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But why?

Men are experiencing an explosion in underwear choices. This is fantastic as it allows guys to wear underwear that is both most comfortable to them and allows them to express who they are. While this is amazing progress from the days when men mostly all wore the same underwear, the plethora of options can also leave many guys – and whoever else may be purchasing guy’s underwear – dazed and confused. Ultimately, this leads to paralysis analysis – deer in the headlights – and sub-optimal underwear selection.

At the same time, I have a passion for men’s underwear. While this is partly due to sexual attraction (I’m gay and married), I also find the topic to be so interesting – just like some people are into shoes or watches. In addition, I too have been overwhelmed with the plethora of options out there for guys in terms of underwear. I’ve made some great purchases and some terrible decisions. And I actually research underwear!

I combined my passion and knowledge about men’s underwear with the real problem of underwear paralysis analysis that men face and hence, I created MensUnderwearGuide.com. My hope is that I will help all guys – regardless of who you are or what you look like – find their best pair of underwear. I also hope you will be encouraged to experiment and add variety and spice to your underwear collection. 🙂

I also want to hear your comments and suggestions. Don’t hesitate to email me at hello@mensunderwearguide.com!

My Underwear Profile

  • Underwear Size: Medium
  • Waist Size: 32
  • Number of pairs in my collection: 50+
  • Preferred Styles: Briefs and Trunks, then Boxer Briefs (only recently, I used to be boxer briefs only)
  • What Styles I actually have: Quite a few trunks, a growing collection of briefs, many boxer briefs, a jockstrap, and one pair of boxer shorts.
  • Colors and Patterns: Most of my collection is darker, solid colors, but I actually prefer patterns and I have been acquiring more patterns recently. I also have a couple of pairs of white and red underwear, which is bold for me.
  • Favorite materials: Modal and Mesh by far, but bamboo may overtake both of them.
  • Fly or no-fly: Having a fly used to be a big deal for me, however for a few years now, I don’t care either way.
  • Penis pouch or no pouch: I will not buy underwear without a pouch. Almost every brand has them now, and I consider it a must-have. I wrote blog posts regarding penis pouches and the Separatec Dual Pouch.
  • Branded Waistbands: Almost all of my underwear has branding on the waistband. I find it kind of sexy. 😉 But not too bold!
  • Design Countries: Since I live in the United States, no surprise that all of my underwear – except for three pairs from Italy – are from American companies. I definitely want to broaden my collection to explore underwear from around the world.

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