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Author’s Note: I purchased this Separatec underwear with my own money, and this post is purely my own opinion.

My Recommendation for Briefs

Separatec Bamboo Briefs

✅︎ Hip-brief style is modern looking and sophisticated
✅︎ 95% Bamboo Rayon/5% Spandex blend – very soft
💵 Generally less than $12/pair (in a 3-pack)
❓ Uses Separatec’s Dual Pouch and Fly System – click here for a video demonstration
⬇️ Read my full review below

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My Recommendation for Trunks

Separatec Bamboo Trunks

✅︎ Standard 2.5″ American-style Trunks
✅︎ 95% Bamboo Rayon/5% Spandex blend – very soft
💵 Generally less than $13/pair (in a 3-pack)
❓ Uses Separatec’s Dual Pouch and Fly System – click here for a video demonstration
⬇️ Read my full review below of the Briefs version

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Alternative without Separatec Dual Pouch

David Archy Bamboo Boxer Briefs

✅︎ Over 11,000 Ratings on Amazon with 4.5/5 stars
💵 Less than $10/pair (plus use my code hello200 to get Free Shipping or code DAJAO15 to save 15% on $65+ on David Archy’s website)
✅︎ Has a Standard Vertical Fly and Pouch – *not* the Separatec Dual Pouch
✅︎ 95% Bamboo Rayon/5% Spandex – Very Soft
✅︎ Standard 5.5″ inseam for boxer briefs
❓ Available in 2.5″, 3″, 5.5″, and 8″ versions so double-check what you are buying
➡️ See my full review here

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Table of Contents

Calvin Klein boxer briefs form the backbone of my underwear collection. Any new underwear I acquire has to compete against Calvin Klein’s modal boxer briefs. In fact, I previously wrote about UnderAir’s modal trunks compared to Calvin Klein’s modal boxer briefs, a match I termed David v. Goliath. I followed that blog post up with comparing CK modal boxer briefs to upstart Twisted Wrapper’s modal boxer briefs. Both UnderAir and Twisted Wrapper held their own against Calvin Klein, yet Calvin Klein remained my favorite in terms of luxury and overall comfort. Until now.

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Meet Separatec’s bamboo briefs. As readers know, I am acquiring briefs now since I purchased my first pair of briefs as an adult in 2020. Honestly, I can’t even believe I just wrote that sentence. It takes me back to when I was a teen; the last thing I wanted to wear were tighty-whiteys. Yet that is precisely the difference. Today’s men’s briefs are so much more sophisticated, stylish, and comfortable; yesterday’s tighty-whiteys are a mere distant cousin to today’s briefs. And Separatec’s briefs might be joining my other favorite underwear, including Calvin Klein’s modal boxer briefs and Mack Weldon AIRKNITx trunks and briefs. But what makes these briefs so special?

Me wearing my blue Separatec bamboo briefs

Separatec’s Dual Pouch Construction

One trend of men’s underwear that warms my heart is the effort brands spend on design engineering, especially regarding penis pouches. I love this advance in men’s underwear because your penis and balls deserve a home! I even wrote a full blog post on why you need a penis pouch. And this is why I was interested in buying Separatec underwear. While penis pouches adorn all of my underwear, I hadn’t yet purchased underwear with a custom-engineered pouch.

Separatec advertises their “Dual Pouch” construction, yet I found the explanation confusing. I didn’t quite get how the pouch worked, and I especially didn’t understand how it had a functional fly. Fortunately, Separatec included an instruction manual in the box, which I found both useful and highly entertaining!

Here is my video demonstrating Separatec’s Dual-Pouch system.

After figuring out how the pouch works – which is quite self-explanatory in real life  – I found the pouch amazing and so comfortable. First, as you pull up Separatec underwear, you insert your penis into a separate “tube” that is completely separated from the rest of the underwear. Think of it like putting on a condom, but instead of a gooey latex mess, it is a silky smooth sleeve that you want to wear. Once inserted, your balls naturally fall into place in the second pouch specifically designed for your balls.

So what does the pouch feel like?

