Long Leg Boxer Briefs: What Are They and Reviewing Separatec

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I have been a big fan of Separatec since I purchased a three-pack of their Dual Pouch Bamboo Briefs. So I was excited when Separatec reached out to me asking if I could review their Long-Leg Sport Boxer Briefs.

First, if you are new to my blog and haven’t heard of Separatec, their differentiator is their Dual Pouch. Nowadays, many brands have their own proprietary pouches, such as Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch or Shinesty’s Ball Hammock Pouch. Yet Separatec’s is different in that it entirely separates your penis from your balls – hence, the “Dual Pouch.”

I love the Dual Pouch, even though it takes some getting used to since it is so unique (read my summary at the end for an in-depth discussion). Take a look at me demonstrating how to use Separatec’s Dual Pouch in this YouTube video (with my hands – I keep it sophisticated!).

What are Long Leg Boxer Briefs?

Not only was I excited about getting another pair of Separatec underwear, but I was also excited to receive my first pair of Long-Leg Boxer Briefs. Standard American boxer briefs have a 4-6″ inseam and are most likely what you are wearing. Long-Leg boxer briefs add a couple of inches for a total length of 7-9 inches.

Comparison of inseam (leg) lengths of men's boxer briefs, from 4" shorter boxer briefs to 8" long leg boxer briefs.
Side view of 4″ (shorter), 6″ (regular), and 8″ (Separatec long-leg) inseam length boxer briefs.

Long-Leg boxer briefs are handy for gym workouts, sports, and water activities. An additional couple of inches on the legs provides more protection of your legs against your shorts irritating the skin on your thighs. This irritation is commonly known as chaffing and mainly occurs when you have looser and rougher shorts or pants constantly rubbing against your thighs. It doesn’t happen to every guy, but it does happen to many men.

Long-Leg boxer briefs are also great for guys with longer legs – especially if you are tall or have thicker thighs. The extra material covers the additional parts of your leg that regular boxer briefs can’t. Long-Leg boxer briefs may assist with riding-up issues if your thighs are thicker, as the leg band usually falls below the widest part of your thigh.

Note that long-leg boxer briefs are not the same as compression shorts. Compression shorts’ main purpose is to squeeze your thighs to increase blood circulation and aid in muscle recovery. While they also act as underwear, compression shorts are not meant to be daily underwear. On the other hand, most long-leg boxer briefs are primarily underwear, with additional leg coverage to increase sweat absorption and prevent chafing. Some long-leg boxer briefs may advertise themselves as “semi-compression,” which is sort of a hybrid.

Unfounded Fears

After first putting on these Separatec boxer briefs, they didn’t look at long as I thought they would. With an 8″ inseam, I expected these boxer briefs to cover up much of my leg. With a mixture of briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs in my collection, I average towards the short styles. I also find shorter styles – especially trunks – to be the sexiest look.

Yet, these Separatec boxer briefs looked great and weren’t “unsexy” as I had feared. Of course, trunks are still my favorites!

Another fear I had was that these long-leg boxer briefs would stick out of the bottom of my shorts because I wear shorts that stay above the knee. However, as my shorts have a 9” inseam, that didn’t happen as these boxer briefs have an 8” inseam. Additionally, these are boxer briefs, not compression shorts. When you sit down or bend your legs, this underwear will slide up your leg and move with you. Compression shorts don’t do that, as they are squeezing your legs and will stay in place.

If you are wearing shorts shorter than 9″ inseam, any long-leg boxer briefs may stick out of the legs of your shorts. For example, I would not wear any boxer briefs with 5″ shorts – go with briefs or trunks. With 7″ shorts, on the other hand, you can wear regular boxer briefs (up to 5-6″ inseam) and not have to worry.

This guy’s gray compression shorts are visibly sticking out from under his basketball shorts.

Yet, unless you want your underwear showing below the legs of your shorts – a trend I have seen recently, although generally with compression shorts, not boxer briefs. If you like this fashion style, then wear long-leg boxer briefs with your gym shorts. Especially with flashy colors from Separatec, you’ll show off your personality and style. 🙂

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Trying On Separatec’s Long Leg Boxer Briefs

I wore these Separatec long-leg boxer briefs for two days to test them out. They were excellent at the gym, as I would suspect. They felt comfortable throughout the day and are softer than some of the other synthetic boxer briefs I own. The synthetic material – 88% polyester – dries pretty quickly. I always recommend synthetic materials with at least 10% elastane for sweating activities, and these Separatec boxer briefs deliver with 12% elastane.

