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All-Around Winner

Saxx Vibe Underwear

✅ Ideal everyday boxer briefs and trunks
✅ 95% Viscose/5% Elastane blend – quite soft
✅ Vibe is slim-fitting, so they fit like boxer briefs should (imho)
✅ Contains Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch
💵 Generally around US$32-34/CAD$33-37 per pair (you can save a bit by buying multipacks)
❌ No fly
🇨🇦 Canadian Visitors: Use this link for the Canadian version

Relaxed Fit Alternative

Saxx Ultra Underwear

✅ Available in briefs and boxer briefs
✅ 95% Viscose/5% Elastane blend – quite soft
✅ Standard Vertical Fly
✅︎ Contains Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch
❗ Ultra is “relaxed-fitting,” so they fit like loose boxer briefs, unlike Vibe.
💵 Generally around $32-37/pair (you can save a bit by buying a designated 5-pack or 7-pack)
🇨🇦 Canadian Visitors: Use this link for the Canadian version
⬇️ My full review is below

Cheaper Alternative to Saxx
Separatec Bamboo Boxer Briefs w/Single Pouch

⚠️ Contains an I-shaped Pouch similar to Saxx, NOT a Dual Pouch.
✅ 95% Bamboo Rayon/5% Spandex – very soft fabric!
✅ 6.5″ Inseam
✅ Vertical Fly
✅ Available as a 7-Pack for a week’s worth of underwear!

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Table of Contents

Why was I so excited to receive Saxx Ultra boxer briefs in the mail? For a long time, no one convinced me that I needed underwear with a specially-designed pouch. Sure, every day, another men’s underwear brand comes out with its proprietary penis pouch design and many reasons why their pouch is better than what you are wearing. Yet these designs also came with a hefty price tag, and I didn’t think it was necessary for someone who doesn’t have that big of a penis.

I was wrong. My first foray into special ball pouches came with acquiring Separatec’s Dual Pouch bamboo briefs. Their dual pouch system won me over with one pouch for your balls and one for your penis! The extra space didn’t squish my penis, and I realized that I didn’t have to adjust myself when I got erect during the day. Plus, the bamboo material felt very plush, and being hip briefs, they appeared modern and masculine simultaneously.

Since then, I have been looking for my subsequent underwear acquisition with a proprietary pouch. I have had my eye on Saxx for a long time. They are pretty popular, have many styles to choose from, and guys rave about their Ballpark Pouch. Saxx had a couple of their Ultra boxer briefs on sale, so it was a perfect time to obtain a pair.

My actual Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs
My actual Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs

Unboxing Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs

When the package arrived, I was so excited to try them out. At first glance, the pattern is reminiscent of autumn leaves mixed with a Southwestern flair. While not my favorite pattern, I found the design cool enough to enjoy yet subdued enough that it wasn’t too shocking. Many of Saxx’s patterns are very bold; however, I am not into in-your-face designs on underwear.

Me wearing my Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs
Me wearing my Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs

I was a bit nervous before receiving my Saxx Ultra boxer briefs because of the cheaper viscose material. I feared the viscose wouldn’t be less soft than pure modal or bamboo. Yet touching the fabric put aside my fears. When I picked up the Saxx Ultra boxer briefs, I knew I had made an excellent decision. The 95% viscose fabric is extraordinarily soft and comparable to my Calvin Klein 90% modal and my Separatec 95% bamboo pairs. 

The Try-On

Finally, it came to putting on my Saxx Ultra boxer briefs after showering. Yeah, they are fantastic. I loved how they looked, and the fabric didn’t disappoint me. And instantly, I felt how comfortable Saxx’s penis pouch was. Being a single pouch, Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch is intuitive to use compared to needing an instruction manual for Separatec’s dual pouch. And compared to a usual non-separated single pouch – think Calvin Klein or Mack Weldon – Saxx’s pouch felt more voluminous.