Quite frankly, it is incredible. I never had to adjust my penis, as sometimes I do when it is a tad erect yet still soft enough that it bends (and if you like the friction feeling that arises, well, Separatec underwear won’t do that for you!). Since my penis had its own room, it could do whatever it wanted. Furthermore, my balls felt so comfortable yet were supported when working out. The ball pouch separates your balls from your crotch, so they, too, have their own room. Feeling around occasionally, I noticed that my balls hang lower than they do in regular underwear. Hanging lower signifies that your body is cooling down your balls, so I felt happy that my body could do its natural job. 

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I am used to having a non-functional fly, so having a functional fly is a bit of a novelty. Yet when the first time came to pee, I needed to remember the instructions since this fly is unlike any other fly in men’s underwear. At the end of the penis tube, a flap of fabric exists to cover the tip of the penis. You pull the flap up, and then you can pee. While this can be a little interesting, especially if you wear tight pants, since you need room to manage this with your hand, it is still easier than digging around to find your penis through a standard fly. I was delighted!

Having said that, after wearing the briefs for months, I noticed that sometimes my penis gets in just the wrong angle, that the tip of my penis gets irritated from the pouch “hood.” This usually occurs while sleeping or lying in bed. Not a big deal; a simple tug realigns my penis, so it is all good. Yet, I want to let you know for reference.

Separatec Dual-Pouch Boxer Briefs
9,737 Reviews
Separatec Dual-Pouch Boxer Briefs
  • PATENTED DUAL POUCH MENS UNDERWEAR: Men's underwear with dual ball pouch separates your man-parts comfortably. The pouches for the twig and berries are appreciated. Independent front pouch provides roomy space for your twig, without squeeze. Lower pouch gives your berries all the support they need. You may feel weird at the very start, but you just feel great and love them once get used to. It’s one special underwear for men, give it a try boldly!
  • BREATHABLE BAMBOO RAYON FABRIC: Bamboo Rayon mens boxer briefs with pouch are super soft, breathable and instant moisture wicking. You just feel like wearing nothing with this incredibly silky soft and very comfortable bamboo rayon underwear.
  • FUNCTIONAL FLY: There is a horizontal opening between the pouches. You can simply lift up the front pouch and then good to go. These breathable bamboo rayon boxer briefs remain comfortable and fresh no matter what position you're in.

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Separatec Underwear: Not a One-Trick Pony

Although the Dual Pouch is the star of Separatec underwear, these briefs are not a one-trick pony. I found the 95% bamboo/5% spandex material incredibly soft, just like my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs. Despite my recommendation to generally have 7-10% Spandex/Elastane content, you can get away with 5% spandex with bamboo and modal blends because of how soft bamboo and modal are. For example, these briefs are far lighter and more comfortable than my Intimissimi trunks, despite the Intimissimi trunks having 7% Spandex content. Why? Because Intimissimi makes their Stretch trunks from cotton, which is heavier. Hence, more Spandex is needed to provide the same comfort and stretch as a modal or bamboo base layer.

One of the best tests I perform is the sweat test while mowing the lawn. I live in Texas, and it is hot and humid most of the year (until we get snowed in). Yet, I mow the lawn myself because I find it highly relaxing, and it is a vigorous workout since I use a manual lawn mower on hilly terrain (Shawn T, hold my beer). For example, when I wore my Intimissimi trunks while mowing the lawn, they turned into a soggy cotton mess. My Separatec briefs? Comfortable as ever. I found my cotton T-shirt to be far more uncomfortable and sweaty than my underwear!

Judging my underwear by its look

Design and style are also essential to me when choosing underwear. I want to look confident while wearing only my underwear! Separatec has a variety of colors, which I appreciate, and a couple of patterns. Yet, unlike my usual gravitation towards bright colors and patterns, I chose a “standard three-pack” of gray, dark blue, and black briefs (about the same as my Calvin Klein modal collection). So boring!

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Yet, after seeing how these briefs look on me, I appreciate these standard neutral colors; they have a timeless elegance. I believe what helps is that these Separatec briefs are hip-cut briefs, meaning that the sides of the briefs come up relatively high on the leg. Yes, they are going to look a bit skimpy if you aren’t used to them. However, hip-cut briefs are the modern style and help avoid the tighty-whitey look.

