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Every Earth Day comes with brand advertisements on what they are doing to help the environment. Generally, there are two paths in the sustainable underwear space: using organic cotton instead of regular cotton or using alternatives to cotton such as bamboo, modal, or Lyocell. It is no secret that I love modal underwear, even before I discovered it was more environmentally friendly than cotton. Bamboo is all the rage right now and on my bucket list to try out.

Instead of writing an article on a list of brands using organic cotton or bamboo – of which there are plenty – I wanted to find underwear brands using interesting, off-the-beaten-path materials. Materials that are both friendly to the environment and interesting to the mind. Below, I detail three brands using such materials in their underwear that will hopefully make your green heart go cool!

Bn3th – Recycled Plastic Bottles

I can tell that Canada-based Bn3th wants to be one of the leading sustainable underwear brands for men. According to their website, Bn3th supports sustainable practices such as environmentally-responsible manufacturing and 100% recyclable packaging for underwear. So it is no surprise that Bn3th uses recycled polyester made primarily from plastic bottles for its Entourage underwear lineup.

Video explaining Bn3th’s Entourage underwear made from recycled plastic bottles

  • Length: Bn3th only offers boxer briefs using recycled materials, no briefs or trunks. Their boxer briefs measure 6.5” inseam, slightly towards the long end of boxer briefs.
  • Price: Around $38, which is definitely in the high-end underwear category. However, you can save 10% by using my coupon code BR10. Or you can save 20% if you are in the military or a First Responder.
  • Colors and patterns: Bn3th’s Entourage line-up has mainly image patterns for the design, although they offer solid black too. These are bold boxer briefs!
  • Material and fabric: 86% recycled polyester, 14% Spandex. The Spandex level is on the higher end, which means these boxer briefs should be pretty comfortable. And 86% recycled polyester is by far the most recycled content of the brands in this article.
  • Fly: No functional fly, although not a surprise considering that Bn3th is a premium underwear brand.
  • Ball pouch: Bn3th advertises its MyPackage U-Shaped pouch and its “3D lift and support.” You can read my Bn3th pouch review here. I believe pouches are a must-have, so read my Cheat Sheet on Pouch Underwear to learn how to find your best pouch.
Bn3th's MyPackage Pouch Underwear for Men.
Overview of Bn3th’s U-Shaped “MyPackage” Pouch – read my review here.
  • Branded waistband: Yes. There are bold letters on the rear of the waistband with Bn3th’s logo.
  • Multipacks: None.
  • Design Country: Canada
Bn3th Entourage Boxer Briefs
127 Reviews
Bn3th Entourage Boxer Briefs
  • Slim fit with no fly. 6.5 inch inseam. MyPakage Pouch Technology
  • Pucker Panel gusset helps Daiwa's pouch do its job, allowing the underwear to contour around your body
  • Carefully placed flatlock seams means no chafing in your most sensitive areas
  • Thicker 1 3/4" no-roll waistband. 86% Recycled Polyester + 14% Spandex
  • 170 GSM fabric weight

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Mack Weldon – Nylon Production Waste

Mack Weldon is a high-end brand of men’s clothing, including men’s underwear. One of their newer men’s underwear collections is the Stealth collection, which includes 6″ and 8″ boxer briefs. Stealth boxer briefs are designed for water activities such as swimming or surfing. Mack Weldon notes that Stealth boxer briefs are “seawater and chlorine-safe.”

These boxer briefs include 37% of Q-NOVA Recycled Nylon. The “recycled nylon” comes from nylon waste from the manufacturer’s other nylon production. Fulgar – the manufacturer – claims that this waste “could not have been reused” and would have been discarded anyway.

  • Length: Stealth boxer briefs are available in 6″ and 8″ lengths. 6″ is a standard length for men’s boxer briefs. However, 8″ long-leg boxer briefs are better if you have thicker thighs or suffer from leg chafing. You can learn more about long-leg boxer briefs in my guide here.
  • Price: $38-42. Mack Weldon is a premium men’s underwear brand on par with Bn3th. I love Mack Weldon underwear, and you can read more about Mack Weldon in my guide here.
  • Colors and Patterns: The Stealth lineup only has four or five solid colors, including dark gray and blue.
  • Material and Fabric:
  • Fly: No Fly
  • Ball pouch: Mack Weldon’s MotionCTRL pouch. It is a standard, non-separated pouch and nothing fancy.
  • Branded Waistband: There is no logo on the waistband. There is a small Mack Weldon logo near the top of the pouch, though.
  • Multipacks: You can save money by buying three, six, or nine pairs at a time through Mack Weldon’s Pack Builder. Or if you are a member of the military, a First Responder, a student, or a teacher, you can save 15% through Mack Weldon’s Community Heroes program.
  • Design Country: United States

Mack Weldon

Obviously – Using Excess Fabrics

Obviously is a men’s underwear brand that focuses on designing amazing men’s underwear pouches. They have two pouch designs: AnatoFREE and AnatoMAX. The AnatoFREE is smaller and designed to be more supportive and snug. This is ideal during high-intensity activities to keep your balls secure. On the other hand, the AnatoMAX is ideal for lounging around and everyday activities as it is larger and roomier.

