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If you say to someone that your men’s underwear has a pocket for safeguarding your valuables, most people aren’t going to think of a small pocket to keep your phone or cash in. They are going to think of something else…

But now that most men’s underwear has a pouch to keep your balls secure, it is time to think of other things to safeguard. And quickly, many men’s underwear brands have added small pockets to men’s underwear to allow you to store valuables such as keys, a phone, credit cards, and cash.

In this blog post, I will go over why you may want to buy underwear with pockets and why they are helpful. I’ll then show you examples of men’s underwear with pockets so you know what to buy.

Why buy men’s underwear with pockets?

At first, having pockets on men’s underwear may seem silly. What would you possibly do with them? But there are several reasons why they are beneficial.

  • Safety: Like wearing a money belt under your shirt, hiding cash, a passport, or a credit card in your underwear makes stealing much harder. Your underwear will be hard to pickpocket, and many thieves – I imagine – won’t think of looking in your underwear for cash. 🙂
    • Remember to empty your underwear when going through airport security! Otherwise, you may need to explain why you have things in your underwear in front of everyone.
Underwear with pockets is great for storing valuables while traveling, such as a passport…
…since they are hard for pickpockets to detect from the outside.
  • Working out and running: The pockets on your shorts may be pretty shallow if you wear shorter shorts for the gym or jogging. And with a lot of movement, it could be easy for things to fall out. Instead, your most important things – such as a key and a credit card – will be safe and secure by stashing them in your underwear.
  • At home: If you like hanging out in your underwear, that is awesome. But it also leaves you with a lack of pockets for holding things, such as your phone. Instead, your underwear with pockets comes to the rescue and provides a place to store stuff while lounging without pants.

I am wearing blue David Archy bamboo boxer briefs.
Hanging out in underwear is awesome, but what do you do with your stuff?
Jambys Unisex Boxer Shorts with Pockets

Jambys boxer shorts have side pockets to keep your phone with you!

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  • Wearing pants without pockets: Although not common, sometimes you want to wear pants without pockets. Some sweatpants don’t come with pockets, nor do some men’s workout leggings or tights. You won’t have to worry as your underwear comes with pockets.
  • A place for condoms? I didn’t come up with this one, but another site mentioned that underwear with pockets is great for keeping condoms, so you are already prepared. This is instead of keeping condoms in your wallet. But note that heat can damage condoms, so keep this in mind.

Besides what I listed above, there are many more uses for underwear with pockets. However, if you intend to keep coins or keys in your underwear while traveling, take them out before going through airport security! Otherwise, you may have an interesting time being searched.

What to Look for in Underwear with Pockets?

If you want to buy men’s underwear with pockets, you’ll want to keep some things in mind.

  • Pocket size: Some underwear pockets are small, only big enough for a key or rolled-up cash. Others are big enough to carry a phone and credit cards. Ensure you look at the photos and the description to understand how big each pocket is and what can be held.
  • Number of pockets: Some underwear only has one pocket, while others have two or three pockets in different places. How much do you intend to carry? And also, see how big each pocket is, as noted above.
  • Accessibility: Where are the pockets located? Are they easily accessible if you are wearing pants or shorts? Hip pockets can sometimes be accessed through the bottom of your shorts. It depends how high up the pocket is on the hip and how long your shorts are. Other pockets will require going in from the top of your pants.
  • Security: Are the pockets open at the top, or is there some closure? You don’t want to put valuables in your underwear pocket and then have your stuff drop out.

Men's Trunks with Front Zipper
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Men's Trunks with Front Zipper

These trunks have a zipper enclosure to ensure things don’t fall out.

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  • Rough Materials: Keep in mind that underwear is made to be soft. You may get poked or hurt if you place keys or other sharp objects in your underwear. Your underwear may also tear or get damaged. I strongly suggest you don’t put anything sharp in your underwear. If you want to use your underwear pockets for keys, consider getting a key protector first.

While underwear with pockets is useful, you must take precautions like anything else. The pockets aren’t foolproof – if you reach for your hip pocket and someone sees you, they will know where you have your stash of cash.

Additionally, you’ll want to take a look at the underwear itself. It doesn’t make sense to buy underwear for the pockets but not wear it because it is uncomfortable. For example, there are options below for lovers of briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs. But you can’t expect to stash your phone in your briefs – there is no room! So, if you buy boxer briefs to store your phone but hate boxer briefs, you may be better off having a different plan.

Examples of Men’s Underwear with Pockets

Below, I list some examples of men’s underwear with pockets. Pay attention to the number, placement, and size of the pockets. Pockets vary widely among brands, so depending on what you intend to use the pockets for, you’ll want to ensure the underwear aligns with your vision.

Hanes X-Temp Utility Pocket Boxer Briefs

Hanes has been revamping its men’s underwear lineup, so perhaps not a surprise that they have joined the underwear with pockets trend. Two kinds of Hanes underwear come with pockets: the polyester-based X-Temp Utility Pocket Boxer Briefs and the cotton-based Explorer Boxer Briefs. But both models have the same side hip pocket that can potentially fit a phone, credit cards, or cash.

