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Author’s Note: Real Men sent me all of this underwear for free for me to review. However, Real Men Underwear did not compensate in any other way (other than affiliate marketing), and all opinions are my own.

Pouch for Large Guys
Real Men Large Pouch Briefs Four-Pack
431 Reviews
Real Men Large Pouch Briefs Four-Pack

✅︎ Choice of a “B-size” or a “D-size” pouch based on your size
💵 Less than $10/pair with a 4-pack
✅︎ 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex, which is quite comfortable
➡️ Read My Full Review below

Real Men Large Pouch Jockstrap
1,433 Reviews
Real Men Large Pouch Jockstrap

✅︎ Choice of a “B-size” or a “D-size” pouch based on your size
✅︎ Jockstrap without butt straps for greater comfort
✅︎ 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex – very comfortable!
✅︎ Three-packs available too!

Real Men Large Pouch Trunks Three-Pack
1,258 Reviews
Real Men Large Pouch Trunks Three-Pack

✅︎ Choice of a “B-size” or a “D-size” pouch based on your size
✅︎ 3″ inseam trunks
💵 Less than $12/pair with a 3-pack
✅︎ 92% Modal and 8% Spandex – very soft!
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Real Men Large Pouch Boxer Briefs Three-Pack
1,258 Reviews
Real Men Large Pouch Boxer Briefs Three-Pack

✅︎ Choice of a “B-size” or a “D-size” pouch based on your size
⚠️ 7″ inseam boxer briefs – a tad longer than usual 5-6″ boxer briefs
💵 Less than $12/pair with a 3-pack
✅︎ 92% Modal and 8% Spandex – very soft!
➡️ Read My Full Review below

Alternative with Adjustable Pouch
UFM Briefs with Adjustable Support Pouch
127 Reviews
UFM Briefs with Adjustable Support Pouch

✅︎ Pouch size is adjustable to your comfort
✅︎ Choice of briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, and 9″ boxer briefs
✅︎ Includes my favorite 95% Bamboo viscose/5% Elastane fabric
💵 $20-28/pair
⚠️ I found the pouch to be bulky and warm – read my full review here.

Pouch underwear is something all guys need to be wearing. And if you aren’t familiar with men’s pouch underwear, I wrote an entire guide about it! My guide will introduce you to men’s pouch underwear, the different pouch types, and give recommendations for brands to buy.

But one question not addressed in my guide is what pouch underwear to buy if you are large. And I don’t mean waist size – I mean you have a large package. Unfortunately, I don’t suffer from this problem, but quite a few guys do. So I was intrigued when Real Men Underwear contacted me and asked if I could review their underwear that caters to men’s package sizes.

Me wearing my Real Men Underwear Gray Bikini Briefs
Me wearing my Real Men Underwear Gray Bikini Briefs. Note the large pouch size!

Large Pouch Sizes For Men’s Underwear

Women have different sizes for bras that consider the size of women’s breasts. But no such thing occurs for men! Besides the waist size and the length, there isn’t much else customized to the size of different men’s bodies. Yet just like women, men’s penises are different shapes and sizes.

Real Men Underwear fixes this problem by crafting different size pouches independent of a man’s waist size. Currently, Real Men makes two different sizes: a “B” pouch for “regular” men like men and a “D” pouch for men with large penises.

Even though I don’t necessarily need more room in an underwear pouch, I found the idea very cool and a potential solution for men who do need more room. Therefore, Real Men sent me a collection of briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, and jockstraps to review. (Note, though, that I was not compensated for this article other than through affiliate marketing links; all opinions are my own.)

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Trying On Real Men Large Pouch Underwear

The first thing I noticed about Real Men’s underwear had nothing to do with the pouch at all: it was the silky fabric, which Real Men calls “Ice Silk.” Made from a 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex/Elastane fabric blend, the underwear felt smooth, soft, and silky. This is awesome and undoubtedly thanks to the blend of nylon – instead of polyester – and 10% Spandex, which is my minimum requirement for any synthetic-based underwear (nylon, polyester, and polyamide).

Before I put on Real Men’s briefs, I noticed that the pouch was indeed large, even for a “B”-size pouch! I was excited about this room, although I also note that the pouch really emphasizes your package – a side benefit for most guys. The pouch may be a bit floppy for smaller guys, emphasizing how small you are, so be careful if you are small.

Me wearing Real Men Underwear red bikini briefs
Me wearing Real Men Underwear red bikini briefs. Note the size of the pouch.

I loved the material once I put on the briefs; very smooth and soft. The pouch was quite roomy, even though I didn’t need the extra room. But for guys that do need the room, there is plenty of it, even with a “B” pouch. If you are extra large, try the “D” pouch instead.

