Calvin Klein Modal Boxer Briefs: Iconic and Comfortable (Review)

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Author’s Note: I purchased all of my Calvin Klein underwear with my own money over the past several years. This post is *not* sponsored by Calvin Klein, and all opinions are entirely mine. David Archy sent me their boxer briefs to review for free, but I was not compensated in any other way (other than affiliate marketing if you purchase).

2nd Author’s Note: This post is regarding the 90% modal/10% elastane (or 92% modal/8% elastane) boxer briefs. You can also purchase 69% nylon/31% elastane boxer briefs under the same name. I haven’t tried the nylon versions, so I can’t comment on them. You can read the reviews on to see if you wish to try them. Also, Calvin Klein now sells a 87% modal/13% elastane blend of boxer briefs. One of my readers says they feel “heavier” than the 90/10 blends.

most comfortable calvin klein boxer briefs
Calvin Klein Modal Boxer Briefs 3-Pack

✅︎ 90% Modal/10% Spandex or 69% Nylon/31% Elastane – Extremely Soft
✅︎ Wash and dry delicately and they will last many years.
✅︎ I think they are really sexy in black!
❌ No Fly
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Better For High-Sweat Activities
Calvin Klein Micro Stretch Boxer Briefs 7-Pack

✅︎ 88% Polyester/12% Elastane – Smooth and Silky
✅︎ Wash and dry delicately and they will last many years.
✅︎ Material is better for high-sweat activities, where as modal is best for everyday use.
❌ No Fly

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Everyday Alternative to Calvin Klein
David Archy Bamboo Boxer Briefs 4-Pack

✅︎ Has a Vertical Fly and 5.5″ inseam
✅︎ 95% Bamboo Rayon/5% Spandex – Very Soft
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⚠️ Available in 2.5″, 3″, 5.5″, and 8″ versions so double-check what you are buying

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Calvin Klein produces some of the world’s most iconic men’s underwear. Their waistband has been shown off worldwide in countless print and video pieces, and millions and millions of men own Calvin Klein underwear. Unsurprisingly, I have 24 pairs of Calvin Klein underwear in my collection, including some of my favorite pairs of underwear, such as Calvin Klein’s modal boxer briefs.

I bought my first pair of modal boxer briefs from Calvin Klein over ten years ago. I didn’t know what modal was then, having worn only cotton undies and polyester boxer shorts. Nor did I realize that men’s underwear could be so pleasant to wear. Twenty-three pairs and ten years later, why do I still wear Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs?

Why Calvin Klein Modal Boxer Briefs are my favorite Calvin Klein underwear.

What it is like wearing Calvin Klein Modal Boxer Briefs

I wear my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs because they are just so comfortable. These boxer briefs are lightweight and breathable, far more than cotton. I feel like I am not wearing anything during the day, even when it is hot. This comfort starts with the modal fabric. 

If you read my blog, you know I can wax poetic about my love obsession with modal underwear. And why not? It is lighter than cotton, environmentally friendly, and has a soft, silky texture that cotton can’t match. I only wish more men knew of modal underwear because of its excellent capabilities!

Modal is thin as it is, and these Calvin Klein boxer briefs are even thinner. The thinness is why I find them so comfortable, yet some guys may feel it is too thin, especially transitioning from cotton underwear.

Elastane (also known as Spandex and Lycra) allows the main fabric to stretch further and be less rigid, comfortably wrapping your body instead of squeezing it. While most men’s modal underwear includes 5% elastane, Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs feature 8-10% elastane, almost double other brands. So while 5% elastane is perfectly fine with modal, the 8-10% from Calvin Klein provides additional luxury that I expect from such an iconic men’s underwear brand.

The seamless design of the main body is also noteworthy about Calvin Klein’s modal boxer briefs. Unlike cheaper underwear that uses stitching on both sides of the underwear – especially towards the back on each side of your butt – to maintain structure, these modal boxer briefs don’t require side stitching. While I don’t necessarily care about butt stitching, many guys I know find the butt stitching uncomfortable or irritating. You won’t have that issue here.

Finally, while Calvin Klein doesn’t make modal boxer briefs with patterns (except for special editions), I love the ample amount of colors they offer. My collection includes blues, dark grays, and black modal boxer briefs. Other color options are available, including white and purple. Between the colors and the high-quality modal fabric, I feel and look sophisticated when wearing them (they make my butt look fantastic!).

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Last update on 2023-11-28 at 20:14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What I don’t like

Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs aren’t perfect and have two primary drawbacks. The first is riding up. As the elastic band around the leg isn’t thick, it is much easier for these boxer briefs to ride up. On the other hand, because the modal fabric is so light, bunching up isn’t as big a deal as cotton or polyester underwear. Riding up is one reason I don’t like my Calvin Klein modal trunks – even though I love trunks! Unlike boxer briefs, the trunk legs are shorter, so they bunch up in my crotch, which is uncomfortable. 

