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Author’s Note: UFM sent me these boxer briefs for free to review, but I did not receive any other compensation (other than affiliate marketing if you purchase) and all opinions are my own.

I have written so much about the pouches on men’s underwear because it is one of the most important factors for men’s underwear. Especially today, men have so many options regarding pouch design that it is overwhelming to consider what pouch to get.

But all of these pouch designs – regardless of their uniqueness – have one common factor: they are one-size-fits-all. These pouches will cushion your balls differently, provide various separations between your thighs and groin, and have varied materials, but only some consider that guys have different-sized packages.

UFM Underwear (“Underwear For Men”) is one of those special brands. UFM’s underwear is unique because it has an adjustable pouch. You can adjust UFM’s pouch to whatever size you need. Thus, you can choose how much support your balls want, whether you have a big or small package. 🙂

However, does UFM’s men’s underwear live up to the hype? UFM sent me a couple of pairs of UFM boxer briefs to try out, and I want to share my experience with you.

UFM Underwear Diagram

Diagram overview of UFM Underwear’s features.

Trying On UFM Underwear

Besides the pouch, UFM underwear is just like other men’s underwear. One pair they sent is 95% bamboo/5% Spandex, which is the same as most of my other bamboo underwear. Readers know I am a big fan of bamboo and modal underwear, and UFM isn’t any different. The other pair UFM sent is 90% polyester/10% Spandex for guys who work or play outdoors.

One pair I received is 6” boxer briefs, and the other is 9” long-leg boxer briefs. (UFM offers 3” trunks and briefs, too!) Both pairs have great leg coverage with comfortable leg bands. If you haven’t tried long-leg boxer briefs before – any underwear with 7” legs or longer – read my blog post about why you should (or shouldn’t) get long-leg boxer briefs.

Rear shot of me wearing my UFM red boxer briefs.
From the back, UFM’s boxer briefs look like regular boxer briefs.

Considering both points, trying on UFM underwear was like wearing regular underwear. I felt comfortable and thought I looked great, especially in the red boxer briefs. But the pouch was unique, which is the main focus of UFM underwear.

Adjusting the UFM Underwear Pouch

I was most excited about wearing UFM underwear because of the adjustable pouch. After trying on the pouch, it does exactly what it is designed for: adjusting to your specific package size. But let’s talk about the pros and cons.

I made a rookie mistake the first time I adjusted the pouch: I made it too tight. It initially sounded promising – a snugger pouch means better ball support – but it was uncomfortable. I had to loosen it up, and the pouch felt much better. (Also, please see UFM’s website regarding UFM’s two pouch options, MAX and REG).

Image of UFM Underwear pouch fully opened (when it is loosest).
UFM Underwear Pouch when fully open, before tightening the pouch.
Image of UFM Underwear pouch fully closed (when it is tightest).
The UFM pouch when fully closed after tightening (it is a lot smaller).

Afterward, when I talked to a representative at UFM about UFM underwear, he noted that it is common for newbies to overtighten the pouch. So don’t do this! Once the pouch feels good after tightening, loosen it up a bit and then lock it in place to ensure you don’t over-tighten.

Speaking of adjusting the pouch, you use two drawstrings to adjust the UFM pouch, just like you would with a hoodie. While this is an easy system to use, it also means that you have a bunched drawstring next to your underwear waistband. The drawstring adds unnecessary bulk, especially if you wear shorts or pants with their own drawstring.

I am demonstrating the drawstring on UFM Underwear.

Finally, the pouch material is heavier than the rest of the underwear to support your balls more. While I prefer that the pouch material be as light as the rest of the underwear, one of my readers told me he likes the heavier pouch material of UFM because it provides better support. And that is the beauty of men’s underwear today – there is something for everyone!

UFM claims their underwear provides helpful support for medical situations such as vasectomy, prostate surgery, and incontinence. I don’t know if these claims are true, but that is what UFM is saying on their website.

Overall, UFM’s underwear pouch works as advertised, and I see how it benefits many guys out there. UFM has thousands of 5-star reviews on their website. However, I would not wear it if you are looking for everyday underwear without needing special adjustments or support. I’d recommend plenty of other everyday underwear you could wear (read my other reviews regarding Jockey, Calvin Klein, David Archy, and Mack Weldon).

But you should buy UFM underwear because you are looking for a men’s underwear pouch that caters to your package size – big or small – and you need some real support, such as during sports or medical issues (again, I don’t know if these claims by UFM are true). Make your underwear work for you, not you work for your underwear!

Last update on 2024-05-18 at 15:25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last update on 2024-05-18 at 15:25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Details and Notes of UFM Boxer Briefs

Below is my summary of UFM underwear:

  • Price: $24-$28 per pair, depending on the length and how many you order at a time (4% discount ordering 2-4 pairs, 8% discount for 5+ pairs). You can get $5 off your first pair using coupon code UFMTRYEM on UFM’s website. UFM also sells its underwear on Amazon if you prefer.
  • Colors and Patterns: UFM sells primarily solid colors, including white, blue, red, black, green, and gray. UFM only sells purple and green camouflage if you are looking for patterns.

UFM Underwear is great if you are into solid colors, but not so much if you like fun and playful designs.

  • Material and Fabric: The boxer briefs I prefer are 95% bamboo viscose and 5% Spandex. This “95/5” blend is comfortable and very common for men’s bamboo underwear. UFM also sells 90% polyester/10% Spandex underwear for working out, outdoor activities, and high-sweat situations.
  • Flys: Some have a standard vertical fly, while others do not have a fly. When purchasing, ensure the description notes that it has a fly if you want or need one.
  • Ball Pouches: UFM’s website is a bit confusing because UFM sells a couple of variations of its pouches. Currently, you can buy “REG” (regular) support – also known as 4th/5th Gen – or “MAX” support, also known as Gen 3.1. It is best to look at UFM’s summary of the different generations here to better understand the differences (scroll past the size chart).
  • Branded Waistbands: Yes, the waistbands contain UFM’s logo all around the waistband. I prefer a less logo-intensive waistband. The underwear is tagless, so you won’t have an uncomfortable tag end after cutting off the tag.
  • Multipacks: UFM doesn’t offer explicit multipacks, but if you buy two to four pairs on UFM’s website, you get 4% off. If you buy five pairs or more, you get 8% off. I prefer buying multipacks this way because you can choose what you want.
  • Design Country: United States

In summary, the unique feature of UFM underwear – the adjustable pouch – worked as expected, which is excellent. The adjustable pouch is the special sauce of these UFM boxer briefs. Although I have other underwear I rank above UFM, you should buy UFM underwear because you need underwear that really supports you, or you can’t find a pouch that fits you well and want to be able to adjust the size as you go. Also, check out my review of Real Men Large Pouch underwear if you want underwear with a sizable pouch.

adjustable pouchMe Wearing UFM Underwear

UFM Adjustable Pouch Underwear

✅︎ Pouch size is adjustable to your comfort
✅︎ Choice of briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, and 9″ boxer briefs
✅︎ Includes my favorite 95% Bamboo viscose/5% Elastane fabric
💵 $20-28/pair
❓ I found the pouch to be bulky and warm – read my full review below.

Alternative Pouch for Large GuysReal Men Pouch Underwear

Real Men Large Pouch Underwear

✅︎ Choice of a “B-size” or a “D-size” pouch based on your size
💵 Less than $12/pair with a 4-pack
✅︎ Choice of Briefs, Trunks, Boxer Briefs, and Long-Leg Boxer Briefs
✅︎ 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex, which is quite comfortable
➡️ Read My Full Review here

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