For guys who love boxer briefs, I tried on Real Men’s 9″ long-leg boxer briefs a few days later. They have the same pouch design and material as the rest of Real Men’s Underwear collection. If you wear long-leg boxer briefs, these Real Men 9″ boxer briefs are a great buy to add to your collection. But if you wear regular 5-6″ boxer briefs, you’ll want to go with Real Men’s 6-7″ boxer briefs.

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My Overall Recommendation On Real Men Underwear

I felt comfortable as I wore Real Men’s briefs throughout the day, and they functioned well as day-to-day underwear. I kept a few notes:

  • Real Men’s briefs have a shallower cut on the butt, meaning that part of the sides of your butt cheeks will stick out. On the one hand, this adds to the sexiness of the underwear, which I enjoyed (so did my husband!). On the other hand, if you are used to full-cut briefs, you may feel more exposed at first. 
  • Because the butt cut is shallower than regular briefs, you may feel the seam across your butt cheeks when sitting. As someone who works from home all day, I noticed this more as the day went on because of how much I sit. But this wasn’t noticeable on the weekends when we went out.

Me wearing Real Men gray bikini briefs to show how they have less butt coverage than expected compared to other briefs.
Notice on my gray bikini briefs how the butt fabric shows more of the bottom of the butt cheeks than what a hip-brief or full-cut brief would show.

  • I wore shorts all day because it was hot, and these Real Men briefs kept me cool and breezy. I enjoyed wearing them outside; they are lightweight, which is nice. Having said that, I generally prefer modal or bamboo-based underwear for everyday underwear, so you should also consider Real Men’s modal trunks and boxer briefs.
  • Real Men Underwear does not contain flys. If you must have a fly, note that you aren’t getting one. 🙂
  • I wouldn’t recommend getting this underwear if you are on the smaller side regarding penis size. You won’t need the extra room. Plus, the baggy, empty pouch won’t look good and adds extra material under your pants for no reason.

Real Men Underwear has a certain sex appeal, not just due to the pouch design. The slimmer cut on the briefs and the mesh fabric on their bikini (tanga) briefs add to the sex appeal, and both my husband and I enjoyed it. For guys wanting some sexier briefs and/or bikini (tanga) briefs, especially if you have a large package, then definitely give these Real Men briefs a try! 

My YouTube video demonstrating the difference between regular men’s hip-cut briefs and tanga (bikini) briefs.

For guys wanting boxer briefs, I’d recommend Real Men’s 9″ boxer briefs only if you already wear long-leg boxer briefs or need the extra large pouch. If you are a regular-sized guy wearing regular boxer briefs, Real Men sells 6-7″ boxer briefs as well.

The Details of Real Men Large Pouch Underwear

Here are the details of Real Men Underwear:

  • Length: All Real Men Underwear comes with the same pouch design, and you can choose from jockstraps, briefs, bikini briefs, 3″ trunks, and 6″, 7″, and 9″ boxer briefs (see my YouTube video showing the various lengths of men’s underwear to learn more). Real Men has all the main men’s underwear styles, so choose which styles you want.
  • Price: Pricing varies based on the style and how many pairs come in a pack. But generally, per pair pricing in a multipack is $10-$12/pair. You will want to aim for this price. That is at the lower end of the sweet spot of men’s underwear pricing, so the price is good for what you are getting!
  • Colors and Patterns: Real Men focuses on three neutral colors: black, blue, and gray. The nylon-based underwear also has contrasting color stitching – like racing stripes – which makes me like the design. However, the modal-based trunks do not have different color stitching (and look a bit more boring). To spice things up, Real Men offers red hip briefs and bikini briefs as shown above.
  • Material and Fabric: Most Real Men underwear is made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex/elastane, which Real Men calls “Ice Silk.” I tested this material blend for this review and really like it. However, you can also buy trunks made from 92% modal and 8% Spandex/elastane. I didn’t try these modal trunks, but as readers know, modal and bamboo are my two favorite underwear materials. And with 8% Spandex content – instead of the usual 5% for modal and bamboo blends – these modal trunks should be extra comfy!
  • Flys: No flys.
  • Ball Pouches: All of Real Men Underwear includes either a “B”-size or “D”-size pouch. While this is not a separated ball pouch as I feature in my Guide to Pouch Underwear, the purpose of Real Men’s pouch is to give room and freedom to your penis and balls. The B-size pouch was roomy enough, so the D-size pouch must be extra comfortable!
  • Branded Waistbands: Real Men Underwear has either unbranded waistbands or waistbands with a small “RM” logo. Either way, they are ideal for guys like me that desire nondescript waistbands.
  • Multipacks: Yes! Most styles come in three or four-packs. You should get the multipacks for the best deal.
  • Design Country: United States

Let me know in the comments if you have tried Real Men underwear or other men’s underwear with large pouches!

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