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During Covid-19, my husband and I learned to embrace having other people do our shopping. We utilize curbside pickup at both Sam’s Club and HEB for our groceries. Amazon delivers me my monthly supply of Cliff bars. We save hours per week on low-value work, avoid mingling with other humans, and limit our ability to impulse buy (or so we think). Could we apply the same logic to our underwear using one of the many men’s underwear subscriptions?

Not yet! I am the underwear shopper in our family – obviously – and I am not sold on men’s underwear subscription boxes for us. My main objection is that I love to pick out new underwear. Plus, we take care of our underwear, so we don’t need to get monthly deliveries. Yet I also believe subscription boxes serve some guys well, especially those who care more about fresh underwear than specific brands and styles. 

Below, I’ll explain the benefits and drawbacks of men’s underwear subscriptions and provide information on currently running subscription services. You can decide if one of these plans is suitable for you (or someone you are shopping for!) and, if so, what are your options for selecting one or more. 

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Benefits of Men’s Underwear Subscriptions

Let’s start with the reasons to purchase a men’s underwear subscription plan. 

  • Set it and forget it: Ease and convenience are the main draws of subscription plans. Once set, you don’t have to think about it again. Especially since underwear isn’t on most guys’ minds – I am a huge exception! – having new underwear show up each month is an easy way to keep your underwear collection fresh and well-stocked.
  • Saving money: Most men’s underwear subscriptions offer lower prices than purchasing underwear without a subscription. They win because they have a steady customer, and you win by saving money compared to buying underwear at full price when you run low.
  • Automated diversity: Loyal readers know I firmly believe guys should experiment and have a diverse underwear collection. Yet the chances are that most guys buy their underwear in bulk, leading to a monotonous underwear routine. Men’s underwear subscriptions automatically diversify your underwear collection, just like buying an ETF for diversifying your stock investments. Yet, like ETFs, subscription plans vary drastically in how much underwear diversity they provide.
  • Just give me what I want: On the other hand, if you know which brand(s) you enjoy, purchasing a single brand’s subscription plan is a win-win. You get what you love on a regular schedule at discounted prices!

And the Drawbacks of Men’s Underwear Subscriptions

Although I noted several good reasons to purchase a men’s underwear subscription, not everyone will benefit from these plans. Think about these drawbacks before signing up:

  • Forgetting that you set it: All types of subscription services – from gym memberships to streaming channels – know many subscribers won’t cancel even when they no longer need the subscription. You will remember when you get your underwear package in the mail. Then life kicks in, you forget to cancel, and next month’s package shows up, even though you have plenty of underwear. Letting your subscription continue past its usefulness wipes out any monetary savings from the discounted monthly rates.
  • Lack of control: Some subscription services may limit your choices of style, color, and brands. This is a benefit if you aren’t fussy and know what you want. However, suppose you aren’t sure about the brands, styles, or colors. In this case, handing control of your underwear collection to an automated service probably isn’t right for you.

Me wearing Jockey modal boxer briefs
I love my Jockey modal boxer briefs, but they don’t have a subscription service. If I was loyal to Jockey, then a subscription service may not be for me.
Me wearing Separatec bamboo briefs
I am also a big fan of bamboo and modal underwear – such as these Separatec bamboo briefs – but I can’t wear cotton underwear. That level of customization is important as otherwise, I am wasting money on a pair of cotton underwear.
  • One brand vs. several brands: Men’s underwear subscriptions are offered by both underwear brands and third parties. This difference is critical because single-brand subscription plans will only provide underwear from that brand. Third-party subscription plans send you a rotating collection of brands. If you choose a third-party subscription plan, you may not like some underwear you receive and consider that month a waste of money. Yet, at the same time, that is the risk you incur when buying any new pair of underwear.
  • Do you really need a subscription? Ultimately, you’ll want to purchase a subscription because you need new underwear. If you don’t need new undies, committing to a subscription may not make sense. You’re better off buying your underwear as needed or when the mood strikes you (which, for me, is often!).

