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Author’s Note: Pair of Thieves gave me these Hustle boxer briefs as a free sample. However, I was not compensated in any other way (other than affiliate marketing if you purchase) and all thoughts are entirely mine.

Pair of Thieves
Pair of Thieves Hustle Boxer Briefs 2-Pack
78 Reviews
Pair of Thieves Hustle Boxer Briefs 2-Pack

✅︎ 5″ Boxer Briefs with a separated “Cool Breeze Pouch”
✅︎ 80% Nylon/20% Spandex blend – extremely silky
💵 Around $13.5/pair (in a 2-pack)
❌ No fly
❌ I recommend only getting solid colors as the printed versions have a rougher finish
⬇️ Read my full review below

Pair of Thieves SuperFit Boxer Briefs 3-Pack

✅︎ 5″ Boxer Briefs with a regular, non-separated pouch.
✅︎ 85% Polyamide/15% Spandex blend
💵 Around $13/pair (in a 3-pack)
✅︎ Standard Vertical Fly

Less Expensive Alternatives
Puma Performance Boxer Briefs
11,173 Reviews
Puma Performance Boxer Briefs

✅︎ Athletic Boxer Briefs ideal for guys not needing a fly or leg chafing protection
✅︎ 85% Polyester/15% Spandex blend – very nice
💵 Generally less than $10/pair (in a 3-pack)
❌ No fly
❌ 4″ inseam not recommended if you need leg protection from chafing.

New Balance 6-inch Boxer Briefs (3-Pack)
74,667 Reviews
New Balance 6-inch Boxer Briefs (3-Pack)

✅︎ Alternative for Guys needing a Fly
✅︎ 6-inch inseam for more leg coverage
💵 Generally less than $7/pair (in a 3-pack)
✅︎ 90% Polyester/10% Spandex blend

I’ve had my eye on Culver City-based Pair of Thieves for a while (I’m also from West Los Angeles!). Readers unfamiliar with Pair of Thieves may recognize them from shopping at Target, as Pair of Thieves started selling at Target in 2014. That is how I got to know them!

Pair of Thieves’ goal is to provide affordable, high-quality everyday underwear – hence why they are in Target. For simplicity, they only had two underwear collections: Supersoft and Superfit. Supersoft underwear is a cotton-viscose blend meant for everyday situations, including work and lounging. Superfit underwear is a polyamide-based (synthetic) collection for active guys, including gym sessions and outdoor activities.

Yet that changed in November 2022 when Pair of Thieves launched their Hustle collection of boxer briefs and socks. Pair of Thieves notes that Gen Z inspired the Hustle collection, which is “packed with features and bold style.” In fact, the Hustle collection includes Pair of Thieves’ first custom-designed pouch, the Cool Breeze Pouch, which is exciting!

Pair of Thieves reached out to me – despite me feeling like a geriatric Millennial – to ask that I review their Gen Z Hustle boxer briefs, to which I gladly said yes. Could these no-longer-hip hips enjoy being cradled by Pair of Thieves’ latest creation? Let’s find out.

Pair of Thieves Hustle Boxer Briefs

As Hustle boxer briefs are nylon-based, I am comparing them to my Puma Performance Boxer Briefs, my Calvin Klein Microfiber boxer briefs, and my Separatec Long-leg Boxer Briefs. That’s quite a list of competition, yet I am excited to see how Pair of Thieves compares, especially since these Hustle boxer briefs had the largest amount of Spandex compared to the other three. 

Out of the box, as soon as I picked up my blue Hustle boxer briefs, I knew this was going to be a winner. The fabric felt so smooth and silky, precisely what I would expect from a product with 20% Spandex content (most men’s Sports underwear has 8-12% Spandex content). The blue boxer briefs looked terrific, and with a 5” inseam, they are right in the target zone of boxer brief lengths.

I wore both the blue solid color boxer briefs and one of the printed designs. I loved the blue boxer briefs. They felt amazing and were comparable to Puma, Calvin Klein, and Separatec. I looked hot in the blue boxer briefs, as they have a sophisticated yet timeless look.

On the other hand, I did not like wearing the printed design boxer briefs. While all Hustle boxer briefs use the same material, there must be something with the printing process to alter the material. Unlike the blue boxer briefs, I felt hot and uncomfortable wearing the printed design boxer briefs. Touching the two boxer briefs with my hand, I observed a noticeable difference in the two fabrics, with the printed version being rougher. 

Loved the blue boxer briefs (right), not so much the patterned ones on the left.

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Pair of Thieves’ new Cool Breeze Pouch

But most importantly, I wanted to see Pair of Thieves’ new Cool Breeze Pouch. Readers know I am a huge fan of men’s pouch underwear – you can see my Cheat Sheet here. Men’s pouch underwear comes in three categories: I-shaped, U-shaped, and Dual Pouch. I prefer I-shaped to U-Shaped pouches, and I was so excited to see that the Cool Breeze Pouch is I-shaped! 

