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I love discovering startup underwear companies (Anderson/Chiles, Twisted Wrapper, Boxerkilt) and innovative designs. Thus, I was excited to learn about a new underwear company called In Common and its Better Boxer Brief. The name stems from the company’s mission to focus on what humans have “in common” with each other. Underwear is one example of what we all have “in common.”

Upon looking at their men’s underwear collection – they sell women’s underwear too – In Common immediately captured my heart butt by stating their men’s underwear contains 93% modal fabric. Readers know modal is one of my favorite fabrics because it is so comfortable yet versatile for everyday wear. And it doesn’t hurt that modal is far more environmentally friendly than cotton!

Having satisfied my ordering criteria – its modal underwear – I purchased their Better Boxer Brief. In Common notes its compostable packing is environmentally friendly, which is fantastic, although I wasn’t sure how to compost it or recycle it. Nonetheless, I support companies that want to help the environment in any way, especially in the notoriously wasteful fashion industry.

Reviewing In Common’s Better Boxer Briefs

The Try-on

Of course, the first thing I noticed when putting them on was the softness of the modal fabric. While I have a ton of underwear made from modal, what’s cool about In Common’s Better Boxer Briefs is that they are 93% modal and 7% Spandex. Most modal underwear is 95% modal and 5% Spandex. A higher Spandex content means greater comfort as the fabric can stretch and move with you more. That extra 2% is fantastic, although not as luxe as my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs with 8-10% Spandex content.

I also noticed how good they look! All In Common’s Better Boxer Briefs are solid colors, so I chose the Rhubarb color as I don’t have enough red underwear. The rhubarb color is a darker, richer red, not fire engine red like my Puma boxer briefs. I appreciated the color and the design as I looked quite sophisticated in them. Furthermore, with a 4” inseam, these boxer briefs are on the shorter side of boxer briefs. I am a big fan of trunks, so these boxer briefs are short enough to feel like longer trunks and provide a sexier cut.

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The Road Test

These boxer briefs perform precisely how I want them to: utterly comfortable throughout the day without noticing I was wearing them. They never bunched up or gave me a wedgie. The waistband is super soft, and I loved that it was a dark blue color to offset the deeper red primary color. I also felt confident wearing them, considering how good I looked without pants.

In Common’s Better Boxer Brief comes with a horizontal fly, which I tried using. However, it wasn’t for me. I am very comfortable with fly-less underwear, and I felt the horizontal fly was too small for my fingers and my penis. Nonetheless, I know several readers have expressed how much they love the horizontal fly in general. Most likely, In Common’s horizontal fly isn’t much different in this aspect.

Since I first bought these boxer briefs in mid-February, I happily report they are still doing very well for me. Unlike my Saxx Ultra boxer briefs that got looser over time, my In Common Better Boxer Briefs are as comfortable as the first time I wore them. Keep in mind, though, that I always air-dry my modal underwear, which In Common also recommends. Air drying reduces wear, especially on a lighter material like modal.

Overall, I am pleased with my purchase of In Common’s Better Boxer Brief! They are genuinely better than a lot of men’s underwear out there. If you are looking for the technical details before purchasing, see below for my summary.

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Specifications for In Common’s Better Boxer Brief

As always, I review my underwear using a series of eight categories. These eight categories make it easy to compare different brands and styles, and it also makes it easy for guys to zero in on what is essential when buying new underwear.

  • Length: The boxer briefs I bought have a 4” inseam, which is on the short end for boxer briefs. In Common also sells low-rise briefs, long-leg boxer briefs (which look pretty long!), and even boxer shorts (4.75” inseam). Since their boxer briefs are on the short end, I am not surprised In Common doesn’t offer trunks, yet I believe a 1-2” trunk option would complement this collection quite nicely. (Interesting side note: the web address for the long-leg boxer briefs says “boxer briefs,” but the web address for its “Better Boxer Brief” says “mens-trunks”. Interesting, no?)

  • Price: $$. As of June 2022, the Better Boxer Brief is $12/pair – or $10/pair if you buy a five-pack. I believe the price is amazing for what you are getting, especially as modal underwear is often much more expensive than cotton underwear.
  • Colors and Patterns: In Common only offers solid colors for its boxer briefs: black, white, olive green, dark gray heather, navy blue, and rhubarb (red, which I own). In Common offers a far smaller collection of its briefs and boxer shorts – only two colors each—with no patterns as of June 2022.
  • Material and Fabric: In Common uses a 93% modal/7% Spandex blend for its briefs, boxer briefs, and long-leg boxer briefs. I love this modal/Spandex blend! However, In Common chose a 56% cotton/44% modal blend for its boxer shorts. I don’t know how that feels. However, if you are used to wearing cotton boxers, the cotton/modal blend should be lighter and more comfortable.
  • Flys: Horizontal flys are standard for their briefs, boxer briefs, and long-leg boxer briefs. However, In Common chose not to put a fly on its boxer shorts, presumably to prevent popping out while lounging.
  • Penis Pouches: In Common uses a standard, non-separated penis pouch like most underwear brands. I found it quite comfortable, but not the same as a separated pouch such as Saxx’s BallPark pouch.

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  • Branded waistbands: In Common’s logo appears on the waistband in the same color as the waistband itself, so it is barely noticeable. Most waistbands are dark blue or black, except for white underwear, which features a white waistband (it might be cool to also have a black waistband on white underwear, In Common!).
  • Multipacks: Yes, you can save quite a bit on multipacks. As of June 2022, In Common gives a $10 discount on five pairs to drop the price from $12/pair to $10/pair. You can also save $3 on a pack of three, which comes to $11/pair. What I like about the way In Common handles multipacks is that you can mix and match colors, unlike other companies that prepackage multipacks for you.
  • Design Country: United States

Tell me your experience with In Common’s Better Boxer Briefs or any of their underwear in the comments!

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