Hanes X-Temp Boxer Briefs with Pockets
  • VALUE YOU LOVE - Available in a convenient 3-pack for stock-up ease.
  • X-TEMP TECHNOLOGY - Designed to adapt to your body temperature and activity to keep you cool and dry.
  • SUPPORTIVE FIT - Total Support Pouch separates, supports and helps prevent chafing.
  • STAY COOL - Moisture-wicking fabric wicks sweat away for an all-day, comfortable feel.
  • STAY FRESH - Advanced odor protection eliminates foul odors, keeping you fresh.
  • UTILITY POCKET - Stow small essentials in a convenient utility pocket along the right hip.

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  • Pockets: Both versions feature one sole pocket on the right hip, which can fit a phone (within reason).
  • Length: 5-6″ boxer briefs are only available for the X-Temp Utility Pocket boxer briefs, while the Explorer series has both boxer briefs and trunks. Don’t get the X-Temp Utility Pocket boxer briefs confused with regular X-Temp boxer briefs, though. Make sure it says “Utility Pocket” before purchasing.
  • Price: X-Temp boxer briefs should be under $7/pair, while the Explorer series is at Target for around $9/pair. These will be more expensive than the generic Hanes cotton boxer briefs because they are premium products.
  • Colors and Patterns: Solid colors only for both. The X-Temp colors seem sportier than the Explorer colors.
  • Material and Fabric: X-Temp boxer briefs are 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. They get incredibly high ratings on Amazon, although I prefer to have at least 10% Spandex content for polyester-based boxer briefs. The Explorer series is 96% cotton and 4% Spandex. Unfortunately, I’m not too fond of cotton underwear, preferring bamboo or modal underwear.
  • Flys: There is a standard vertical fly on the X-Temp boxer briefs but no fly on the Explorer underwear.
  • Ball Pouch: The X-Temp boxer briefs come with Hanes’ Total Support Pouch, a U-shaped, separated ball pouch. (Read my guide to ball pouches here.) The Explorer version has a standard, no-frills, non-separated ball pouch.
  • Branded Waistband: Yes, both models have a Hanes-branded waistband.
  • Multipacks: You can only buy both versions in multipacks.
  • Design Country: United States

Saxx DropTemp Cooling Hydro Boxer Briefs

I first discovered underwear with pockets when I previously reviewed my Saxx shorts with built-in boxer briefs. One of the benefits is that they have a hidden pocket on the leg of the boxer briefs. It is big enough to keep a phone or wallet and easily accessible from the bottom of your shorts. Yet it is still hidden, so thieves won’t know what you have stashed in your underwear.

Me storing my Android phone in my Saxx shorts’ boxer briefs pocket.

While you can buy Saxx shorts with built-in boxer briefs, you can also buy the boxer briefs directly. Saxx’s DropTemp Cooling Hydro boxer briefs include the pocket on the right leg. Note that unlike Hanes above, the pocket opening is much further down on the leg than on the hip.

  • Pockets: One large pocket on the right leg. My Android phone fit inside.
  • Length: Saxx only sells 5″ boxer briefs in this style.
  • Price: $36 per pair. It is hefty, but Saxx underwear is very nice. Read my full guide to Saxx Underwear here.
  • Colors and Patterns: Saxx generally only sells solid black DropTemp Cooling Hydro boxer briefs. Sometimes they will also have a pattern version, but don’t always count on it.

SAXX Men's DropTemp Cooling Hydro Boxer Briefs in Black

Saxx DropTemp Cooling Hydro Boxer Briefs in black

  • Material and Fabric: 87% polyester and 13% Spandex. I recommend at least 10% Spandex/elastane content for polyester underwear, so these boxer briefs meet my criteria.
  • Flys: No fly.
  • Ball Pouch: Yes! It includes Saxx’s BallPark Pouch, which is an I-Shaped separated pouch.
Comparison of Shinesty Ball Hammock Pouch vs Saxx Ball Park Pouch
Comparison of Shinesty Ball Hammock Pouch vs. Saxx Ball Park Pouch

  • Branded Waistband: Yes, there is a Saxx logo on the waistband.
  • Multipacks: Saxx doesn’t explicitly sell multipacks of these DropTemp Cooling Hydro boxer briefs. But if you use Saxx’s Top Drawer Refresh, you can save up to 20%, depending on how many pairs you purchase.
  • Design Country: Canada

TBô Cargo Boxer Briefs and Utility Boxer Briefs

TBô is a Swiss company that specializes in bamboo men’s underwear. Although TBô has a limited selection of underwear compared to larger companies, I was pleasantly surprised to find the TBô Cargo Boxer Briefs and Utility Boxer Briefs. These boxer briefs were designed for travelers! Not only do they include two pockets, but they also have a loop on the waistband to use with a carabiner or key ring. Sweet!

