Mack Weldon Underwear: What You Need to Know (Guide)

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Wanting to bridge the “fusion between old-school quality and modern-day technology,” Mack Weldon started as a premium men’s underwear company in 2011. Since then, Mack Weldon expanded into other parts of men’s fashion, including shirts, pants, jackets, accessories, and workout gear. Yet I am most interested in Mack Weldon underwear, and as an avid fan, I wrote this Ultimate Guide to help you choose your ideal Mack Weldon underwear.

Mack Weldon sells a complete assortment of men’s underwear, including the main four styles of briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, and boxer shorts. Mack Weldon also has several collections for different activities, from everyday wear to athletic and water-tolerant underwear. Yet, Mack Weldon doesn’t produce less-common underwear styles such as jockstraps, bikini briefs, or thongs. You also won’t find novelty designs like Shinesty’s X-Rated Collection.

What you will find is high-quality men’s underwear with timeless designs. Mack Weldon offers four collections of men’s underwear, so use my guide to figure out which collection(s) work best for you. 

My Review of Mack Weldon Underwear

I own six pairs of Mack Weldon underwear: two Silver trunks, two AIRKNITx trunks, one AIRKNITx brief, and one 18-hour Jersey trunk. My favorites are my three AIRKNITx pairs, not so much the Silver and 18-hour Jersey trunks. To me, this makes complete sense. I strongly prefer modal, bamboo, or polyester/nylon fabrics, which AIRKNITx provides. I don’t mix well with cotton, which is the basis of my Silver and 18-hour Jersey trunks. My experience is why knowing which fabrics you like and don’t like is so important!

The AIRKNITx pairs look amazing as I love the colors, especially the contrast stitching on my white trunks and blue briefs. The material is so soft, and it feels so comfortable while wearing. The 17% Elastane content is key here as elastane (Spandex) allows the fabric to stretch. Many pairs of men’s underwear are 5% or less elastane content, so you can imagine how nice 17% feels. Yet, I don’t find my AIRKNITx pairs riding up as they stay in place nicely.

Mack Weldon Underwear

The best part of my Silver trunks is the pattern, as I like both designs, the blue one a bit more. However, as my Silver trunks are cotton-based – not modal-based like the Silver HD trunks – I am not as comfortable in them as the AIRKNITx pairs. The same goes with the 18-Hour Jersey trunks I own.

On the other hand, one aspect I prefer of the Silver trunks over the AIRKNITx pairs is the waistband size. The standard men’s underwear waistband is around 1.5”. I like thinner waistbands, so I appreciate that the Silver trunks have a 1.5” waistband instead of 1.75” on the 18-Hour Jersey and AIRKNITx collection. Although, the AIRKNITx waistbands feel a bit softer than the Silver and 18-Hour Jersey waistbands. I don’t know if this is by design or if it just so happened that the batch I have uses a slightly different fabric content.

I purchased my first pair in 2019 to try out, followed by the other five pairs in 2020, so I am pretty happy with all of my Mack Weldon underwear. All six have held up very well. I feel sophisticated while wearing them, as underwear does influence your self-confidence like any other article of clothing!

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Favorite Underwear Style

The Details of Mack Weldon Underwear

As always, I’ll use my nine criteria below to analyze Mack Weldon underwear and provide tips.

Material and Fabric

I want to start this guide by talking about material and fabric because Mack Weldon specifically organizes their underwear by the fabric. Mack Weldon has six different fabric collections, although only four of them pertain to underwear:

  • 18-Hour Jersey Collection: Made of 47.5% cotton, 47.5% modal, and 5% Spandex, the 18-Hour Jersey Collection is Mack Weldon’s original underwear collection. The “18-Hour” name refers to the 18 hours Mack Weldon lets the fabric rest before sewing. Mack Weldon claims the 18-hour rest period creates a fabric that “won’t twist or bunch.” I have a pair of 18-hour Jersey trunks, which I’ll comment towards the end of this guide. This collection is best for lounging or everyday underwear.