Obviously’s EcoSurplus underwear lineup is made from scrap fabrics generated from the production of their other underwear. Instead of these scraps going into the trash, Obviously uses them to make new underwear designs. You can spot the EcoSurplus pairs because of their catching blue, white, and red striped patterns.

Obviously EcoSurplus 3-Inch Trunk
  • The Boxer Brief 3 Inch Leg provides a functional, daily use design developed for guys with smaller thighs to sit comfortably under jeans or business pants. It provides superior comfort for active guys who appreciate a medium leg length and room to move.
  • Highly engineered using unbelievably light and soft custom MicroModal/Lycra fabric with an elegantly designed, silky smooth waistband – the PrimeMan Boxer Brief 3 Inch Leg uses intelligent design to deliver our most premium underwear experience.
  • Featuring our AnatoMAX anatomical pouch technology, providing natural positioning with no readjustment required, the PrimeMan Boxer Brief 3 Inch Leg is the perfect product for the active man and will provide the perfect fit that you deserve.
  • 90% Micro Modal / 10% Lycra Spandex - the softest, most luxurious-feeling underwear with a touch of spandex to maintain shape over time
  • Small Waist: 30-32", Medium Waist: 34-36", Large Waist: 38-40", Extra Large Waist: 42-44"

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  • Length: Obviously offers the EcoSurplus collection in hip briefs, square-cut trunks, and 3″ trunks (although Obviously calls these trunks boxer briefs). However, size availability can vary, so keep that in mind if you don’t find your size – keep checking back!
  • Price: The price is high in the $26-$32/pair range on Amazon. Obviously is a high-end men’s underwear brand, so the price isn’t high from that point of view. However, you can also check out Obviously’s own website, where EcoSurplus is often cheaper.
  • Colors and Patterns: Obviously sells men’s underwear in a wide range of colors. However, the EcoSurplus lineup is only a red/white/blue striped pattern or solid dark blue.
  • Material and Fabric: EcoSurplus is generally 90% MicroModal and 10% Lycra. However, Obviously’s website says bamboo may be substituted for the modal. I assume this is due to whatever excess fabric is available.
  • Fly: No Fly
  • Ball pouch: EcoSurplus includes Obviously’s AnatoMAX ball pouch. It is roomier and on the larger side. If you want a smaller pouch, Obviously makes the AnatoFREE pouch, but it is not available with the EcoSurplus lineup.
  • Branded Waistband: There is an Obviously logo on the waistband, but it is sophisticated.
  • Multipacks: There are no multipacks.
  • Design Country: Australia

Obviously EcoSurplus Briefs
  • The Brief provides engineered freedom of movement for guys who are active and lead a dynamic lifestyle. A deep seat and wide leg openings make it perfect for guys with larger or more muscular legs, and is designed to work with the natural movement of your body.
  • Highly engineered using unbelievably light and soft custom MicroModal/Lycra fabric with an elegantly designed, silky smooth waistband – the PrimeMan Brief uses intelligent design to deliver our most premium underwear experience.
  • Featuring our AnatoMAX anatomical pouch technology, providing natural positioning with no readjustment required, the PrimeMan Brief is the perfect product for the active man and will provide the perfect fit that you deserve.
  • 90% Micro Modal / 10% Lycra Spandex - the softest, most luxurious-feeling underwear with a touch of spandex to maintain shape over time
  • Small Waist: 30-32", Medium Waist: 34-36", Large Waist: 38-40", Extra Large Waist: 42-44"

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Bluebuck – Ocean Plastic Waste

Bluebuck is an English brand that also uses recycled plastic in its underwear, although with an interesting twist. Instead of using 100% land-based recycled plastic, Bluebuck uses yarn from Seaqual Initiative to recycle the plastic waste from beaches and oceans in Europe and Africa. Seaqual combines this ocean-based plastic waste with plastic waste from land sources to create a recycled yarn. Bluebuck’s Sport line combines Seaqual yarn with organic cotton and elastane to create briefs and trunks (and the only Bluebuck sustainable underwear line).

Plastic waste in oceans is a huge environmental issue, so I love that this initiative explicitly targets ocean waste. Although Seaqual doesn’t target the Pacific Ocean, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a prime example of the damage plastic causes in our oceans.

