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Author’s Note: I purchased this underwear using my own money through a contribution to Boxerkilt’s Indiegogo campaign.

Note: Boxerkilt’s availability on Amazon has not been good in 2023. It is supposed to be back by September 2023 according to Boxerkilt’s Instagram, but I can’t verify that. If it is not available, I encourage you to check out the following articles to Find Your Ideal Pair of Underwear:

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Looking back on it, I’m not sure what was so hard about putting on my Boxerkilt for the first time. Yet, I struggled with understanding where to stick my penis (I’m a bottom, so this is not a natural talent I have). Once I discovered that I just put my penis into the giant hole – again, bottom, not natural – it was easy to understand how Boxerkilt works. But what is Boxerkilt?

Readers know my extensive writings regarding ball pouches. I wrote an instruction manual for Separatec’s Dual Pouch, I found sublime happiness with Saxx’s Ballpark Pouch, I wrote a Guide to Cradling Your Balls with pouches, and I even made a YouTube video demonstrating various pouch designs. But now, I was faced with a design that didn’t just include a pouch; it went out of its way not to provide support to your balls.

Meet Boxerkilt. Inspired by the Scottish kilt – and the traditional way of wearing kilts without underwear – Boxerkilt is underwear designed to let your balls hang loose. Not like boxer shorts loose, I mean entirely exposed, commando-loose. Think of Boxerkilt as the half-brother of the jockstrap; both are underwear, yet Boxerkilt only covers your butt while the jockstrap only covers your penis. [OMG! Wait, if you combined a Boxerkilt and a jockstrap, you’d get…oh, boxer briefs. Womp womp.]

Boxerkilt underwear for men from Amazon.

Example of Boxerkilt’s underwear. Note that as of August 2023, Boxerkilt is having supply chain issues, so availability on Amazon comes and goes. Save it to your Amazon wish list to buy when it is next available or consider getting comfy, boxer shorts instead.

I don’t understand. Am I getting no ball support?

Correct. Boxerkilt’s idea is to free your balls from stuffy underwear and let them hang naturally. As Boxerkilt notes on its website, Boxerkilts allow your “cremaster muscle to adopt a relaxed  position…[ensuring] maximum air circulation and essential heat dissipation.” In other words, your balls need to be cooler than your body – around 5.4℉ or 3℃ cooler. By allowing your balls to hang loose, the cremaster muscle – responsible for raising and lowering your balls – can do its job of properly regulating the temperature of your balls.

Guys may choose to forgo underwear and go commando for this reason, or perhaps guys just enjoy being unshackled by stuffy cotton undies (readers know how to avoid uncomfortable underwear!) Yet, not wearing underwear comes with risks. 

Chill Boys Boxers
As an alternative, soft boxer shorts – such as Chill Boys – also provide a roomy environment for your balls.

If you are out in public, your penis may become exposed by making itself known behind your pants. Going commando is risky if you have a larger penis or have an erection and you are wearing thinner pants. Your penis can become irritated – or even get cut – from rubbing against your trousers, especially if you have a zipper fly on your pants. Your trousers will get dirty quickly if you are sweating, especially if your butt isn’t clean. Finally, combining thicker pants with no underwear may cause chafing, or skin irritation, on your thighs or groin.

Boxerkilt’s goal is to combine the benefits of going commando – healthier balls – without the drawbacks of not wearing underwear. I applaud the purpose and the ingenuity of the design. How well did the real-life Boxerkilt work for me? Let’s find out!

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Freeballing While Wearing Underwear

To understand my take on Boxerkilt, you’ll need to know two critical points: I haven’t worn boxer shorts in almost ten years, and I don’t go commando. Thus, having my balls out there in the world – despite being covered by Boxerkilt’s veil of cotton and bamboo – was the first shock while wearing Boxerkilt. Not in a wrong way necessarily, just…different.

The kilt was my first noticeable trait of Boxerkilt. It bunched up almost immediately after putting on my pants and continued to bunch up. I wear slim-fitting pants – not skinny jeans, just slim-fit – which caused Boxerkilt to bunch up more than baggier shorts and pants. It was highly noticeable and uncomfortable. I felt hot during the day, and excess material felt stuffy in my pants.

On the flip side, my balls felt cooler. I noticed this especially while sleeping. I run hot while sleeping, and I have wanted to sleep naked. However, sleeping naked also causes me to get sexed up and then unable to fall asleep. Thus, my husband and I have to wear underwear while sleeping. I enjoyed wearing Boxerkilt during the night because I still had underwear on, yet I felt cooler – a win-win!

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What about the anti-fly?

I found peeing an easy experience. Since I am used to not having underwear with a fly, my instinct is to pee over the fence. Yet, since my penis is hanging out, it was pretty easy to pee through the gate. Unlike traditional flys, no need to move around underwear fabric to get to your penis; it is just there.

Speaking about flys, I predicted that the fabric on the bottom of the “hole” of the Boxerkilt would irritate the skin under my balls. It turns out that I didn’t feel any discomfort throughout the day. Boxerkilt uses the same material – a cotton/bamboo blend – for the fly seams as the rest of the underwear. Instead of having more rigid seams, which I was expecting, the Boxerkilt fly felt quite soft.

Front view of Boxerkilt showing how the kilt fabric covers the hole where your penis hangs out.

Finally, if you are wearing Boxerkilts around the house without pants/trousers on, note that the front kilt doesn’t hide your balls or penis when sitting or laying down. You will fully expose your penis and balls, which is a concern if you have kids or guests in the vicinity. However, the kilt will cover you up while walking around or standing.