Finally, going back to the hot Texas summers, I appreciated that I felt pretty cool and comfortable under my shorts. The hip-cut style of these briefs has less fabric, leading to additional cooling. My Separatec underwear provided me with light, bamboo material and the Dual Pouch, so my penis and balls remained comfortable. With far less fabric than boxer briefs or trunks, my skin felt cooler, even in hot, humid conditions. A complete win!

Analyzing Separatec Underwear on Eight Criteria

To better analyze each pair of underwear, I choose eight criteria that I believe guys need to find their ideal pair of underwear. I cover these criteria in-depth in my Ultimate Guide to Men’s Briefs, so if you aren’t familiar, I recommend also checking out that guide. Or you can skip to my blog post on today’s Best Men’s Briefs.

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  • Price: $$ – between $10 and $15 per pair. Separatec is around half of the cost of Calvin Klein’s modal boxer briefs and an excellent price in general for classier men’s underwear on a price-per-pair basis. Especially since I find Separatec’s briefs equal to Calvin Klein’s modal lineup, Separatec offers exceptional value. Separatec also sells on Amazon too!
  • Colors and Patterns: Separatec offers a selection of colors and patterns for their briefs, although not as wide of a choice compared to their boxer brief lineup. I chose the three-pack of gray, dark blue, and black. While “boring” compared to what I usually prefer, these colors also provide a modern yet timeless look to the briefs.

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  • Fly: All Separatec underwear have a functional fly; however, it works far differently than the standard vertical and horizontal flys. The fly isn’t flush with the underwear; instead, the fly is at the tip of your penis. You lift the flap to pee and tuck it back under when you finish. Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs do not have a functional fly.
  • Branded Waistbands: Separatec also has several different waistband designs. I gravitate towards simpler and more conservative waistbands. The briefs I chose have a straightforward logo towards the front, and that is it. However, other varieties have flashier logos all around. On the other hand, Calvin Klein’s waistband is perhaps the most iconic underwear waistband for men.
  • Multipacks: Two and three packs are available – easy to stock up! Calvin Klein offers multipacks of their modal boxer briefs as well; however, the price is still higher than Separatec.
  • Design Country: China

Separate Dual Pouch Sport Quick Dry Boxer Briefs
6,371 Reviews
Separate Dual Pouch Sport Quick Dry Boxer Briefs
  • PATENTED DUAL POUCH MENS UNDERWEAR: Sport performance boxer briefs for men with separate dual pouch provides better space for your man-parts, solve the problems caused by oppression, displacement and crotch jamming.
  • ACTIVE QUICK DRY & LIGHTWEIGHT: Quick dry ball pouch mens underwear moving sweat to the fabric’s outer surface, and drying rapidly so that your sweat doesn’t saturate the fabric. You’re more comfortable since the fabric touching your skin has a dry, non-sticky feel.
  • SPORT PERFORMANCE UNDERWEAR FOR MEN: Smooth anti-chafing stitched tech ensures a comfortable wearing, ultra-soft and stretchy fabric moves with you, makes them perfect for outdoor and any high-energy activities, provides all-day comfort.

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Final Verdict on Separatec Bamboo Briefs

Step aside, Calvin Klein – I found my new favorite underwear! j/k, I still love my CK modal boxer briefs. Nonetheless, after re-reading this post, it sounds like Separatec sponsored me, but they didn’t; I just love my new Separatec underwear. Separatec briefs are stylish, soft, and sexy. Above all, I loved their Dual Pouch design for your penis and balls. Previously, no one entirely convinced me that I needed a special-engineered pouch. All of my underwear have standard pouches, and I feel comfortable. Now that I have worn the Separatec Dual Pouch, I know the difference, and it is terrific. I wish that it was slightly easier to operate the fly flap, although that is a minor issue. (Also, check out my more recent review of Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch and Shinesty’s Ball Hammock pouch for comparison.)

Overall, Separatec sells its briefs at an excellent price for the quality and style, especially compared to my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs. These briefs are versatile for working out and lounging around, which is my favorite time to be wearing my Calvin Klein modals. If you are wearing trunks or boxer briefs yet are brief-curious, I’d vote for Seperatec bamboo briefs as an excellent three-pack starter set. Just make sure to buy the 95% bamboo pairs for ultimate softness and comfort. And let me know if Separatec briefs became your new favorite underwear!

Guy in garden wearing Separatec underwear

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