  • Length: Bluebuck’s Sport line – the lineup using Seaqual yarn – consists of briefs and square-cut trunks. I’d love to see a more extended length available as well for guys preferring boxer briefs.
  • Price: £22-24 (US$30-33), pushing Bluebuck into the higher end of underwear price ranges. Even though Bluebuck is European, they offer very reasonable free shipping thresholds, which helps balance the higher item price.
  • Colors and patterns: Bluebuck’s Sport line only features solid colors. Bluebuck offers patterned underwear, but they are not made using Seaqual fabric. Of the Sport Line, Blue is my favorite color, so I love the different shades of blue available. All of the shades are subdued, which works well.
  • Material and fabric: 46% organic cotton, 46% Seaqual recycled plastic (polyester), and 8% elastane. The elastane level is solid enough for great comfort, while the 46% recycled plastic level is significant. To be clear, though, Seaqual states that its yarn product is only 10% sourced from ocean waste, while the other 90% is from land-based waste. Thus, around 4.6% of the underwear materials are specifically from ocean-based waste; however, this does not discount recycling land-based plastic waste. I only mention it because my focus was on the waste recovery from oceans. 🙂
  • Fly: No functional fly, although again, not a surprise.
  • Ball pouch: Yes, a standard, non-separated ball pouch is standard on their briefs and trunks.
  • Branded waistband: Yes, although it is a small tag in the front. Bluebuck’s logo of antlers, I feel, is a fantastic design element of the waistband.
  • Multipacks: None for the Sport series of underwear.
  • Design Country: England

Get Basic – Recycled Water Bottles

I almost overlooked Get Basic because they use bamboo as the base material. While bamboo is eco-friendly, especially compared to cotton, I don’t find it interesting because many sustainable underwear brands sell bamboo underwear. Then I saw that part of their underwear comes from recycled water bottles, and I perked up. 

Don’t worry about having to have sharp plastic shards near your balls. Instead, Get Basic uses REPREVE recycled polyester in their boxer briefs, which is made out of recycled water bottles and other recycled materials. REPREVE states that they have recycled over 25 billion water bottles, which is very cool!

While I fully support using less intensive raw materials – such as kelp and hemp – instead of cotton, I like the idea more of using recycled materials. I see this as saving resources compared to growing raw materials, and that waste is diverted from landfills or from trashing the environment. 

  • Length: Get Basic only offers 5” boxer briefs. If you provide only one option, 5” is in the sweet spot of length to appeal to a broad population of guys. However, if you prefer briefs, trunks, or longer-leg boxer briefs, you’ll have to look elsewhere. I suspect that Get Basic will eventually offer a trunk option considering guys’ trend towards ever-shorter underwear styles.
  • Price: $15, which is very reasonable. They also offer discounts if you bundle with other products they sell (t-shirts and socks), and there is also a monthly subscription option to bring down the price further.
  • Colors and patterns: Wide variety of solid colors with offsetting gray mesh zones by the fly and crotch. They remind me of Mack Weldon’s AIRKNITx lineup in terms of color and style, and I own Mack Weldon pairs because of their style.
  • Material and fabric: 95% bamboo viscose, 5% spandex. Bamboo is an eco-friendly base material compared to cotton, which is fantastic. However, where are the water bottles? The REPREVE recycled polyester is only located in the two gray mesh zones, which are 92% REPREVE. At first, I was slightly disappointed REPREVE wasn’t part of the entire boxer brief. Yet, at the same time, this most likely keeps the price tag lower while still incorporating bamboo as the base fabric instead of cotton.
  • Fly: There is a functional fly! And this is the part made from 92% recycled water bottles, which makes it a more excellent fly?
  • Ball pouch: Yes, there is a basic, non-separated pouch.
  • Branded waistband: No branded waistband. Is it just me, or does it look quite similar to Mack Weldon’s waistband?
  • Multipacks: No explicit multi-packs. As mentioned earlier, Get Basic offers bundled discounts with t-shirts and socks and a monthly subscription plan.
  • Design Country: United States

Conclusion on Sustainable Underwear

Climate change is real, and anything we can do in our daily lives to lessen our environmental impact is welcome. Lowering your carbon footprint includes making eco-friendly choices when purchasing underwear. In place of straight cotton or polyester underwear, selecting sustainable underwear with some blend of bamboo, modal, or even organic cotton is a small step towards a better world. Many brands are offering these options today.

However, brands also offer innovative eco-friendly options, and I highlighted three brands doing so in this article. I would never have guessed that underwear exists made from efficient-growing ocean kelp or boxer briefs made from recycled plastic bottles. Furthermore, these brands design their sustainable underwear with modern features for guys – such as penis pouches and various lengths – and a wide selection of colors and patterns. No reason not to make your underwear collection a little greener with your next addition!

To summarize your options, here are my picks:

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