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Disclaimer: Product links contain affiliate marketing links where I get a small commission when you purchase from that site. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Also, please verify all product and pricing information directly with the linked brands. I am not responsible for errors or product discrepancies.

Author’s Note: All of the post-holiday sales from 2022 are over. But I am leaving up the page so you can see what I wrote and what gift ideas there are for future reference. I have removed all notes about pricing and discounts from this page as well, so if the writing seems choppy or off in some places, that is why – there used to be pricing information there.

It makes me so annoyed when society views getting underwear for the holidays as the worst gift ever – socks are really the worst gift! :p But in all seriousness, giving amazing underwear (and socks) for the holidays is one of the best presents ever. You know the recipient will use your gift over and over again; you will be giving them a gift of daily comfort and utility; and chances are for guys, they could really use the help in the underwear department.

Thus, this is your guide if you are like me and love to procrastinate. Below are some last-minute men’s underwear gift ideas. Important to note is always to check shipping times directly with the company if you need the gifts to arrive by a certain date. I can’t be responsible for everyone’s shipping issues. 🙂 And if it doesn’t arrive by Christmas, then new underwear is always important for New Year’s Eve to bring luck in the new year.

Here are some ideas for you (and yourself – don’t forget to treat yourself to some fine underwear too!):

Brands Offering Last Minute Underwear Deals

Mack Weldon

It seems like I can’t stop talking about Mack Weldon – I wrote an entire detailed guide to their underwear! And this is after I wrote about my experience trying on Mack Weldon AIRKNITx briefs. The truth is that I really love Mack Weldon underwear, especially the AIRKNITx series.

My collection of Mack Weldon Underwear
My collection of Mack Weldon Underwear

Additionally, Mack Weldon created gift sets at a discount to the full price of the individual items. You can find a list on Mack Weldon’s gift page. Honestly, I don’t find any of their curated gift sets that exciting, but perhaps they might be to you.

While Mack Weldon’s holiday sale is over, First Responders, nurses, doctors, teachers, and U.S. military members can get 25% off their first purchase from Mack Weldon. Check out all of the details on Mack Weldon’s Community Heroes page.

Gift Idea: Let’s be real – men’s underwear really gets me going. For gifts, I believe Mack Weldon’s AIRKNITx underwear is the best value among Mack Weldon’s four underwear collections. I own both AIRKNITx briefs and trunks, and I love them. Furthermore, you can save money by using Mack Weldon’s Pack Builder to get a discount on three, six, or nine-packs of underwear.

One exception to this is if you are buying for a guy into water-based activities, such as surfing, swimming, or kayaking. In this case, I’d go with the Stealth underwear collection as they are seawater and chlorine-safe! True, most guys won’t be out on the water in the dead of winter, but Spring and Summer are right around the corner, and out come the boardshorts!

Pair of Thieves

I recently got my first Pair of Thieves underwear from their new Hustle collection, and I loved them (but only the solid colors!). Readers may know Pair of Thieves from shopping at Target, and that Pair of Thieves provides good underwear at affordable prices.

Pair of Thieves has three types of men’s underwear: Hustle (nylon-based), Superfit (polyamide-based), and Supersoft (viscose-based) collections. Hustle and Superfit are better for sweating and sports, while Supersoft is better for lounging and relaxing. And the difference between Hustle and Superfit is that Hustle has Pair of Thieves Cool Breeze Pouch, whereas Superfit only has a standard non-separated pouch.

Gift Idea: I only have tried out Pair of Thieves’ Hustle collection and I highly recommend getting them because they are so soft and comfortable. But as you’ll read in my review, I only recommend getting solid colors because the print versions have a rougher finish. While the Hustle collection is pricier, I believe it is worth it, especially since the price is very good for the product quality (again, only the solid colors).

If you are on a budget, then the sales on the Superfit and Supersoft collections above are very good. Additionally, if you are buying for a guy into baseball, Pair of Thieves sells boxer briefs with baseball team logos. This is a sweet gift for baseball lovers, but at $38 for a two-pack, you are paying for it.


Saxx’s claim to fame is their Ballpark Pouch. I love Saxx’s pouch, and you can find my full review here (even though the Ultra boxer briefs weren’t the best model for me). Saxx’s pouch is one of the easiest pouches to slide into, and it kept my balls nice and comfortable.

I also have two pairs of Saxx shorts that have built-in boxer briefs: Oh Buoy swim trunks and Go to Town 2n1 Shorts. I absolutely love both pairs, and the built-in boxer briefs are so comfortable (and better than the Ultra model).

Gift Idea: Instead of getting more underwear, consider getting some regular shorts or swim shorts – both with built-in underwear. This is an amazing sale off-season, and since we are past the Winter Solstice, warm temperatures are just around the corner. I personally wear Saxx’s Go to Town regular shorts and Oh Buoy swim shorts – both are excellent buys on sale!