TBo Travel Boxer Briefs

TBô Cargo Boxer Briefs in Military Green

  • Pockets: One right hip pocket for a phone or credit card plus a second inside pocket for a key or something small. Additionally, there is a hook on the waistband for a keyring or carabiner.
  • Length: Boxer briefs only.
  • Price: $27 for one pair. The price is high, but it is hard to compare TBô to Hanes. TBô makes high-quality bamboo underwear – bamboo is one of my two favorite underwear materials – and these Travel Boxer Briefs have useful features. If you want high-quality travel underwear, TBô is an excellent choice.
  • Colors and Patterns: TBô makes a black version of these Utility Boxer Briefs and military green versions of the Utility Boxer Briefs. However, if you are looking for fantastic bamboo underwear, TBô has a plethora of other colors available.

TBo Utility Boxer Briefs

TBô Utility Underwear in Black

  • Material and Fabric: These Travel Boxer Briefs are 95% bamboo viscose and 5% Spandex. This is a standard bamboo fabric blend and feels so soft.
  • Flys: No fly.
  • Ball Pouch: Features a standard, no-frills non-separated ball pouch.
  • Branded Waistband: The waistband itself isn’t branded, but a small TBô tag is sewn into the waistband.
  • Multipacks: Yes, you can buy a three-pack of the Cargo Boxer Briefs at a pretty good discount.
  • Design Country: Switzerland

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Jambys Boxer Shorts

Jambys made a big splash during Covid as many people worked from home and wanted something comfortable, but useful. These Unisex Boxer Shorts – yes, anyone can wear these boxers! – solves this problem by being both comfortable and useful with two pockets. As they are both boxers and stylish shorts, you can wear them as both underwear and shorts.

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  • Pockets: There are two side pockets only.
  • Length: Most sizes are 4.5″ or 5″ inseam. This is around the standard length of men’s boxer briefs or boxer shorts (usually 5-6″ inseam). Remember that these are unisex boxers.
  • Price: $35/pair. It is a bit high for what it is – boxers with pockets – but also in line with other high-end underwear and sleeping shorts. If you can get them on sale, that would be ideal.
  • Colors and Patterns: Jambys has a good selection of solid colors. I like that some colors have an offsetting color for the waistband to add some visual pizzazz.
  • Material and Fabric: 95% modal, 5% Spandex/elastane. This is a standard fabric blend for modal underwear, and I have many other pairs of underwear with this same fabric blend. It is very soft!
  • Flys: No fly. Jambys notes that this is to prevent any accidental flashings.
  • Ball Pouch: None – they are boxer shorts.
  • Branded Waistband: Yes, the Jambys logo appears on the waistband.
  • Multipacks: Jambys’ website offers the Bundle Builder, in which you can buy three, five, or seven pairs at a time to get more significant discounts. Amazon does not offer this, though.
  • Design Country: United States and Scotland

SCOTTeVEST Travel Men’s Underwear

SCOTTeVEST is a 20+-year-old company dedicated to making clothing with pockets for electronics. Thus, it makes complete sense that they also make men’s underwear with pockets too. Plus, they offer briefs, boxer briefs, and boxer shorts, so all guys have an option based on what style they like best.

SCOTTeVEST Boxer Briefs for Men - 2 Hidden Pockets - Breathable Anti-Microbial Underwear for Travel & More (Gray, Medium)
  • [ 2 Hidden Pockets For Travel ] - Featuring multiple concealed pockets this low profile men's underwear can hold your keys cards or ID while traveling working hiking fishing golfing or simply running a few errands
  • [ Flexible Waistband Without Riding Up ] - Featuring an elastic stretchy waistband our underwear will stay in place without pinching while fishing boating or exploring outdoors
  • [ Functional With All Day Comfort ] - Designed with machine washable and lightweight fabric our breathable underwear is perfect for hiking with family or golfing with friends

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  • Pockets: Each pair of underwear comes with two pockets. However, only the boxer briefs and boxer shorts have one pocket large enough for a phone (for obvious reasons). SCOTTeVEST’s website says the phone can be up to 6.2″ x 3.25″ (15.7 cm x 8.2 cm).
  • Length: SCOTTeVEST makes briefs, boxer briefs, and boxer shorts. No trunks are available.
  • Price: $19 for the briefs and $26 for the boxer briefs and boxer shorts. The price is ok, but I would compare it with the TBô bamboo Travel Boxer Briefs above.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 02:36 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Colors and Patterns: All underwear only comes in two solid colors: gray and black.
  • Material and Fabric: All underwear is made from 93% nylon and 7% Spandex. As mentioned above, I prefer to have at least 10% Spandex for synthetic underwear.
  • Flys: The briefs and boxer briefs have a standard vertical fly. The boxer shorts have a vertical button fly.
  • Ball pouch: None, which is a bummer.
  • Branded waistband: Yes, the logo appears throughout the waistband.
  • Multipacks: None.
  • Design Country: United States

Final Thoughts on Underwear with Pockets

Although it may be weird to think of your underwear having pockets, it can be helpful, especially when traveling. Underwear is a perfect place to stash valuables such as a phone, passport, credit card, or cash because it is hidden from view and hard for pickpockets to get to. And if you are wearing underwear anyway, you might as well make it more useful!

Let me know in the comments your experiences with underwear with pockets!

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