What to Look For with Men’s Underwear Subscriptions

If you have decided to explore men’s underwear subscriptions, make a note of these critical items from each company:

  • Items included: Several companies will allow you to bundle other basics, such as grooming kits or socks, with your underwear subscription. Again, is this a great way to get a monthly shipment of what you need, or are you oversubscribing when all you need is a pair of undies? Check out Next Gay Thing for an example of a complete men’s “monthly care package.” Or Get Basic if you want a boxer brief and sock combo only.
  • Pricing: Most companies will offer a discount on the subscription plan compared to buying underwear at retail price. Yet, make sure to check the pricing. Does the total price work for you if you are bundling with other items? Is the discount significant (30-50% off) or minor (10% off)? If you must fill your subscription with non-essentials to get what you need, perhaps you should look at another underwear subscription plan.
  • Terms: As with any subscription service, what are the contract terms? For how long must you commit? What are the cancellation terms if you need to end early? If there are several plan options, can you easily upgrade or downgrade? Many brands will allow you to cancel anytime on a month-to-month plan, yet you’ll often need to commit for six months or a year for the deepest discounts.
    • For example, Shinesty offers 36% off per pair if you opt for their month-to-month contract, yet if you pay for one year upfront, you get 48% off per pair.

Man standing wearing only Shinesty American Boxer Briefs

Shinesty’s subscription program is perfect for guys and their partners who love outrageous yet fun designs!

  • Styles, colors, and fabrics: Whether you choose a single-brand or multi-brand box, what are your options for styles, colors, and fabrics? Some subscription boxes don’t give you any options; others allow you to request some customization. Either way, you will give up some or all customization with a subscription plan compared to purchasing your underwear yourself. The pickier you are, the more you will want to avoid subscription plans unless you know which brands you love.
    • Jockstraps and Thongs: The Underwear Expert and Jockbox offer jockstraps and thongs, while MeUndies offers thongs, which are lovely touches!
    • Briefs: Most of the programs below offer briefs, which is amazing. 🙂
    • Long-Leg Boxer Briefs: Shinesty offers 8.5″ boxer briefs, and MeUndies offers 9″ boxer briefs as part of their subscription plans, great for athletes and gym warriors.
  • Women’s Underwear: If you are a heterosexual couple or perhaps a guy who just loves wearing women’s underwear, some brands offer women’s underwear subscriptions too. This is fantastic for couples who love matching underwear! MeUndies and Shinesty both offer women’s underwear subscriptions.

Banner ad for MeUndies Men's Underwear

MeUndies offers various men’s styles on its subscription program, so all guys can take advavntage of the subscription program.

  • Exit plan: In stock trading, traders must know their exits before they enter. Same with men’s underwear subscriptions! When will you decide to cancel your subscription plan? If you can choose the frequency, are you selecting an appropriate frequency based on how quickly you go through underwear? The goal is to make the best use of the subscription plan before it becomes another unnecessary monthly recurring charge on your credit card bill.
  • Frequency: How often do you get a shipment? Are there options available for the frequency? Can you put your subscription on hold when needed?
    • While many plans are monthly subscriptions, The Underwear Expert allows a wide range of plans: from once monthly to once yearly, or stocking up once every three months to save on shipping costs.
    • Shinesty also saves you money by getting three pairs every three months compared to one monthly pair. They save on shipping and pass those savings to you.
  • Single brand vs. multi-brand? As mentioned above, make sure you know whether you are getting only one brand of underwear per month or if you are getting a collection of brands. If you know what brand works for you, go with a single-brand subscription, such as Shinesty or MeUndies. If you aren’t sure or love diversifying, stick with a multi-brand box to experiment with your underwear collection, such as The Underwear Expert or The Next Gay Thing.

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What are some Men’s Underwear Subscriptions?

The Underwear Expert

One of the original men’s underwear subscription plans, The Underwear Expert continues to deliver (monthly)! The Underwear Expert has expanded over the years to now include their own underwear brand while still curating several other brands as well. Not only do you get the diversification of styles, but you also get brand diversification. A subscription to The Underwear Expert is excellent for guys wanting to experiment across the underwear spectrum without spending time figuring it out on their own.

Try out The Underwear Expert’s subscription plan here.