  • AIRKNITx: My favorite Mack Weldon underwear, AIRKNITx is made from 50% polyamide, 33% polyester, and 17% Spandex. It feels like a mesh blend and is highly comfortable. I love that AIRKNITx contains 17% Spandex, which is relatively high for men’s underwear (20-22% Spandex is as high as you’ll get, and most men’s underwear is in the 5-8% range). AIRKNITx is best for workouts and high-sweat activities, yet I love wearing them all of the time!
  • Silver Collection: Made from 84% Supima Cotton, 10% Ionic+ (silver-infused) polyester, and 6% Lycra (Spandex). Silver has antimicrobial properties, so it helps control odor and general freshness. Thus, Mack Weldon’s Silver collection is best for very high-sweat situations, hikes, and long trips when you wear the same underwear for extended periods. I have Silver trunks, which I also comment on at the end of this guide.
    • Silver HD: 66% Micro Modal, 21% Nylon, 7% Ionic+ Nylon, 6% Spandex. I own the Mack Weldon Silver trunks from the regular cotton-based Silver Collection, and as I prefer modal to cotton, I recommend splurging for the Silver HD collection.
    • Mack Weldon now includes an option on its Stratus shorts line-up to include built-in Silver briefs. If you haven’t worn shorts with a built-in underwear liner, check out my guide to Shorts with Built-in Underwear.
  • Stealth Collection: A combination of 37% Q-NOVA Recycled Nylon, 25% Q-NOVA non-recycled Nylon, 28% polyester, and 10% Spandex, Mack Weldon’s Stealth Collection is geared toward water activities as it is both seawater and chlorine-safe. Yet, of course, guys may wear Stealth boxer briefs outside of the water too. Note that as the newest collection, Stealth has the fewest length and color options.

I also want to point out that all Mack Weldon underwear has a “cool zone,” according to Mack Weldon, above the butt. In practice, I didn’t find any difference in terms of sweating. Nonetheless, it is visible on all pairs, and there is a slightly different fabric variation in this area. However, it is always very similar to the fabric of the rest of the underwear.

Showing the Cool Zones of Mack Weldon underwear
Showing Mack Weldon’s “Cool Zones” on AIRKNITx (left) and Silver Trunks (right)

Colors and Patterns of Mack Weldon Underwear

I love Mack Weldon because they provide many colors and patterns, thus no need to buy boring underwear. Unlike other companies, none of Mack Weldon’s patterns are comical or too bold but rather sport a timeless design.

  • 18-Hour Jersey Collection: You’ll find a great selection of colors and patterns here because it is Mack Weldon’s original collection and the “everyday” product. For example, the 18-Hour Jersey boxer briefs sport five patterns and 14 colors – what a selection!
  • AIRKNITx: AIRKNITx features the largest selection of colors and patterns than any other Mack Weldon collection. I prefer the AIRKNITx color and pattern selection over any other Mack Weldon collection because of offset color stitching and bolder color patterns. Compare AIRKNITx’s designs to the patterns of the 18-Hour Jersey Collection, which are mainly small icons or stripes. As with Intimissimi’s boxers, I love offset color stitching.
  • Silver Collection: While the Silver Collection features a few different colors and patterns, I find them primarily subdued – dare I say boring – compared to the other collections. Interestingly, I find the Silver HD sub-collection to have a better selection of colors. 
  • Stealth Collection: Only six colors make up the Stealth Collection; however, none are solid colors. All Stealth Collection boxer briefs have a unique “stealth” pattern printed on them, perhaps as an homage to the Stealth Bomber that was the name’s genesis. I find the design pretty cool!


As noted above, Mack Weldon produces a very “mainstream” assortment of men’s underwear, so there won’t be any radical designs. Yet only boxer briefs – with very standard 5” or 6” inseams – form a part of all four men’s underwear collections. Depending on the collection, briefs, trunks, long-leg boxer briefs, and boxer shorts are all case-by-case.

  • 18-Hour Jersey Collection: Briefs, 3” trunks, 6” boxer briefs, and boxer shorts. A very standard underwear collection.
  • AIRKNITx: Briefs, 3” trunks, 5” boxer briefs, and 8” long-leg boxer briefs. 
  • Silver Collection: 3.75” trunks and 6” boxer briefs
  • Stealth Collection: 6” boxer briefs and 8” long-leg boxer briefs
Comparison of length of Mack Weldon's briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs.
Length comparison between Mack Weldon briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs. Mack Weldon’s trunks are on the longer side between 3″ to 3.75″, while its boxer briefs are in the mid-range 5″ to 6″.

Prices of Mack Weldon Underwear

Mack Weldon is a premium brand and charges premium prices. Their closest competitor is Tommy John in terms of style, quality, and pricing. I recommend AIRKNITx and the Stealth collection, as these two collections provide the biggest bang for your buck at Mack Weldon. Prices below are as of April 2022 and may have changed.

  • 18-Hour Jersey Collection: $24 – $32 per pair
  • AIRKNITx: $28 – $36 per pair
  • Silver Collection: $36 – $42 per pair
  • Stealth Collection: $38 – $42 per pair

Mack Weldon has sales sometimes, although not as often as other companies. If you like Mack Weldon and want to stock up, then you can save money by buying in bulk through their Pack Builder.