Comparison of Shinesty Ball Hammock Pouch vs Saxx Ball Park Pouch
Comparison of U-Shaped vs. I-Shaped pouches

Yet by I-shaped, I mean V-shaped, as the Cool Breeze Pouch side rails come together at the bottom of the crotch. A proper I-shaped pouch doesn’t have the side rails (“guardrails”) joined at all. Regardless, I was relieved it was not a U-shape pouch! I tried these boxer briefs, and my penis and balls felt right at home in the Cool Breeze Pouch – yay!

From the exterior, I noticed that the pouch was lifting my balls up and out away from my body. Generally, this behavior is what you want from a pouch to provide additional cooling to your balls and reduce skin-on-skin contact with your legs and groin. The side rails are not rough at all, and I didn’t notice them while wearing these Hustle boxer briefs. 

Pair of Thieves Cool Breeze Pouch

Unlike Saxx’s I-shaped pouch, I did check the first few times after peeing that my balls fit inside the Cool Breeze Pouch. They did, and then I stopped checking altogether – my balls just fit.

What’s the Judgment?

I am 100% sold on the solid color Hustle boxer briefs – Hustle just isn’t a fancy marketing campaign. I love the 20% Spandex content; it truly makes a difference in comfort. The Cool Breeze Pouch worked as designed, and I had no issues with it. I loved that I could feel and see the pouch lifting my balls out for reassurance that the design worked. 

While the waistband is a tad larger than I like – 1.75” vs. 1.5” standard on men’s underwear – it was fine, and Pair of Thieves notes that the extra quarter-inch is to provide “support without creating a bunch or flop.” You’ll want the additional width if you have issues with rolling waistbands. 

However, I cannot recommend any of the Hustle boxer briefs with print designs at this time. As I mentioned, there is a noticeable difference in the fabric, and the printed versions retained heat and moisture. They just weren’t that comfortable for me. But 100% I recommend the solid color versions, and they are great mid-level Sports underwear to any guys’ underwear collection.

And no, Pair of Thieves Hustle underwear isn’t just for Gen Z: all men can enjoy these Hustle boxer briefs. However, I wouldn’t necessarily say they are better than my Puma Performance Boxer Briefs (the 15% Spandex version, not the 10% version). These Hustle boxer briefs come with a nicer pouch than Puma, but Puma is a lot cheaper, so that is a big plus for Puma.

Details and Notes on Pair of Thieves Hustle boxer briefs

Using my Ultimate Guide to Men’s Boxer Briefs, below are my notes on the factors that may make these boxer briefs right for you:

  • Length: Pair of Thieves’ Hustle collection only includes 5” inseam boxer briefs. A 5” inseam is a “very standard” length for men’s boxer briefs, so if Pair of Thieves only produces one length, 5” is the length to make. I’d like to see Pair of Thieves expand the Hustle lineup to include trunks and briefs as the lineup grows (Pair of Thieves told me they have no plans to expand the lineup).

Puma’s 85% Polyester/15% Spandex boxer briefs are a great alternative for less money.

  • Colors and Patterns: Since the Hustle lineup is new, you won’t get as much design selection as the rest of Pair of Thieves’ underwear collections. While there is a mix of solid colors and some patterns, I enjoy only a few designs. Additionally, you cannot mix and match colors because everything is sold as a two-pack. Also, see the next bullet point on material for an important note on patterns.
  • Material and Fabric: All Hustle boxer briefs are 80% nylon and 20% Spandex. Having 20% Spandex is very high and contributes to the silky feel of these boxer briefs. However, here is an important note: the fabric feels different between solid colors and prints. The solid-colored underwear felt smooth and silky, precisely what I would expect from an 80%/20% nylon blend. Yet the printed pairs had a rougher finish and didn’t feel breezy when wearing them. Therefore, I can only recommend buying solid colors at this time.

Yes to the solid color boxer briefs on the left, no to the patterned ones on the right.

  • Flys: No functional flys in the Hustle collection, unlike other Pair of Thieves underwear. I don’t use flys, but if you need a fly, you’ll want to look at their Superfit collection instead.
  • Penis Pouches: As noted above, the Hustle collection features an I-shaped pouch – “Cool Breeze Pouch” – which I found comfortable and worked well. Technically, it is more V-shaped as the two side rails come together at the bottom of the crotch, but it worked well regardless.
  • Branded Waistbands: The Hustle waistbands feature Pair of Thieves’ logo, which is the same color as the waistband itself. Thus, the logo blends seamlessly with the waistband and is barely noticeable unless up close, which I like. The Hustle waistband is also a tad larger than “standard” men’s underwear waistbands, 1.75” vs. 1.5”, respectively. Pair of Thieves notes that the extra quarter-inch provides “support without creating a bunch or flop.”
  • Multipacks: Pair of Thieves only sells its boxer briefs in multipacks, including the Hustle collection. You can only buy in packs of two.
  • Design Country: United States

Have you worn Pair of Thieves underwear? Let me know in the comments your thoughts on them!

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