  • Items Included: Two to six pairs of men’s underwear.
  • Pricing: Prices range between $23-$28 per pair, depending on how many pairs you request to receive. You can get 30% off your first month by using my coupon code EXPERT!
  • Terms: Cancel anytime and free standard shipping.
  • Frequency: You can receive a shipment every one, two, three, or six months, which is terrific. If you are frugal, save money by choosing six pairs every three months rather than two pairs every month, for example ($138 vs. $165 every three months, respectively).
  • Single-brand or multi-brand: Multi-brand (they source from several quality brands)
  • Styles, colors, and fabrics: You can choose your style (briefs, trunks, jockstraps, or thongs) and color palette. They also allow you to see the items you’ll get your first month and swap them out, which is also quite cool. Note that the Underwear Expert does not include boxer briefs – very rare among men’s underwear brands.
  • Exit Plan: Since The Underwear Expert sources from a wide range of brands, chances are you’ll never get bored. However, since this is also one of the more expensive subscription plans, you’ll want to ensure you won’t go broke. I like their frequency options, so you can always downgrade to less frequency to save money, while still looking forward to your new underwear every so often.


Shinesty sells fun men’s underwear. They offer plenty of boxer briefs with prints and images, most of which are meant to be humorous. Their subscription plan is a great example of a unique way to spice up your underwear collection because each month, you will get a new, comical pair that will make you the life of the party! I have a pair of Shinesty’s Big Bang boxer briefs and wrote a full review on them.

How does a Shinesty subscription work?

  • Items Included: One pair of 6″ boxer briefs, 8″ long-leg boxer briefs, 3.5″ trunks, or briefs. I love that Shinesty allows you to customize which style you want to receive. Plus, they also offer women’s underwear subscriptions for couples wanting matching underwear!
  • Pricing: Around $18 per month (as of April 2024), which is up to 35% off their regular pricing. You can get three pairs delivered every three months for $16/pair instead, but only if you order boxer briefs (not other styles). Yet the best deal is if you sign up for a 12-month contract for $176/year, then the price drops to $14.67/pair!
  • Terms: For the month-to-month contract, you can cancel anytime. For the 12-month contract, you are locked in for 12 months. Both plans allow you to choose the pattern/color you want for the first month.
  • Frequency: Monthly or three pairs every three months (this option saves money vs. monthly).
  • Single-brand or multi-brand: Single-brand (Shinesty)
  • Styles, colors, and fabrics: Shinesty offers all styles: briefs, 3″ trunks, 6.5″ boxer briefs, or 8″ long boxer briefs on their subscription plan – see all of Shinesty’s men underwear here. I find it nice that even though Shinesty is geared toward guys who love having fun with their underwear, they offer a more conservative option with their subscription plan. The conservative option benefits guys who prefer no-nonsense underwear but want a separated ball pouch (Shinesty’s Ball Hammock) and 95% modal/5% Spandex fabric.
  • Exit Plan: If you choose the Wild or Surprise options, you’ll probably love getting a new, fun pair of boxer briefs each month. You may never want to stop! If you go with the conservative plan, you’ll probably want to stop after you have had enough pairs to get a well-stocked collection (perhaps after one year?).


MeUndies is one of the original companies to make guys and girls want to subscribe to new underwear. Like Shinesty, MeUndies favors bold prints and comical references. What I love about MeUndies is they make it easy to customize your subscription, with a choice of cuts, fabrics, and designs. MeUndies also allows you to buy their underwear without a subscription too!

MeUndies Game of Thrones Pack Men's Trunk 3-Pack

MeUndies has a lot of wild and crazy prints for you to enjoy. – click here to enjoy them monthly!

  • Items Included: One pair of men’s underwear per month, but you can also add on women’s underwear and bras, and unisex socks. For couples, your entire underwear drawer will be on autopilot!
  • Pricing: Prices range between $18-$20 per pair on a subscription (as of April 2024) for men’s underwear based on the fabric and cut you choose. You can also add a second subscription as well, which can be for men’s or women’s underwear.
  • Terms: Month-to-month contract. MeUndies also offers discounts on extra pairs you order while you are subscribed to their membership plan, which is a nice touch.
  • Frequency: Monthly or quarterly. However, the options are more limited on the quarterly plan.
  • Single-brand or multi-brand: Single-brand (MeUndies)
  • Styles, colors, and fabrics: MeUndies offers the best customization for any of the subscription plans I have seen. You can choose style (including thongs, briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, and boxer shorts!), fabric (modal/”Original” or nylon/”Move Me”), and designs (adventurous or conservative). Note that thongs and Move Me underwear are not available on the quarterly plan.
  • Exit Plan: You may be hooked on MeUndies for a long time, especially with their plethora of designs and that they also allow you to combine your membership with another person.