The second drawback is the pouch. I find the pouch very comfortable and roomy. Yet because the modal material is so light, and the pouch isn’t reinforced, these boxer briefs provide little ball support. While they are perfect for working from home or chilling on the weekends, you’ll want a more robust pouch for playing sports or working out. For example, Shinesty’s modal boxer briefs, with only 5% elastane content, provide a better job at supporting my balls (even though I didn’t think their pouch even worked).

As you can see, the ball pouch fabric is quite thin. There isn’t much material to support your balls. Great for chillaxing, not so good for intense activities.

Note: An additional drawback is that there appear to be some counterfeits and knockoffs on Amazon by scrolling through the reviews. Also, other reports about questionable quality, even though the ratings are still quite good. I can’t confirm any of the reports, and I had gotten some of my boxer briefs through Amazon in the past (and others through Calvin Klein directly). So, while there are many positive reviews, I am highlighting the reports so you are aware. You can always purchase through directly, too (even though I am not an affiliate of Calvin Klein)! 🙂

Are these the most comfortable Calvin Klein boxer briefs?

Yes! I say that these modal boxer briefs are the most comfortable Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Plus, they are lightweight, stylish, and pleasant to wear. The available colors – primarily blues, grays, and blacks – fit perfectly with the rest of my underwear collection. 

Me wearing my Calvin Klein black modal boxer briefs
Me wearing my black Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs.

I am very impressed with their durability. Most of my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs are at least 3-4 years old, with some approaching 8-10 years. And they all still work very well! The key to keeping them functional is air drying or tumble drying on low. You can’t throw them into a heated dryer on a regular cycle as the heat will wear down the modal fabric and even shrink it. Air drying is the best way and is what I do. 

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On the other hand, riding up is an issue, especially for older pairs. Yet, because the modal fabric is so thin, I don’t mind the riding up. But it can be an issue for other guys. Additionally, if you need ball support, especially while active, I recommend wearing a heavier material, such as Calvin Klein microfiber boxer briefs. I own several Calvin Klein microfiber boxer briefs, which provide much better ball support.

I highly recommend Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs, especially when working from home, lounging, or sleeping – I even included them in my Best Boxer Briefs on Amazon shopping guide. Just not while playing soccer. 🙂

The Details of Calvin Klein Modal Boxer Briefs

I examine my underwear using a series of eight categories. These eight categories make it easy to compare brands and styles while focusing on what is most important when choosing new underwear.

  • Length: Calvin Klein’s boxer briefs have 6” inseams, which is standard for American boxer briefs. CK also sells modal briefs and trunks, of which I own two pairs of trunks. The trunks are identical to the boxer briefs, except shorter.
  • Price: $$$. Generally, Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs sell for +/- $15/pair when buying a three-pack or around $20-25 for single pairs. However, the range varies widely on Amazon because different sellers are involved, and the number of their three-packs varies enormously. Don’t be surprised to find prices as low as $10/pair and as high as $20+/pair. If you aren’t picky about color, it pays to click on the different colored three-packs to find a better price.

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  • Colors and Patterns: Amazon sells different colored three-packs; however, they are all solid colors. It is rare to find Calvin Klein 90-92% modal boxer briefs with patterns other than special edition designs straight from Calvin Klein.
  • Material and Fabric: Unlike most modal men’s underwear that contains 5% elastane/Spandex/Lycra, Calvin Klein uses 8-10%. Some newer versions even have 13%! The extra elastane content makes these boxer briefs feel more luxurious and even softer. To be clear, I find 5% elastane modal boxer briefs perfectly fine. Yet, if you want a more luxurious boxer brief, the 92% modal/8% elastane or 90% modal/10% elastane boxer briefs will provide you with that extra softness.
  • Flys: None of Calvin Klein’s modal boxer briefs have a functional fly. I don’t have an issue with it, yet if you are a hard-core fan of flys, you may want to check out Shinesty’s collection of modal boxer briefs with flys, although they have only 5% elastane content. Jockey offers 6% elastane comfort and also includes a vertical fly!
Jockey Modal 6-inch Boxer Briefs (3-Pack)

✅︎ Better for everyday wear, including office work and lounging
✅︎ 94% Modal/6% Elastane – Very Soft
✅︎ Has a Vertical Fly and 6″ inseam
✅︎ 9″ version available (click here for 9″ version)

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  • Ball Pouches: All CK modal boxer briefs feature a standard, non-separated ball pouch like most underwear brands. It is pretty comfortable, primarily because of the modal fabric. However, if you have a larger penis, check out Real Men’s Large Pouch underwear
  • Branded waistbands: Part of the reason guys buy Calvin Klein is because of its famous logo waistband. These Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs use the iconic Calvin Klein waistband. This waistband differs from bolder CK logos, such as those from its Steel series, which I don’t like. I don’t mind this CK waistband as the logo is mellow, and of course, it is iconic.
  • Multipacks: Yes, Amazon sells a lot of Calvin Klein multi-packs, often at a good discount compared to buying a single pair. I often see prices vary between colors and sizes, so shop amongst colors to see the best deal. Amazon also sometimes sells a similar product under a slightly different name, causing more confusion.
  • Design Country: United States

Do you have Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs? Let me know how you like yours!

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