Best Boxer Briefs on Amazon: A Cheat Sheet

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I love Amazon because it has almost everything – and I mean almost everything – that my husband and I need. We buy kitchen supplies, non-perishable foods, my car cover, my YouTube video gear, and random knickknacks. And that’s without even being a Prime member!

Yet, the most critical item that Amazon sells is men’s underwear (obviously). I have bought a lot of underwear from Amazon in the past, including much of my Calvin Klein collection. Yet one issue with Amazon is that they have so much men’s underwear that it is tough to know what to buy. Many brands get fantastic reviews on Amazon, yet they all can’t be the best boxer briefs on Amazon.

Since humans do not like having too many choices, I will step in and provide you with my picks of which boxer briefs are worth buying on Amazon. If you are looking for advice on the best briefs and trunks on Amazon, I’ll do another blog post targeting those styles, or ask me for my advice in the comments below.

What People Think Are the Best Boxer Briefs on Amazon: 100% Cotton Boxer Briefs.

Let’s start with the People: what do guys think are the best boxer briefs on Amazon? To determine that, I typed in “men’s boxer briefs” into Amazon and examined both the review score and how many reviews the product had. With some pairs of boxer briefs receiving more than 100,000 reviews, Amazon is an excellent way of finding out what other men are wearing.

The two boxer briefs that stood out in this category are staples of American men: Fruit of the Loom and Hanes cotton boxer briefs. With over 166,000 and 120,000 reviews, respectively, and both getting excellent ratings, it is clear a lot of guys (and women!) love these basic cotton boxer briefs.

Readers know that I am not a fan of cotton underwear. Modal and bamboo underwear are much more comfortable than cotton and not particularly expensive (see more below). Nonetheless, if you love cotton, the reviews speak for themselves.

Between Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, I would slightly prefer the Fruit of the Loom Coolzone boxer briefs because of their Coolzone fly. Fruit of the Loom uses a mesh fabric for the interior of the fly instead of cotton, claiming this provides higher airflow. It might make a slight difference; however, there is still cotton covering the front of the fly. 

For the Hanes cotton boxer briefs, make sure you choose a solid color instead of the heathered (patterned) colors. The description notes that the solid colors are 100% cotton, while the heathered colors are 75% cotton and 25% polyester. You’ll want to stick with 100% cotton.

Final note: Amazon sells a 144-pack (!!!) of the Fruit of the Loom Coolzone boxer briefs. I didn’t find it to be that much cheaper on a per pair basis than the regular six-packs. Nonetheless, how cool is it to be able to order a carton of underwear? I don’t see it necessary to buy 144 pairs of cotton boxer briefs for yourself. Yet, I can see the practicality of this if you are ordering for yourself or – for your husband – and older or adult children. 

  • Length: Both brands offer standard length boxer briefs, 5-6” inseam.
  • Price: $. With most styles under $5/pair, these cotton boxer briefs are as cheap – or as thrifty – as you can get for men’s underwear. However, I believe you can do far better if you can afford underwear in the $10-$15/pair range (see below).
  • Colors and Patterns: Both brands offer the standard solid colors of men’s underwear: varying shades of white, black, blue, and gray. Hanes only provides a couple of nondescript patterns, while Fruit of the Loom offers a tad more designs. I prefer the Fruit of the Loom color and pattern selection if you want some excitement in your underwear drawer.
  • Material and Fabric: 100% cotton, unless you opt for the Hanes heathered boxer briefs, which are 75% cotton/25% polyester (not recommended). Also, Fruit of the Loom Coolzone boxer briefs aren’t technically 100% cotton as the mesh fabric on the fly is not 100% cotton.
  • Flys: Both brands offer a standard vertical functional fly. As mentioned above, Fruit of the Loom uses a mesh fabric on the fly interior instead of pure cotton.
  • Ball Pouches: None. I recommend reviewing Hanes’ Total Support Pouch boxer briefs for breathing room for your balls.
  • Branded Waistbands: Both have their brands all along the waistbands. I am not a fan of their waistband branding, especially Hanes.
  • Multipacks: You won’t be able to order anything less than a six-pack of each brand. And, of course, you can splurge for Fruit of the Loom’s 144-pack!
  • Design Country: United States

My Pick for Best Boxer Briefs on Amazon for Daily Wear 

As I mentioned, I don’t like cotton underwear. Instead, I choose modal or bamboo underwear for daily wear for three good reasons:

  • Softness: Modal and bamboo feel softer than cotton, creating more comfortable underwear. Modal and bamboo boxer briefs especially feel great under tight pants.
  • Less moisture redemption: Modal and bamboo soak up less moisture than cotton, which is especially vital if you sweat a lot or in a hot climate. Note that modal and bamboo aren’t necessarily moisture-wicking fabrics, just that they won’t retain moisture like cotton.
  • Lighter and more breathable: People like cotton for its supposed breathability. I don’t quite agree with that, which is why I love modal and bamboo underwear: it is very breathable!

