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Jockey Sport Cooling Mesh Bikini (Tanga) Briefs
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Jockey Sport Cooling Mesh Bikini (Tanga) Briefs

✅︎ Bikini/tanga briefs for sex appeal but with butt coverage
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✅︎ Awesome range of colors and patterns!
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❌ No fly
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Real Men Large Pouch Bikini Briefs
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Real Men Large Pouch Bikini Briefs

✅︎ Bikini/tanga briefs with a large-sized pouch for large guys
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Never would I have thought ten years ago – no, wait, even three years ago – that I would be wearing men’s tanga briefs.  Since I had stopped wearing boxer shorts during university, I had been all-in on boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are comfortable, stylish, and what I thought were the epitome of men’s underwear. I didn’t even think of wearing briefs.

Fast forward three years, and since then, I have experimented with many different men’s underwear styles for this blog. And with that, I have grown my underwear collection to various styles, including briefs, trunks, and jockstraps. Now it is time to explore men’s tanga briefs!

I purchased these Jockey Sport Mesh men’s string bikini briefs as part of a larger Jockey order I made when Jockey was having a blowout sale back in November. Although Jockey calls them “string bikini briefs,” they are really tanga briefs. Therefore, I’ll be referring to these Jockeys as tanga briefs.

Although I didn’t intend to purchase a pair of tangas, Jockey’s website recommended them to me, and I just couldn’t resist the pattern. After I received my Jockey order, I didn’t try on these tanga briefs for a while. It was cold in Texas, so I preferred wearing boxer briefs and long-leg boxer briefs to keep warm. But, coming to Ecuador, I broke them out for our stay in one of Ecuador’s beach cities. And I am so glad I did!

Trying on Jockey Men’s Tanga Briefs

When I first put them on, I had the same reaction as with every shorter underwear style I try on: wow, these are short. However, since I have been wearing hip briefs more often, I quickly got over having even less fabric on the sides to cover my hips.

Yet, one of the benefits of these tanga briefs is that there isn’t any fabric on the sides. In hot weather, bikini and tanga briefs allow for more skin cooling as more of your skin is exposed. I felt great when I wore them under my shorts in hot, humid weather. I’d wear a jockstrap more in hot weather, except I don’t like the butt straps that jockstraps have. Hence, I love these men’s tanga briefs – I don’t have to worry about butt straps or coverage.

Another video comparing Tanga/bikini briefs to regular men’s hip-cut briefs

What is the difference between jockstraps vs. briefs?

I felt comfortable walking around our Airbnb in tanga briefs because these briefs covered my butt, unlike a jockstrap. Honestly, tangas are a cooler (temperature-wise!) form of hip briefs. That’s where the magic comes in for guys who either don’t like wearing jockstraps or aren’t ready to have their butt exposed: tanga briefs provide butt coverage.

From the front, jockstraps (seen here) look similar to tanga briefs.
Me wearing men's tanga briefs
Both styles – including the tanga/bikini briefs seen here – have a V-Shaped front to cover yourself while fully exposing your hips.

But jockstraps don’t cover your butt at all.

While tanga/bikini briefs provide full butt coverage.

I also really appreciated the pattern too. That is what initially drew me to these tangas and then made me love wearing them. I may stock up on some more of these Jockey “bikinis” the next time they are on sale. Plus, the material is pleasant. Although Jockey calls them Sport Cooling Mesh because they are nylon-based, these briefs aren’t as “meshy” as my other mesh underwear. 

Are these Men’s Bikini Briefs or Tanga Briefs?

Finally, I want to note something about these Jockey briefs. Jockey labels them “string bikini” briefs, but they are tanga briefs. The reason is that these briefs have a full-width waistband, not a thin or string bikini like on other bikini briefs. Other bikini briefs look similar, but the fabric covers the waistband, so the bikinis look like low-rise, thinner hip briefs. These Jockeys are mid-rise, and the waistband looks like an ordinary men’s underwear waistband.

I describe the differences between these Jockey tanga briefs and men’s hip briefs and jockstraps.