Man wearing MeUndies Cabernet Pouch Front Thong

Nice job MeUndies allowing guys to buy a thong subscription!

Turq Sport

Turq Sport caters to guys needing high-performance underwear, especially outside and during water activities. Their two lines – Paradise Pouch and Turq OG (Freedom Fit) – are quick-drying and perfect for the beach and hikes. I really like their patterned waistbands and heathered-design boxer briefs, which add a cool pattern to otherwise solid-color underwear.

Turq underwear is great at the beach or for work!

Turq started its underwear subscription plan in April 2022, so let’s see the details of this newcomer.

  • Items Included: Turq sends one pair of boxer briefs each month. One unique twist is that Turq offers an underwear subscription plan for boys too.
  • Pricing: Turq is on the expensive side of men’s underwear, averaging $34-38/pair, higher than most subscription services. Members (subscribers) enjoy 20% off each month – making each pair $27-$31/pair – but the first month is at full price, which is a bummer (the discount starts the 2nd month).
  • Terms: Month-to-month contract and cancel anytime.
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Single-brand or multi-brand: Single brand.
  • Styles, colors, and fabrics: You must choose between the Turq OG (formerly known as Freedom Fit) and the Paradise Pouch models. The main difference is that Turq OG has a conventional non-separated pouch, while Paradise Pouch includes Turq’s custom separated pouch. For more information about non-separated vs. separated pouches, check out my Pouch Ultimate Guide.
  • Exit Plan: Other than the high price, Turq’s membership is as simple as possible.

Turq Freestyle Fit Boxer Briefs
133 Reviews
Turq Freestyle Fit Boxer Briefs
  • STOKED COLLECTION: This collection is all about our signature waistbands. Patterns inspired by traditional Turkish, Indian, and Balinese textiles, designed to show a flash of cool over your shorts, jeans, or swimwear.
  • CHAFE FREE: Seamlessly knit, Turq OG underwear is superior to traditional compression underwear. Our underwear offers a smooth fit with an air-flow construction is designed not to chafe and provide cool comfort all day.
  • COMBATS ODOR & QUICK DRYING: Made with silver-infused fabric that has natural quick drying and odor control. Moisture wicking fabric takes you from surf to turf while silver ions keep odor at bay.

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Next Gay Thing

Although the company’s name is Next Gay Thing, all guys – no matter where you are on the sexuality spectrum – will appreciate their curated underwear. As they note on their website, all of their products “have been picked by a gay team, so you can be sure they are fab.” As a gay guy, we tend to know more about underwear than non-gay guys. So, if you are looking for various underwear brands and styles to try out, Next Gay Thing might be your next underwear thing!

  • Items Included: One to three pairs of underwear, plus some grooming products, depending on your subscription level.
  • Pricing: It starts at $38 per pair per month (if you order three pairs monthly) but can go as high as $300+ depending on the subscription level (complete set of grooming products vs. only underwear) and how much underwear you select. It includes free shipping.
  • Terms: Month-to-month contract, can cancel or change subscriptions at any time.
  • Frequency: Monthly, every two months, or every three months (quarterly).
  • Single-brand or multi-brand: Multi-brand
  • Styles, colors, and fabrics: Since Next Gay Thing is curated by a gay team, expect bold underwear styles and brands, such as Pump!, Andrew Christian, and Diesel. You can choose whether you prefer jockstraps, briefs, or trunks/boxer briefs. Next Gay Thing also asks if you prefer “classic” colors or more “colorful” styles.
  • Exit Plan: All guys can benefit from Next Gay Thing’s subscription boxes. However, they are also the most expensive subscription plan. I’d rate this for serious underwear lovers and guys who really want to spice up their underwear collection. Otherwise, it would be better to go with another underwear subscription.

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Jockbox is based in the United Kingdom, but they offer their men’s underwear subscription service worldwide. They are similar to Next Gay Thing in terms of underwear brands and selection – both companies are premium men’s underwear brands. And both Next Gay Thing and Jockbox cater to “gay underwear.” However, I feel that there is no straight or gay men’s underwear – all guys can benefit from the golden age of men’s underwear we live in!