Mack Weldon underwear advertisement


Besides no-fly and the standard vertical fly, Mack Weldon offers a two-way or dual-sided vertical fly on its Silver HD collection. I find that cool because until I saw this, I never thought about how men’s underwear designers force left-handed guys to conform to the right-handed majority when it comes to underwear flys. 

  • 18-Hour Jersey Collection: Standard vertical fly, except for boxer shorts containing a button fly.
  • AIRKNITx: No fly
  • Silver Collection: Standard vertical fly, except for the Silver HD sub-collection, which features the dual-sided or two-way vertical fly.
  • Stealth Collection: No fly


Mack Weldon offers a standard non-separated pouch on all underwear (except boxer shorts). It works for me! Mack Weldon notes that its Stealth collection includes the “Flyless MotionCNTRL Pouch,” yet they don’t give any details about it. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a separated pouch, you’ll need to look elsewhere (Saxx, Separatec, or Shinesty) or read my guide all about pouches.

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Favorite Underwear Style


Mack Weldon has very conservatively-designed waistbands. Most of its waistbands are gray with a simple blue stripe at the top. The waistband continues the underwear pattern on some of its underwear, camouflaging the waistband entirely. A signature piece of Mack Weldon’s waistbands is the “For Daily Wear” marking on the interior of the waistband. If you wear Mack Weldon’s underwear inside-out – which you can per their website – then the “For Daily Wear” will appear outside.

Mack Weldon Underwear “For Daily Wear” imprint

And speaking of which, why would you wear their underwear inside out? Mack Weldon puts the label on the outside of its underwear, and some guys may find this weird (I did at first!). Mack Weldon’s FAQ states that the printed lettering may become “scratchy.” Thus, it is best to keep the lettering on the outside, away from the skin, for comfort. With the Mack Weldon underwear I have now, a couple of pairs have lettering come off as you use it and will eventually disappear. Yet since the lettering is on the outside and on the back of the leg, it doesn’t affect comfort or style. Either way, I prefer tagless underwear, so I understand why Mack Weldon designed it this way.

Label coming off (left) vs Label staying intact (right)


Mack Weldon offers a three-pack of AIRKNITx and 18-Hour Jersey underwear on its pages. Do not go for these. Go to “Shop in the top menu bar, and under “Underwear,” click “Pack Builder.” Not only can you select three, six, and nine-packs, but you’ll be able to customize colors! This is a big benefit since the “standard three-packs” only come with a preset range of colors. Furthermore, by going with six and nine-packs, you can save up to $40-$50 depending on the style you choose.

Design Country

Mack Weldon designs its underwear at its headquarters in New York City. According to its website, Mack Weldon manufactures its underwear outside of the United States, including factories in Thailand, Peru, China, Egypt, and Vietnam. Furthermore, Mack Weldon notes its factories are WRAP-certified, “an independent, objective, non-profit team of global social compliance experts dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education.”

Where to Buy Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon is only available through its website, Unlike other men’s underwear brands, Mack Weldon is not available through Amazon or other retailers, with the exception of Nordstrom. Nordstrom contains a few styles online, however, it pales in comparison to just buying directly from Mack Weldon.

Are Mack Weldon Underwear Worth It?

Yes, I love my Mack Weldon underwear. It is high-quality underwear for various uses and situations. Nonetheless, as Mack Weldon is quite expensive compared to other brands, I recommend the following to maximize your money:

  • For almost all situations, you can’t go wrong with AIRKNITx. Mack Weldon provides a plethora of colors and patterns with its AIRKNITx lineup, perhaps some of the boldest across the entire Mack Weldon underwear lineup. AIRKNITx offers all styles (except boxer shorts), including briefs and 8” long-leg boxer briefs. And since the price of AIRKNITx is just a tad higher than the cheaper 18-hour Jersey lineup and far more affordable than the Silver and Stealth collections, I believe AIRKNITx is the best buy from Mack Weldon.
  • Go with the Stealth lineup if you wear underwear under boardshorts at the beach or swimming. Stealth is pretty pricey; however, they are seawater and chlorine-safe. Check my blog post regarding wearing underwear under boardshorts for more options and how to choose.
  • For lovers of boxer shorts, your only options are the 18-hour Jersey or Woven boxer shorts. I have not worn either kind personally, so I can’t comment on their real-world use, although each version is $32 (as of April 2022). 
  • Finally, if this is your first time purchasing Mack Weldon underwear, Mack Weldon offers a refund or exchange on one pair, which is common amongst prominent men’s underwear brands. 

Mack Weldon is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality brand to add to your underwear collection. I’d love to hear your feedback on Mack Weldon underwear in the comments below!

Mack Weldon

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Favorite Underwear Style

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