Tommy John

Tommy John sells high-end men’s (and women’s) underwear and their holiday sale is over.

Note: Tommy John’s underwear nomenclature doesn’t match other men’s underwear brands. When shopping on Tommy John’s website, remember the following:

  • Briefs = Briefs
  • American-style trunks (2″-3″ inseam) = 2″ Square Cut for Tommy John
  • 4″ Boxer Briefs (on the shorter side of boxer briefs) = 4.5″ Trunks for Tommy John
  • 6″ Boxer Briefs (regular boxer briefs) = 6″ Mid-Length Boxer Briefs for Tommy John
  • 8″ Long-leg Boxer Briefs = 8″ Boxer Briefs for Tommy John

Comparison of 4 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch men's boxer briefs.
Comparison of 4 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch men’s boxer briefs (none of these are Tommy John though, just for visual comparison).

Gift Idea: Shorter styles are trendy for 2022, and I expect the same for 2023. Instead of picking up regular 6″ boxer briefs, try experimenting with shorter 4.5″ boxer briefs or even 2″ square-cut trunks. I find trunks to be the sexiest of all men’s underwear, and many guys appreciate the shorter legs. To maximize utility for everyday wear, I’d stick with the Second Skin trunks. On the other hand, if you are buying for a guy into sports and working out, go with the 360 Sport Hammock 8″ boxer briefs.


Intimssimi is fine European underwear designed in Italy. I have a pair of Intimissimi’s Supima cotton “boxers” (they are trunks) and a pair of Intimissimi’s microfiber trunks. While the Supima cotton boxers are ok (I just don’t like cotton), I love their microfiber trunks.

Gift Idea: Obviously, my choice is Intimissimi’s microfiber trunks. On the other hand, if you are buying for a guy into comics, Intimissimi has a collection of Spiderman and Hulk underwear and clothing (although they are cotton-based).

Intimissimi Microfiber "boxers" (trunks)
Intimissimi Microfiber “boxers” (trunks) are my favorite Intimissimi underwear
I don’t like Intimissimi’s Supima cotton boxers as much because I don’t like cotton, but if you like cotton, then these are quite stylish!


Have you considered giving the gift of a men’s underwear subscription? Yes, that is right – an underwear subscription. Why gift a pair of underwear as a stocking stuffer when you can give a gift that keeps on giving every month?

MeUndies was one of the original underwear subscription companies before many others got into the subscription game. You can customize your subscription based on underwear style (boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, and even thongs!) and underwear fabric (original modal or Breathe synthetic), which is awesome. Plus, MeUndies allows you to skip a month or cancel the subscription anytime.

Gift Idea: Obviously, the gift idea here is to get a monthly subscription. It is a great gift to help guys who don’t buy underwear regularly, or, worse, buy underwear as an afterthought because they need new pairs. Choose the Original Modal for everyday wear or the Breathe lineup if the guy you are shopping for is sporty.

Tani USA

Like Mack Weldon and Tommy John, Tani USA makes high-quality underwear at premium prices. I have a pair of their Silk Cut Hip Briefs and Boxer Briefs. They are absolutely amazing as they are so soft (I love modal underwear!) and so comfortable to wear. I also love that they are low-rise for a modern look (the briefs are very low-rise as a heads up!). However, at $40-45 per pair, they are quite expensive for men’s underwear.

Tani’s sale is over, unfortunately. However, you can still shop on Tani’s sale page, although Tani’s sale page has a limited selection. Even if you only have one or two higher-quality pairs in your drawer, you’ll appreciate the special times when you wear them.

Gift Idea: Most guys will want Tani’s Silk Cut boxer briefs as they are on the shorter side (4″ inseam) and aren’t as revealing as Tani’s briefs. For guys that love showing off, go with Tani’s Silk Cut briefs. Remember that they are both low-rise and hip-cut, so they are quite revealing!

Turq Sport

Turq specifically makes underwear for guys who love being in the water and wear boardshorts. As such, they have a simplified underwear collection with only two styles: Freestyle Fit and Paradise Pouch. The difference is that Freestyle Fit has a standard non-separated pouch, whereas the Paradise Pouch has Turq’s custom-separated U-shape pouch. If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, please read my Cheat Sheet to Pouch Underwear – a must-read about pouch underwear!

I also love Turq’s designs – including their waistband designs! I think the patterns are unique and if you are going to show off your underwear waistband, show off an exciting and unique pattern – not just some brand’s logo.

Gift Idea: But don’t shop for individual styles, go for multi-packs For example, individual pairs of Paradise Pouch boxer briefs are $38. But instead, if you go for a three-pack, the cost is discounted to $94 as the regular price, or around $32/pair.

Turq boxer briefs look sharp!

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