Response from Boxerkilt

Paul from Boxerkilt reached out to me before publishing this post about their product. Since I had already purchased Boxerkilt through my contribution to their Indiegogo campaign, I let them know my feedback. Paul was kind enough to hear my feedback and respond, so I want to be fair and let my readers know his response.

Regarding my critique of the kilt bunching up: “Of the 30+ tester[s] there were no incidences of bunching up or [dis]comfort but then again I relied on a lot of friends family and old work connections etc. All the feedback from Indiegogo is very good and no one has mentioned the bunching of the kilt portion (scouts honour) ” I will add to Paul’s statement that most of the reviews on Amazon are pretty positive (see the next section).

Paul further adds this note about the kilt: “The Single Jersey that our and all men’s underwear  is made from is Knitted and it does not unravel like woven material and if you find bunching is a problem just snip a few inches at the edge where the front label is, I promise you it won’t run or get longer in any way no matter how many times you wash it.

Paul also commented: “Three testers who said the Boxerkilt made absolutely no difference either way and pretty much said that I was wasting my time all got back to me many months later said the Boxerkilt is the best underwear to sleep in.” I want to highlight this because I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in my Boxerkilt, so I agree with this feedback.

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Amazon Reviews of Boxerkilt

I also want to highlight a couple of five-star reviews on Amazon, as they provide a third-party opinion on Boxerkilts:

Had seen the campaign on indiegogo and was anxious to see if would make it into production. Finally located on and ordered a pair to try. Wow! Definitely exceeded my expectations. Very, very comfortable. I washed and wore that first pair daily for five days before before ordering more. It would be nice if they were available in the US, but well worth the exchange rate and shipping costs. Keeping on my Amazon Shopping List for ease of reordering. 😉

Subaru46123, Amazon Review from February 7, 2022

Turned up and looked better than expected,

-no seams on inside so not itchy

-fabric is stretchy and not too tight

-I have no comparison to anything else but they’re extremely comfortable!

Only downside is if you have a room mate he’ll regularly be getting a view of the meat and veg every time you sit down

Jacob Docking, Amazon Review from January 6, 2022

I want to note that Jacob’s comment about the “meat and veg” (penis and balls if you aren’t into metaphors) is exactly what I experienced when not wearing pants, including when sleeping.

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Summary Criteria of Boxerkilt

  • Length: Boxerkilt only sells one inseam length, 4” boxer briefs. It is a good length for both lovers of boxer briefs and trunks.
  • Price: $. Boxerkilts are now on sale on Amazon in the United States for around $8-$12. That is a great price to try them out, although you will have to pay for shipping (even if you have Amazon Prime).
Boxerkilt fabric tag.
The right-side tag is even written in Scottish!
  • Colors and Patterns: My Boxerkilts are plain gray. However, if I buy again, I would pay more for a plaid design. Not only is it more authentic, but the plaid also looks great in the photos. 
  • Material and Fabric: 45% Bamboo/45% cotton/10% spandex. I love the higher spandex content, as basic men’s underwear contains 5% or less spandex. More spandex means greater stretch, leading to overall comfort. On the flip side, I don’t mix well with cotton; it just isn’t my thing. Paul says Boxerkilt is looking to produce 95% bamboo/5% spandex versions, the same material as my Saxx boxer briefs and my Separatec briefs.
  • Flys: Yes, there is a fly! That is pretty much the entire concept of the Boxerkilt. 🙂

  • Penis Pouches: No pouch, and yeah, the entire reason for wearing a Boxerkilt.
  • Branded Waistbands: Boxerkilt has a large logo that spans the front of the waistband. Although purely a personal preference, I am not so much into waistbands with large logos. The waistband is the standard 1.5” wide.
  • Multipacks: Paul says multipacks will be coming soon.
  • Design Country: United Kingdom

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Boxerkilt’s unique design and thought-provoking idea of what men’s underwear is why I contributed to its Indiegogo campaign. After wearing it IRL, I believe there is a market for Boxerkilts. Boxerkilt’s fast growth on Amazon proves this point. Yet, I won’t be wearing it as day-to-day underwear for now; I’ll update everyone once I cut off the front kilt fabric. 

So what is my recommendation of Boxerkilts? Here is my summary:

  • Everyday underwear? Not for me. I also believe guys who wear skinny or slimmer pants also won’t like the bunching up of the kilt fabric. Nonetheless, to be fair, Amazon reviewers and Paul’s comments note that guys are wearing Boxerkilts as everyday underwear.
  • Weekend lounging underwear? When I was not wearing pants – or baggier shorts – its bunching up wasn’t as much of an issue. I found Boxerkilt somewhat comfortable in this situation, and my hunch is that guys who find Boxerkilt comfortable are also wearing looser pants. The caveat here is that if you wear Boxerkilts without pants, it is effortless to expose your penis and balls – be warned! 
  • Underwear for sleeping? Yes! Sleeping is where Boxerkilt shined for me. My balls – and groin – felt cooler while sleeping, and it was pretty comfortable. I’d keep wearing Boxerkilts for sleeping since I cannot sleep naked. 
  • Date night? It might be neat due to its novelty; however, as the kilt fabric is not form-fitting, I didn’t find them sexy-looking. Neither did my partner.

Overall, I loved sleeping in Boxerkilts, wasn’t opposed to lounging in them, and didn’t like wearing them throughout the day. If you wear baggier pants, you may have better results than I did. I’ll also report how Boxerkilt performs after I cut off the front kilt fabric. You’ll also want to compare Boxerkilts to its direct opposite style, pouch underwear.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on Boxerkilt’s design, whether you would try them, and if you wear them already, what are your thoughts?

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