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Although I have 70-80 pairs of underwear – I lost count – I didn’t have any underwear from the “Big Three” legacy underwear brands in the United States: Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and Jockey. Yet this changed in November 2022 when Jockey had a blowout sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I was pleasantly surprised at Jockey’s selection, so I bought some Jockey Modal Boxer Briefs, which I will review today.

Me wearing teal Jockey Modal Boxer Briefs.
As you can see from me wearing these plain teal Jockey modal boxer briefs, they are ideal for minimalists: no patterns, no logos, and a plain waistband.

First, A Note about Modal Underwear

Modal is one of my favorite underwear fabrics – the other being bamboo – as modal is softer and thinner than cotton. I purchased a two-pack of Jockey modal boxer briefs, with one pair having blue stripes and the other being dark teal, as blue is my favorite color.

Modal underwear generally runs at least $15/pair, often going up to $30+. You may be lucky to buy in the $10-$15/pair range with sales. Yet, I loved the price of these Jockeys: the retail price is $12/pair (with a three-pack), but with sales, you can often get the price below $10/pair, if not lower. That is a fantastic price for high-quality modal boxer briefs.

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But does the low price mean these Jockeys are cheaply made? No! First, the fabric blend is 94% modal/6% elastane. Readers know that a higher elastane/Spandex content is vital for comfort. Most entry-level modal underwear comprises a 95% modal/5% elastane blend, so Jockey is already a notch above that. (Higher quality modal underwear has 8-10% elastane content.) And these boxer briefs are as soft as my other modal boxer briefs!

How did I like wearing my Jockey Modal Boxer Briefs?

I love wearing both pairs! Because I enjoy wearing these Jockey boxer briefs, I bumped them up to the top of my underwear rotation, meaning I wear them a lot. As of a year later – October 2023 – they have held up very well through plenty of washes. The leg bands are still intact and keep the legs in place. If possible, remember to tumble dry low or air dry modal and bamboo underwear to reduce wear and tear. Modal and bamboo are a lot thinner than cotton and need some extra care. 🙂

I enjoy wearing these boxer briefs not just because of the fabric but also the style. My favorite color is blue so, of course, I enjoy wearing the two pairs I have, especially the one with stripes. Much like my Jockey tanga brief, I need to spice up my underwear collection, and I am collecting underwear with nifty patterns. Honestly, I think I look damn good in these boxer briefs! 🙂

Me wearing my Jockey modal boxer briefs.
Me wearing my Jockey modal boxer briefs – I *love* this blue stripe pattern.

Unlike other pairs of modal underwear I own, these Jockeys do not have a separated pouch, such as Saxx or Shinesty. The pouch is a standard, non-separated pouch, which is typical for the Big Three legacy brands and other brands like Calvin Klein. The pouch is quite supportive, but if you are used to wearing a separated pouch – especially for sweat and chafing issues – these Jockeys won’t protect against that. On the other hand, modal is better than cotton at removing sweat, which helps make them comfortable.

Unlike other brands in the $30-40/pair range – such as Saxx or Mack Weldon – it is affordable to stock up on Jockey men’s modal underwear in the $10-12/pair range. Plus, I like that Jockey has both 6-inch and 9-inch models available, depending on how much leg coverage you need (6-inch boxer briefs are the standard version in the United States).

Overall, I have no complaints about these modal boxer briefs – they are amazing! These Jockeys have opened my eyes to Jockey as part of my underwear collection. And I am glad other guys agree with me: these Jockeys usually get 4.5+ stars on Amazon out of 5 – that is awesome!

The Details of Jockey Modal Boxer Briefs

I want to break down all of the specifics of these Jockey modal boxer briefs for you:

  • Length: Standard 6” boxer briefs. If you wear boxer briefs, you are probably wearing 5-6” boxer briefs. Jockey also offers 9″ modal long-leg boxer briefs for guys who need extra leg coverage. (Read my guide to Long-Leg Boxer Briefs here.)

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  • Price: $$. The retail price is $18/pair if you buy one pair, which is okay for good quality modal underwear. You can get the retail price down to $12/pair with a three-pack. But often, you can find sales on Amazon or Jockey’s website to get the price cheaper. If you can score a pair for under $10/pair, buy it! Note that you usually must buy a three-pack to get the best deal. You’ll also want to read my review of David Archy’s bamboo boxer briefs, which I also love and are usually less than $10/pair in a four-pack.
  • Colors and Patterns: Much like my obsession with Jockey’s tanga briefs, I also bought these boxer briefs because of the patterns available. Lots of geometric shapes and stripes are available, plus the colors are lovely, especially since blue is my favorite color. However, Jockey also sells solid-color versions of these boxer briefs for underwear minimalists. 🙂
  • Material and Fabric: Jockey makes its modal boxer briefs from a 94% modal/6% elastane blend. This blend is better than the standard 95% modal/5% elastane blend most entry-level brands offer for modal underwear. I love modal underwear, and these Jockeys do not disappoint.
  • Penis Pouches: Standard, non-separated, no-frills pouch. It works!
  • Fly: Can be either no-fly or with a standard vertical fly. My Jockey boxer briefs do not have a fly, but Amazon has versions with a vertical fly (called a “keyhole” fly by Jockey).
  • Branded waistbands: Jockey’s logo appears on these boxer briefs, but the logo design is conservative and mellow. Depending on the specific pair, the logo may blend in with the color of the waistband, be a version of white or gray, or be non-existent. Also, note that these are tag-free, which is awesome!
  • Multipacks: You can buy a three-pack of these Jockey modal boxer briefs on Amazon for the best pricing per pair.
  • Design Country: United States

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If you are looking for good modal underwear to stock up on or try out for the first time, I recommend these Jockey modal boxer briefs. They are comfortable, have performed well, and come in various patterns and colors. Plus, the price is fantastic at $10/pair or less when on sale. 

If you are looking for microfiber boxer briefs instead, especially useful for workouts, hikes, and other sweaty activities, check out my review of Jockey’s Microfiber boxer briefs here.

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