At home, I felt relaxed wearing them around the house with no pants. Their longer-length legs provided more cover-up for the neighbors in case they saw inside. At the same time, as it was hot, I would have preferred wearing shorter underwear as my legs were getting warm. If I weren’t trying them out for this blog post, I would have switched to trunks or briefs because of the weather. 

There is a difference between having 8” of material cover your legs – with long-leg boxer briefs – and 4” with shorter boxer briefs or even less with trunks and briefs. In fact, I mentioned in previous blog posts that greater air circulation around your legs is one of the benefits of wearing briefs.

Tani 4″ boxer briefs (left) vs Separatec 8″ boxer briefs (right). Note the additional leg coverage with the 8″ boxer briefs.

Overall, I thought these Separatec long-leg boxer briefs were great! The material was very comfortable, the coloring and style were cool, and I generally enjoy Separatec’s Dual Pouch (see below for more detail). If you wear these long-leg boxer briefs for working out, sports, or outdoor activities, I’d recommend these boxer briefs. As for everyday wear, I’d recommend sticking with shorter styles, especially Separatec’s bamboo briefs (which I love!) and trunks.

The Details of Separatec’s Long Leg Boxer Briefs

As always, I end my reviews with my eight criteria for analyzing a new pair of men’s underwear:

  • Length: These boxer briefs feature an 8” inseam, which is in line with other long-leg boxer briefs between 7-9 inches. As boxer briefs are generally in the 4-6” range, long-leg boxer briefs provide 25-40% more leg coverage. Ideal for some activities – sports and hiking – but not so much for everyday wear.
  • Price: $$. While Separatec provided me with these long-leg boxer briefs to review for free, generally, you can snag these for $10-15/pair, although you can only buy two at a time. I believe this is a great deal! Even on Amazon, you’d be hard to find good long-leg boxer briefs for less than $10/pair. The best comparison is Adidas Performance Long Boxer Briefs, which are $7-10/pair. The Adidas boxer briefs are 9” long – Separatec is 8” long – and Adidas only has 9% elastane/Spandex content compared to Separatec having 12% (or greater – see below). A greater elastane/Spandex content allows for more stretch and greater comfort.
    • On Amazon, you can easily buy all of Separatec’s underwear. This includes other Separatec long-leg boxer briefs, including their Active Sport Quick Dry line up, with 77% polyamide and 23% Spandex content. I would love to review those as they sound so comfortable!

  • Colors and Patterns: Separatec has several color and pattern combinations on the website, including variations in the waistband pattern. My boxer briefs are dark green and blue. What I love about Separatec is that they have sporty colors and prints to make underwear exciting.
  • Material and Fabric: 88% polyester and 12% elastane. As I strongly recommend getting a pair with at least 10% Spandex/elastane for synthetic underwear like polyester, these boxer briefs meet my standards. Separatec has other 8″ boxer briefs with varying levels of elastane, including as high as 18% elastane or 23% elastane, which are quite cool! Separatec also has models with less than 10% elastane, but I’d stay at 10% or greater.
  • Ball Pouches: Unlike other pouch designs, Separatec’s Dual Pouch completely separates your penis from your balls, but your balls aren’t fully separated from your groin. Other pouch designs separate the penis and balls together from the rest of your groin. I like Separtec’s Dual Pouch in that it really accentuates your penis and provides good space for your balls. However, the tip of the penis flap can sometimes be slightly irritating.

Comparison of men's underwear pouches: Saxx Ballpark Pouch vs Separatec Dual Pouch
Saxx’s BallPark single pouch (left) vs Separatec’s Dual Pouch (right)

  • Flys: Separatec’s Dual Pouch system has a unique fly system. The fly is simply a flap at the end of your penis. You lift it up to pee. It took me a bit of practice to master at the beginning as I prefer not to use a fly at all. However, if you want or need a fly, these boxer briefs come with access when peeing.

Video Demonstration of Separatec’s Dual Pouch Fly.

  • Branded waistbands: Separatec boldly displays their logo on their waistbands, which I generally shy away from. Yet, the waistband logo isn’t obnoxious, so I am ok with that.
  • Multipacks: Separatec only sells two-packs on their website. Remember to use my coupon code ST10 for 10% off!
  • Design Country: China

Let me know in the comments section if you have worn or are interested in wearing long-leg boxer briefs!

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