  • Items Included: One, two, or three pairs of men’s underwear.
  • Pricing: Prices range between $29-72/month, depending on how many pairs you get. If you get three pairs, the cost per pair is just under $27/pair.
  • Terms: Cancel anytime, as it is a month-to-month contract.
  • Frequency: You can choose monthly (10% discount), every other month (5% discount), or every three months (2.5% discount).
  • Single-brand or multi-brand: Multi-brand. Jockbox offers premium men’s underwear brands similar to Next Gay Thing.
  • Styles, colors, and fabrics: Jockbox asks for your preferred underwear style when you order. You can choose from jockstraps, briefs, “boxers” (aka trunks for US-based customers), and thongs.
  • Exit Plan: Similar to Next Gay Thing, your exit plan will depend on your dedication to men’s underwear. 🙂

Me Wearing Teamm8 Score Sheer Jockstrap
Jockbox offers Teamm8 underwear – read my review of Teamm8’s jockstrap here.

Get Basic

I wrote about Get Basic previously as a brand using sustainable materials in their underwear. I find their use of recycled plastic bottles in their boxer briefs wonderful. At its heart, Get Basic is a men’s underwear subscription plan and a great option if you also want to be environmentally conscious while getting new underwear each month.

  • Items Included: One t-shirt/undershirt, one pair of boxer briefs, and one pair of socks.
  • Pricing: Prices range between $20-$25/month, depending on whether you commit to 3-12 months in advance or prefer a month-to-month contract.
  • Terms: You can cancel anytime on a month-to-month contract, but if you choose a 3-12 month plan, you are locked in for that term. Plans renew after the term ends, and for a 3-12 month plan, you must pay upfront.
  • Frequency: You can choose to receive a shipment every one, three, six, or twelve months, which is amazing. There is only a $5/month discount between the month-to-month plan and the 12-month plan, so you may want to try it out first on the month-to-month plan before committing to a longer term.
  • Single-brand or multi-brand: Single-brand (only Get Basic t-shirts, boxer briefs, and socks).
  • Styles, colors, and fabrics: Get Basic does not allow customization; however, their selection includes many colors. So, while you lose out on customization, you will at least get a colorful arrangement of t-shirts, socks, and underwear.
  • Exit Plan: Unless you are a Get Basic fan, get the month-to-month plan first. If you like it, you can then commit to a longer term. With such a small price difference between the plans, you may want to stick with a short-term or month-to-month to have more flexibility. Also, unless you wear boxer briefs, crew neck undershirts, and tube socks, you will want to look elsewhere for an underwear-only subscription.

64-pair Underwear Organizer
17,606 Reviews
64-pair Underwear Organizer
  • 【VERSATILE & SAVE SPACE】Featuring with 64 slots in all, this 3 pack drawer organizers are perfect for you to organize sock, ties, belts, underwear, lingeries etc. Easily accessible to see the pattern and color to choose quicky the right combination for your work day.
  • 【DECENT SIZE & UNIQUE DESIGN】 You will receive 3 set cabinet organizers, each mesures 12.5"x12.5"x4" (32x32x10cm). Two of the boxes have 24 medium cells, one of them has 16 large cells for storing winter/athletic socks, small ornaments etc. Color: Gray.

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Conclusion on Men’s Underwear Subscriptions

I find the concept of men’s underwear subscriptions to be quite remarkable. It is an easy way for guys to keep their underwear collection fresh and stocked while potentially saving money at the same time. Yet, subscriptions aren’t for all guys. In exchange for convenience and discounted prices, men lose choices. Brands, colors, and styles may be pre-selected for you, meaning you will need to be happy with what you receive. Of course, for some guys, having someone else pick out their new underwear is just what they need!

If a subscription plan interests you, do your homework and ensure you understand each program’s terms. Use the bullet points I mentioned earlier in this article to assist you with comparing each plan apples-for-apples. I firmly believe in guys caring about their underwear, and subscription plans are a great way to keep underwear collections vibrant and working for you. Yet, you don’t want to spend unnecessarily on underwear, especially if you do not like what you are receiving. 

Here are some recommendations:

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