Comparison of men's underwear pouches: Saxx Ballpark Pouch vs Separatec Dual Pouch
Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch (left) vs. Separatec’s Dual Pouch (right)

As you’ll note in the photo above, Saxx has mesh “guardrails” that separate your penis and balls from your groin. I wasn’t sure if this was necessary, yet I understand why the mesh exists after sweating and exercising. I felt increased air circulation around my groin; overall, it was cooler temperature-wise, not swampy.

Additionally, Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch is an I-shaped pouch, vs the U-shaped pouch found on most other proprietary pouch designs (such as Shinesty). After wearing both Shinesty and Saxx, I prefer Saxx’s I-shaped pouch. I felt Shinesty’s U-shaped pouch was hard to use and couldn’t fit my balls, whereas my balls easily landed inside Saxx’s I-shaped pouch.

Comparison of Shinesty Ball Hammock Pouch vs Saxx Ball Park Pouch
Comparison of Shinesty Ball Hammock Pouch vs. Saxx Ball Park Pouch

There are also V-shaped pouches on the market as well. I recently reviewed Pair of Thieves’ V-shaped Cool Breeze Pouch and loved it. The difference between a V-shaped and an I-shaped pouch is that the V-shaped pouch comes together at the very bottom, whereas an I-shaped pouch does not, as shown below. There isn’t much difference between the two shapes, and both are very comfortable.

Comparing Pair of Thieves Cool Breeze Pouch to Saxx Ballpark Pouch
Comparing Pair of Thieves Cool Breeze Pouch to Saxx Ballpark Pouch

Furthermore, because of Saxx’s pouch design, the fly was super easy to use. Remember, I am not into using flys. Most of my underwear is flyless, and I don’t use the fly on the pairs with a fly. However, I had to try out Saxx’s fly for this review, and it just felt right. My penis was easily accessible, and I didn’t experience any struggle with the fabric of my pants and my underwear to clear a path for my penis. Honestly, the fly on these Saxx Ultra boxer briefs may make me want to convert back to flys!

The Drawbacks

To now, you may wonder if these are the world’s most perfect boxer briefs. Not entirely; I found a couple of issues while wearing them. One is that the leg waistbands are nearly non-existent. While this makes the boxer briefs feel light and airy, they also easily ride up since nothing is holding them in place around the legs. I didn’t feel this was a big deal because the fabric is so light; however, it was noticeable. 

Another issue I experienced was that the boxer briefs rode up the bottom of my butt. I don’t tend to experience this issue, although I do on some pairs of underwear. Yet I noticed it quite a bit on these Saxx Ultra boxer briefs. Although not a deal-breaker, ride-up is a general issue with these boxer briefs, most likely because of the soft material without adequate leg bands.

UPDATE: This issue has become more pronounced as the boxer briefs become looser. While the Ultra boxer briefs are still great for lounging, wearing under shorts or pants makes me uncomfortable. On the other hand, my husband loves them. So stick with the slim-fit Vibe boxer briefs if you like your boxer briefs tight, or stick with Ultra if you like a looser feel.

What is the difference between Saxx Vibe and Ultra boxer briefs?

Saxx’s Ultra boxer briefs share the same material as Saxx’s Vibe underwear. The difference is that Ultra is designed to be loose-fitting and has a fly, while Vibe is made to be slim-fitting without a fly. So I love my Ultra boxer briefs even more now for lounging around on the weekends and for sleeping. Yet, not so much under slim-fit jeans. Seems like Vibe is a better choice for slim-fit pants – especially for work/office environments – while Ultra is awesome for weekends, chilling around the home, and guys who like boxer shorts without excess material. Hence, why the drawbacks I wrote about above have become more pronounced with washing my Saxx Ultra boxer briefs.

SAXX Men's Vibe Boxer Briefs

Saxx Vibe Boxer Briefs

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My Summary Criteria of Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs

Note that the summary below only pertains to Saxx’s Ultra collection; Saxx makes plenty of other underwear styles and men’s fashions, including shorts with their BallPark Pouch built-in.

