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David Archy Bamboo Boxer Briefs

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✅︎ 95% Bamboo Rayon/5% Spandex – Very Soft
✅︎ Standard 5.5″ inseam for boxer briefs
⚠ Available in 2.5″, 3″, 5.5″, and 8″ versions so double-check what you are buying

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I am a huge fan of bamboo underwear, so I was excited that David Archy sent me bamboo boxer briefs to review. Bamboo underwear is much softer than cotton and more breathable. I strongly recommend trying bamboo underwear if you haven’t worn it, especially if you wear 100% cotton underwear. 

Me wearing light gray David Archy bamboo boxer briefs.
Me wearing my gray David Archy boxer briefs.

Out of the bag, I instantly recognized the softness of bamboo and knew right away these boxer briefs were a winner. Plus, I liked the four colors David Archy sent me: black, navy blue, dark gray, and light gray. I feel these four colors are timeless and sophisticated for men’s underwear. Although I want to acquire more underwear with fun patterns, I’ll never turn down pair in one of these four colors (but not silver, as silver is my least favorite color!).

Picture of four men's boxer briefs by David Archy in blue, black, dark gray, and light gray colors.
These are the four colors I received. Note that the colors are darker in real life than in this photo.

Additionally, these David Archy boxer briefs do not feature the Dual Pouch. Although some David Archy underwear includes the Dual Pouch, like Separatec underwear, others do not. These David Archy boxer briefs have a standard, non-separated single pouch typical for men’s underwear, labeled “3D Pouch” on their website. Please read my Cheat Sheet to Men’s Pouch Underwear to learn more about the different types of pouches for men’s underwear.

Seperatec dual pouch men's underwear diagram
What the Separatec/David Archy Dual Pouch looks like.
David Archy standard non-separated pouch. David Archy calls this pouch a “3D Pouch,” but it is just a standard pouch.

Before trying on these David Archy boxer briefs, my last observations included a couple of minor considerations. These boxer briefs are tagless, so you don’t have to deal with cutting a tag and having that little bit left behind that is impossible to cut off. The waistband is a standard 1.5” wide and includes a bold David Archy logo. I am not a fan of bold waistband logos, but I appreciated that the logo is the same color as the waistband, so it is hard to see from a distance. I don’t like being a walking advertisement!

I am wearing blue David Archy bamboo boxer briefs.
Me chillaxing in my blue David Archy boxer briefs.

What is it like wearing David Archy bamboo boxer briefs?

After putting on the light gray boxer briefs – I don’t have that much light gray underwear, so why not start with that pair? – these David Archy boxer briefs felt exactly as I thought they would: soft and comfortable. I won’t belabor my love of bamboo underwear, but know that these boxer briefs are soft.

Remember that despite David Archy labeling this underwear as “long-leg trunks,” they are boxer briefs. They look like boxer briefs, feel like boxer briefs, and act like boxer briefs, which is perfectly fine with me! But if you are expecting trunks, get David Archy’s 2.5” trunks instead.

Man wearing David Archy trunks.

Seen here are true trunks, with a 2.5″ inseam.

The tagless design and the waistband did not irritate my skin, which is great. The leg bands held on to my thighs, so I didn’t experience any riding up. The pouch was comfortable and seemed a tad larger than some of my other single non-separated pouch underwear. That is important if you have a larger penis. 

I am not into flys, but I always try it out when reviewing underwear. The standard vertical fly worked well on these boxer briefs. If you must have a fly, these boxer briefs will work for you. 

Overall, I loved these David Archy boxer briefs and will continue wearing them. These boxer briefs are a solid choice for no-nonsense, everyday underwear, yet are more comfortable and higher quality than 100% cotton underwear bought in multipacks. Of course, I’ll still wear all of my other underwear too. 🙂

Me wearing my light gray David Archy bamboo boxer briefs.

The Details of David Archy Boxer Briefs

Here are the details on these David Archy bamboo boxer briefs:

  • Length: 5.5”, standard for U.S.-style boxer briefs. Don’t get spooked by David Archy calling them “long-leg trunks,” as I don’t know why they say that. Note that you can also buy 6.5″ bamboo boxer briefs, as well as 8″ long-leg bamboo boxer briefs, from David Archy too.

Man wearing David Archy long-leg boxer briefs.

These boxer briefs are 8″ long, providing greater thigh coverage, especially if you suffer from skin irritation (chafing).

  • Price: $$. At full price, you can buy this four-pack for $39 from David Archy’s website. And if you use my coupon code hello200, you get Free Shipping! This is especially useful to try out David Archy if you don’t meet the minimum free shipping requirements. That is a fantastic price for quality bamboo underwear!
  • Colors and Patterns: David Archy is more conservative than Separatec, so you’ll find only solid colors from David Archy. This four-pack includes black, navy blue, dark gray, and light gray boxer briefs. Other options on David Archy’s website include some pastel color variations.
  • Material and Fabric: 95% bamboo, 5% Spandex/elastane. This “95/5” bamboo blend is ubiquitous for men’s bamboo underwear and works well. 
  • Flys: Yes, standard vertical fly.
  • Ball Pouches: Standard single non-separated pouch, called a “3D Pouch” by David Archy. The pouch is no-frills but provides plenty of room for your penis and balls. If you want Dual Pouch underwear instead, check out David Archy’s Dual Pouch lineup here.
  • Branded Waistbands: David Archy put a large version of their logo around these boxer briefs. However, since the logo is the same color as the waistband, I don’t mind that much, and it is harder to notice from afar.
  • Design Country: China

Click here to buy these David Archy 5.5″ bamboo boxer briefs, and let me know in the comments your experiences with David Archy underwear! Or, if you want to compare these David Archy bamboo boxer briefs to other bamboo and modal boxer briefs, check out my following reviews:

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