I want to highlight the terminology here because brands often use the terms bikini, string bikini, and tanga briefs interchangeably. What all three styles have in common – regardless of their name – is little to no fabric on the hips but good butt coverage. In other words, these Jockey bikini briefs are jockstraps with butt coverage. 🙂

Jockey makes other bikini briefs for men, including the Elance Bikini Brief (100% cotton), Elance Microfiber Bikinis, and Elance “String” Bikini Briefs (also 100% cotton). Note that the Elance “Bikini Briefs” look like men’s hip briefs, while the Elance String Bikini Briefs look like real bikini/tanga briefs.

The Details of Jockey Sport Mesh Men’s Bikini Briefs

I want to break down all of the specifics of these Jockey Sport Mesh men’s “bikini briefs” for you:

  • Length: These are tanga briefs. So while they are briefs, they show more skin than hip briefs and much more skin than full-cut briefs. There is no fabric on the hips, only fabric in the front and the back to cover your butt.
  • Price: $$. They cost around $18, which is slightly higher than I expected. However, after wearing these men’s tanga briefs, I really like them! If you can snag them on sale on Amazon – especially in the low teens – stock up!
  • Colors and Patterns: When I first bought these tangas, the patterns caught my eye. They are my favorite part of this underwear; the geometric shapes and the vivid colors make them fun to wear. Amazon has so many patterns, and I hope you love them as much as I do.
  • Material and Fabric: These Jockey men’s tanga briefs are 92% nylon and 8% elastane/Spandex, which is why Jockey calls them Sport Mesh. I usually recommend at least 10% elastane/Spandex content for synthetic underwear (polyester or nylon), but these briefs are comfortable. What helps is that with a tanga brief, there is so much less fabric than boxer briefs that the minor difference in elastane content isn’t a big deal.
  • Ball Pouches: Standard, non-separated pouch. It works with no frills. If you have a large penis, you can also check out these Real Men tanga/bikini briefs I received with quite a large pouch.
  • Branded waistbands: Jockey’s logo is plastered all around the waistband, which is one aspect I would love to change. I have a pair of Jockey boxer briefs with subtle branding on the waistband, which I’d prefer. I appreciate that at least the waistband has the same design as the rest of the underwear instead of a boring Jockey waistband.

These Jockey men’s Sport Mesh “bikini briefs” are a wonderful buy for anyone into bikinis or tanga briefs. Or, if you were like me and looking to dip your toes into the world of bikinis and tangas, try out these Jockeys!

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  • Merle meagherFebruary 17, 2023 at 1:39 pm

    I too am a connoissuier of undies. In Winter, I like boxer briefs. Summer, thongs, or even better, cock socks. I work in construction maintenance, so the socks allow breathability on 111-degree days as my uniform is all non-breathable cotton.

    • Eric at MensUnderwearGuide.comMarch 8, 2023 at 5:36 am

      Thanks Merle for your comment! You have a good rhythm going with your winter boxer briefs and summer thongs or cock socks. If you aren’t wearing modal or bamboo underwear, I’d recommend you give them a try in the summer as I don’t like cotton at all. As you mentioned, cotton isn’t breathable! 🙂

  • Big Jock McstropMarch 27, 2023 at 10:07 am

    I’ve only just found you!
    I’ve been fascinated about men’s underpants for years. During lockdown I developed a taste for homo p**n, always hoping to see guys in their underpants. Sadly, they all seem indecently quick to get out of them. Men in uniform have always been a particular attraction (I once was one) and it’s disappointing to see how many participants playing eg cops, seem to go commando. In my experience, real cops never do, and commandos seldom do.

    • Eric at MensUnderwearGuide.comMarch 28, 2023 at 6:12 am

      Glad you found me too! 🙂

      I hear what you are saying, underwear is just a quick part of most videos. And yes, they way overemphasize guys going commando compared to the general population. Sex is really the only consideration, which is unfortunate. If there is a story, it is badly written and really just fluff to get to the sex.

      I really like “normal” guys, so I find a lot of these videos as a turnoff. 🙁

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