Cooling Mesh boxer briefs are the more relaxed, mesh version of Quest boxer briefs. Yet, they are more expensive and are the lowest-ranked boxer briefs of all of Saxx’s underwear collections. It seems like a redundant collection, so I’d probably skip DropTemp Cooling Mesh.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: 3.8/5
  • Fit: Relaxed Fit (but many reviews say that these run small)
  • Length: 5” boxer briefs (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Price: US$38/CAD$40 per pair (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: Several patterns and striped, solid colors.
  • Material and Fabric: 85% recycled polyester and 15% elastane
  • Flys: Yes
  • Eric’s thoughts: Stick with Quest or Volt. If you need these DropTemp Cooling mesh boxer briefs for some reason, you probably want to order one size bigger than usual.

Sport – Volt Breathable Mesh

Saxx’s highest-ranked boxer briefs by customer rating, Volt is everything you want (except a fly for some of you) in underwear. Slim fit, 5” inseam, 12% elastane for stretch, and many colors, patterns, and prints to choose from. If you are into sports, intense gym sessions, or a lot of running and sweating, go with Volt.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: Boxer Briefs: 4.8/5; Long-leg 8″ boxer briefs: 4.4/5. (discontinued) (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Fit: Slim Fit
  • Length: 5” boxer briefs
  • Price: US$35/CAD$38 per pair (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: Many patterns, prints, and colors
  • Material and Fabric: 88% polyester and 12% elastane
  • Flys: No
  • Eric’s thoughts: Volt is your buddy when wanting underwear for sports, outdoor activities, traveling, or working outside in the heat. Volt is Saxx’s go-to underwear for the “Sport” category and has the highest customer ratings out of any of Saxx men’s underwear.

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Favorite Underwear Style

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Sport – Sport Mesh

Like DropTemp Cooling Mesh boxer briefs, Sport Mesh may be another unneeded collection. I’d go with Sport Mesh if you require a fly (but Quest is better) or if you want a cheaper alternative to Volt. If you order Sport Mesh, please pay attention to the description and reviews about sizing.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: 4.2/5
  • Fit: Slim Fit
  • Length: 5” boxer briefs (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Price: US$27/CAD$29 per pair (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: A couple of patterns, along with black, gray, and blue solid colors
  • Material and Fabric: 89% polyester and 11% elastane
  • Flys: Yes
  • Eric’s thoughts: According to the reviews and Saxx’s description, Sport Mesh boxer briefs run a bit small, so you may want to order the next size up, especially if you are at the higher end of your size bracket. Nonetheless, Volt is the better choice here unless you must have a fly. Then you’ll want to compare Sport Mesh to Quest, which has far higher customer ratings.

Sport – Kinetic Light Compression

Saxx offers the Kinetic Light Compression and Hyperdrive Compression Mesh for guys into compression shorts. These aren’t regular boxer briefs; they are semi-compression or compression shorts. They are designed to hug you tight. Kinetic and Hyperdrive both feature Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch Pro (compared to just the regular Ballpark Pouch), but the Pro version is smaller and tighter to provide high levels of support. 

If you are into compression shorts, the main difference between the Kinetic and Hyperdrive is the compression level (Kinetic is lighter compression). Another difference is that Kinetic offers both 5” boxer briefs and 8” long-leg boxer briefs, while Hyperdrive only offers the 9” long-leg version. Yes, Hyperdrive’s long-leg boxer briefs are 9″ compared to 8″ for Quest, Volt, and Kinetic.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: Boxer Briefs: 4.5/5; Long-leg 8″ boxer briefs: 4.4/5 (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Fit: Light compression fit
  • Length: 5” boxer briefs and 8” long-leg boxer briefs
  • Price: US$38-40/CAD$40-42 per pair (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: A couple of striped patterns and solid colors
  • Material and Fabric: 85% nylon and 15% elastane
  • Flys: No
  • Eric’s thoughts: When considering Kinetic or Hyperdrive (below) boxer briefs, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Everything about Kinetic and Hyperdrive is for high-intensity activities. If this isn’t for you, go back to the Volt or Quest boxer briefs. 😉

Sport – Hyperdrive Compression Mesh

My comments about Hyperdrive are the same as Kinetic above. Also note that Hyperdrive is $10-$12 more per pair than Kinetic while offering only one design choice: solid black.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: 4.4/5
  • Fit: Compression fit
  • Length: Only 9” long-leg boxer briefs (Kinetic, Quest, and Volt are 8″) (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Price: US$50/CAD$52 per pair (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: Only one option: black
  • Material and Fabric: 80% nylon and 20% elastane
  • Flys: No
  • Eric’s thoughts: I have the same thoughts as above with the Kinetic line. Again, I want to note that the Ballpark Pouch Pro is designed to be smaller and snugger than the rest of Saxx men’s underwear for extra support during high-intensity activities.