Now, if you are switching from 100% cotton, please note that modal and bamboo underwear are more delicate. Treat modal and bamboo somewhat rough and they may shrink or tear. You’ll want to dry them on a lower tumble dry cycle if you don’t hang dry (which I do inside the house).

Now, what would I buy for daily wear? This is a tricky question as there are so many good choices. Here are two picks for your everyday, go-to best boxer briefs on Amazon:

  • Calvin Klein Body Modal Boxer Briefs: Having worn these boxer briefs for 10+ years at this point, I am confident I love my CK modal boxer briefs. If you want the full details, please read my review of them. In summary, they are soft, look amazing, and hold up very well. 
  • David Archy Bamboo Boxer Briefs: I own bamboo briefs from David Archy’s brother brand, Separatec. I love them, and you can read me gush about them here. So it completely makes sense to buy bamboo boxer briefs from David Archy. Please note that David Archy sells two types of boxer briefs: one with a standard pouch and one with the Dual Pouch system, which I reference in my Separatec review above. I like the Dual Pouch, but I know it is not for everyone.

I chose both boxer briefs because they feel amazing, look amazing, and are still at a relatively affordable price without splurging on $30+ pairs of boxer briefs. If you are used to buying Hanes and Fruit of the Loom at less than $5/pair, I know spending $10-15 per pair seems pretty steep. Yet, it pays to spend a bit more and get quality and comfort.

  • Length: Calvin Klein and David Archy offer standard length boxer briefs, 5-6” inseam. (Caution: David Archy uses the terms trunks and boxer briefs interchangeably. Please confirm in the specs what is the inseam length – 2.5″ vs 5.5″ vs 8″ – to ensure you are buying the correct product.)
  • Price: $$/$$$. Depending on which specific model you purchase, you can be anywhere from $10-$20+ per pair with these two brands. For David Archy, you’ll want to compare Amazon pricing with David Archy’s own website as they often have sales and coupon codes.
  • Colors and Patterns: I love the choices of solid colors from both brands. I especially love the various shades of blue, as blue is my favorite color. If you are looking for patterns, however, neither company provides any true selection of patterns. Instead, you’ll want to look at Separatec, which offers bolder prints and colors than David Archy but features the Dual Pouch on all of its underwear.
  • Material and Fabric: David Archy and Separatec usually manufacture their bamboo boxer briefs with 95% bamboo and 5% elastane. 5% elastane is relatively standard for modal and bamboo men’s underwear today and is good. However, Calvin Klein’s body modal boxer briefs include 8-10% modal for a higher level of softness and luxury.
  • Flys: Calvin Klein does not offer a functional fly at all on its modal boxer briefs. David Archy sometimes does, sometimes doesn’t. Dual Pouch models from David Archy and Separate include a fly, yet I guarantee it is not what you are used to.
  • Ball Pouches: Calvin Klein includes a standard non-separated pouch. David Archy either offers a standard non-separated pouch or the Dual Pouch system on its underwear, so please note that when purchasing from David Archy. You can read the Dual Pouch about on my Separatec review article.
  • Branded Waistbands: Calvin Klein’s waistband is iconic and adorns all of its modal boxer briefs. David Archy also puts its brand on the waistband, although the logo and style vary depending on which specific pairs you purchase.
  • Multipacks: David Archy sells multipacks for all of its underwear models, while you can choose single pairs or three-packs for Calvin Klein.
  • Design Country: United States for Calvin Klein and China for David Archy.

My Pick for Best Boxer Briefs on Amazon for Active Wear and Sports

Earlier I mentioned that while modal and bamboo are less absorbent than cotton, they aren’t moisture-wicking per se. You need a synthetic-based pair of underwear – polyester, nylon, or polyamide – when you are out in hot climates, being active, playing sports, or even wearing underwear under your boardshorts. These pairs will keep you dry and thus keep you comfortable throughout your basketball game or a mountain hike.