  • Length: Saxx’s boxer briefs are always 5” long, a perfect size for boxer briefs. Saxx also produces the Ultra and Vibe lineups in 3” trunks, while only Ultra briefs are available.
  • Price: $$$$. Saxx Ultra and Vibe boxer briefs and trunks start at $34, while Ultra briefs start at $32 (as of March 2024). However, the price per pair is lower if you buy multi-packs.
  • Colors and Patterns: I love that Saxx has a wide assortment of colors and patterns! Some of Saxx’s styles are pretty bold – perfect for whimsical guys – while many designs are more subdued (my preference). Saxx also produces solid colors for no-nonsense guys.
  • Material and Fabric: 95% vicose/5% spandex. Viscose is a cheaper alternative to pure bamboo and modal. Yet these boxer briefs felt perfectly soft to me and comparable to my Calvin Klein modal and Separatec bamboo collections, which are my favorites. As mentioned above, if you love the material but want or need a slimmer fit, purchase Saxx’s Vibe collection instead.
  • Flys: Yes, there is a fly! Readers know that most of my underwear does not have a fly; I simply don’t care about a fly anymore. Sure, if offered a fly, I may use it. I say may use the fly because sometimes flys are tight and hard to access your penis. However, Saxx designed the fly well on these Ultra boxer briefs, and penis access was effortless. Nice plus! Note, though, that the Vibe boxer briefs do not have a fly.
  • Ball Pouches: Saxx created a proprietary ball pouch called the Ballpark Pouch. As mentioned previously, the Ballpark Pouch is a single pouch that holds both your penis and balls. I found the pouch extraordinarily comfortable and was a joy to wear.
  • Branded Waistbands: Yes, Saxx brands their waistbands; however, it is pretty simple and elegant, so no complaints here. The waistband is also 1.5” wide, which is a standard width for men’s underwear.
  • Multipacks: Yes! Saxx Ultra boxer briefs come in multi-packs at a good discount compared to single pairs. You can also save 20% by buying seven pairs through Saxx’s Top Drawer Refresh.
  • Design Country: Canada

Conclusion: Yes, I recommend Saxx Underwear

I genuinely love the pouch on my Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs. The Ballpark Pouch is as comfortable as Saxx claims, and it rivals my previous favorite pouch, Separatec’s Dual Pouch. The viscose material is as soft as my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs and Separtec’s bamboo briefs. The fly design is a bonus – especially for guys preferring functional flys. And Saxx’s pattern selection is among the best out there, so guys can stock up and not wear the same boring underwear every day.

As noted previously, the one drawback I experienced was the riding up. Since the material is light, viscose fabric bunching is not as annoying as cotton bunching up. Yet, as time has passed, these Ultra boxer briefs have become looser and less comfortable. To avoid this, better to get Saxx’s Vibe collection instead, made to be slim-fitting. (You can also read my guide on avoiding boxer briefs riding up.)

Overall, I recommend Saxx underwear to guys looking for everyday underwear, both lounging at home and working from home. These boxer briefs are functional, comfortable, and fun to wear (yes, that is one of my criteria!). I wouldn’t wear Ultra or Vibe boxer briefs during heavy workouts, beach, or other situations where you need good support or quick-drying underwear. Better to get Saxx’s Quest underwear or Volt underwear.

UPDATE 2022: The more I wear my Ultra boxer briefs, the more they become boxer shorts. So while still comfortable lounging at home, not that comfortable leaving the house. Again, I would go with the Vibe collection instead of the Ultra collection, unless you want loose-fitting boxer briefs for Netflix and chill nights, like my husband.

Additionally, if you like Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch, Saxx now sells shorts with built-in boxer briefs, including the Ballpark Pouch. I recently reviewed Saxx’s Oh Buoy swim shorts and their Go To Town everyday shorts. Note that the Oh Buoy swim shorts are made to go into the water, so it is awesome to wear Saxx underwear while swimming or surfing, thanks to Saxx’s DropTemp Cooling Hydro boxer briefs.

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