SAXX Men's Hyperdrive Long Boxer Briefs in Blackout

Saxx only sells Hyperdrive boxer briefs in black.

Sport – DropTemp Cooling Hydro

If you want to wear something under your boardshorts or unlined swim trunks, go with the DropTemp Cooling Hydro. They perform very well with my Saxx shorts (read my review here about buying Saxx shorts with built-in underwear) and are excellent in the water. I love not worrying about my penis and balls not having a home in the water while wearing boardshorts.

You’ll want to compare Saxx to Mack Weldon’s Stealth boxer briefs at this price range. One difference is that Mack Weldon offers an 8” long-leg version, which is helpful if you have chafing (rash) problems on your legs from your boardshorts or surfboard. Mack Weldon also offers a choice of a few colors, rather than Saxx’s commitment to solid black. Finally, Mack Weldon’s Stealth collection is also made for intense activity – like the Volt collection – so it is more than just for the water.

And for other options to wear with your boardshorts, please read my complete Guide to Wearing Underwear with Boardshorts.

  • Saxx Customer Rating: 4.2/5
  • Fit: Slim fit
  • Length: Only 5” boxer briefs (🇨🇦 Canadian link)
  • Price: US$36/CAD$40 per pair (as of July 2023)
  • Colors and Patterns: Usually only one option – black – but sometimes Saxx has a patterned version too.
  • Material and Fabric: 87% polyester and 13% elastane
  • Flys: No
  • Eric’s thoughts: I like my Saxx Cooling Hydro boxer briefs, although, to be fair, they are part of my Saxx shorts, not individually, as shown here. There aren’t many user reviews on Saxx’s website, but the negative reviews focus on quality control issues, not the underwear itself.

Me wearing my Oh Buoy swim shorts (in red) that include the DropTemp Cooling Hydro boxer briefs. I’m also stashing my phone in the pocket that comes with these boxer briefs, although I advise to remove your phone before going into the water.

My Saxx Men’s Underwear Cheat Sheet

Whew! That was a whirlwind of underwear options. But hopefully, you now better understand Saxx men’s underwear lineup and which options are best for you. To summarize, here is the Saxxs underwear I would choose:

You’ll also want to compare with Mack Weldon at this price level. Fortunately, I wrote an entire Guide to Mack Weldon Underwear so you can learn all about Mack Weldon. And if you want to know how Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch stacks up with other pouch underwear, read my complete Guide to Cradling Your Balls with Pouch Underwear.

Let other men know about your experiences with Saxx men’s underwear in the comments below so we can all help each other!

Saxx Men’s Underwear Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Saxx Men’s Underwear:

What is so special about Saxx?

Saxx’s special sauce is the Ballpark Pouch, an I-shaped pouch that provides a mesh barrier between a man’s balls and the inner thighs. The mesh barrier helps control chafing and uncomfortableness by reducing skin-on-skin sticking between your balls and your thighs. The pouch is also very comfortable, and I recommend it.

What are the best alternatives to Saxx?

Saxx is a high-quality men’s underwear company, but it also is expensive, with most underwear over $30/pair. Here are some alternatives:

What is the difference between Saxx Vibe and Saxx Ultra?

Saxx Ultra is looser fitting and has a vertical fly, while Saxx Vibe is form-fitting and does not have a fly. But both are made from the same Viscose/Elastane fabric blend.

Is Saxx an American company?

No, Saxx is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC with another office in Portland, OR. However, Saxx sells underwear both in Canada and the United States, as well as to other many countries.

Why is it called a Ballpark Pouch?

Ballpark Pouch is just a proprietary term that Saxx calls its pouches. Most likely, it refers to the place where you park your balls – the pouch of men’s underwear.

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