I’ve written previously about my Puma Performance Boxer Briefs, and they are indeed my pick for the best boxer briefs on Amazon for active wear. Synthetic-based underwear can be tricky because, unlike modal and bamboo, synthetic materials are far less breathable than even cotton. Try putting a plastic bag over your groin – not very breeze, is it? That is a bit of an exaggeration; however, the point is made.

But what synthetic materials lack in breathability, they make up for moisture-wicking. Synthetic materials don’t like water, just like oil and water don’t mix well in your homemade salad dressing (you must emulsify to get that creamy mixture). Thus, when your skin sweats or you get wet from being in the ocean, synthetic boxer briefs don’t absorb that water – they repel it. Ultimately, by repelling water, synthetic boxer briefs keep you cool and comfortable by reducing humidity, wetness, and sweat from your legs and groin (especially your groin).

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Favorite Underwear Style

Can you wear polyester underwear daily?

Yes! Some of my favorite pairs of underwear are polyester-based. As synthetic underwear tends to be a bit compressive, they often provide wonderful ball support. They also tighten up your skin, so I feel my butt and legs look hotter in polyester-based underwear. Finally, unlike modal and bamboo, polyester and nylon-based underwear are more resilient. They can take a beating and hold up a lot better.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend wearing synthetic-based underwear every day. You’ll want underwear that breathes, and synthetic underwear is the opposite of that. So while you can – and I do! – it isn’t necessarily the most comfortable. Sometimes I rotate throughout the week: one day, I wear modal or bamboo boxer briefs; the next day, I wear polyester (or polyamide such as from Mack Weldon), and then modal again, and so on.

Anyway, if you are looking for the best boxer briefs on Amazon for the gym, sports, or water, I personally recommend the Puma Performance Boxer Briefs. However, I also want to call out New Balance polyester boxer briefs, as with almost 60,000 reviews and excellent ratings on Amazon, these boxer briefs deserve mention.

  • Length: Like the boxer briefs previously mentioned, New Balance offers the standard American boxer brief length of a 6” inseam. However, Puma’s Performance boxer briefs are only 4” inseam, which is my cut-off between boxer briefs and trunks. I love wearing trunks, so I like the 4” inseam. However, if you are prone to skin irritation or chafing, you’ll want the 6” inseam from New Balance.
  • Price: $$. You can easily pick up either pair for less than $10/pair, which is an excellent deal.
  • Colors and Patterns: Both brands offer a plethora of bold colors and patterns. Even looking at the designs right now makes me want to buy some.
  • Material and Fabric: Both brands’ boxer briefs are polyester-based, which is standard along with nylon for this price range. (Polyamide-based boxer briefs are far more expensive.) However, while New Balance offers a relatively common 10% elastane content, Puma’s Performance boxer briefs contain 15% elastane content. The higher the elastane content, the greater amount the fabric can stretch. I love my Puma boxer briefs because the 15% elastane content is super comfortable.

  • Flys: Another difference between the two brands – and why I included the New Balance boxer briefs specifically – is that while Puma doesn’t offer a functional fly, New Balance does. I don’t care about flys as I don’t particularly use them anymore, but if you want or need a fly, then you’ll want to go with New Balance.
  • Ball Pouches: Both offer a standard non-separated ball pouch.
  • Branded Waistbands: Both brands feature sporty logos and patterns on their waistbands.
  • Multipacks: Yes, both brands sell three-packs only.
  • Design Country: United States for New Balance and Germany for Puma

Conclusion: What are the Best Boxer Briefs on Amazon?

If you love using Amazon but are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices you have to cover your groin and support your balls, use my picks to cut the nonsense and go straight to the best. 

  • My picks when being active at the gym or outdoors: Puma Performance Boxer Briefs or New Balance Polyester Boxer Briefs. My Puma Performance boxer briefs have been a staple of my underwear collection for years, while the People of Amazon love the New Balance polyester boxer briefs. Also, if you must have a fly, New Balance is your go-to.

Please don’t take this list as these are the only pairs I recommend from Amazon. I narrow down the choices so you can make a quick purchase. Amazon has a ton of fantastic underwear brands and pairs that you could spend years going through all of the selections. Let me know in the comments below your favorite finds on Amazon!

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