Gray Boxer Briefs with a Twist: Reviewing Twisted Wrapper

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As an adult, famous brand names dominated my underwear collection. Of course, Calvin Klein occupies a significant amount of my underwear drawer’s real estate, followed by American Eagle and Mack Weldon. There is a good reason for this. Famous brands make a product that resonates with many other guys, so you are purchasing a “battle-tested” brand. Large brands have a lot of experience in perfecting men’s underwear, so you have an implicit trust of the brand when purchasing. And there is a vanity aspect: showing off your Calvin Kleins is a signal to others about who you are as a person.

While I still wear Calvin Klein and Mack Weldon primarily daily, I have turned my attention to startup underwear companies since starting my blog. I have a genuine interest in innovative designs and concepts in men’s underwear that come from non-mainstream brands (UnderAir is an excellent example of creative ideas by using sustainable kelp fiber in their underwear). Furthermore, I realize that small businesses need support from the public, and small underwear businesses are no exception. 

Twisted Wrapper Apparel is one of these upstart men’s underwear companies. I chatted with their founder a few weeks ago and will be publishing our interview in the next couple of weeks (hint: the origins of the company’s name are fascinating). In the meantime, Twisted Wrapper sent me a pair of their gray boxer briefs – full disclosure, a complementary pair – to review. I’m super excited to share with you my experience!

Overview image of Twisted Wrapper's boxer briefs.

Unwrapping Twisted Wrapper’s gray boxer briefs

Before opening the package, I already knew two aspects of Twisted Wrapper’s underwear that would be key during wear. First, Twisted Wrapper’s mission is to design men’s underwear that is comfortable for all-day wear yet won’t bunch up at the gym. Second, the fabric composition is 95% modal/5% spandex. As my readers know, modal is my favorite underwear material; I even wrote a how-to guide on purchasing modal underwear! Thus, I went in expecting I would love these boxer briefs.

Upon the first touch, I instantly recognized the soft, luxurious feel of the modal fabric. I’m happy to report that Twisted Wrapper’s modal fabric did not disappoint while wearing. These boxer briefs are lightweight, soft to the touch, and are comfortable against the skin; everything I love about modal! If you still wear cotton underwear, I strongly encourage you to experiment with a modal blend, especially with a modal fabric content of 85% or greater.

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Favorite Underwear Style

Another aspect I noticed before trying these boxer briefs is the design. To be honest, I do not prefer gray boxer briefs; I find gray quite drab and plain. Yet what I love about these boxer briefs is the striking red stitching. As I noted with my Mack Weldon briefs and my Intimissimi trunks, offset color stitching captures my eye. I’ve always had a thing for contrasting colors in the design, and Twisted Wrapper’s red stitching made these gray boxer briefs delightful to see and wear. I appreciated this small detail!

On the other hand, I observed that Twisted Wrapper’s waistband seemed too big initially, so I measured it. Twisted Wrapper’s waistband came in at 2” wide. Compare this with the average men’s underwear waistband of around 1.5”. Some low-rise styles are even smaller, measuring between 1” and 1.25”. Based on experience, I prefer smaller waistbands as I don’t like the waistband material rubbing against my skin. 

Waistband measurement of Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs and Twisted Wrapper modal boxer briefs.

I asked Twisted Wrapper’s founder why he chose the large waistband. As I suspected, he chose a 2” waistband to add stability and support to the underwear during high-intensity movements, such as during gym sessions. His reasoning makes sense, especially because modal is a lightweight fabric that is prone to bunching up. While it is not my waistband preference, I understand his design choice, and I’m sure many guys prefer the larger waistband for precisely this reason. 

Real-world Performance

To test out Twisted Wrapper’s boxer briefs, I wore them for 48 hours during my daily routine. My routine included long periods of sitting for my day job, a light workout session, puttering around the house, and sleeping. While I had some expectations going into the review period, I kept an open mind and critically observed how I felt throughout the day.

Overall, these modal boxer briefs performed well and held up well against my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs. As they have less Spandex content – 5% for Twisted Wrapper compared to 8-10% for Calvin Klein – Twisted Wrapper’s boxer briefs felt a bit less “luxurious” while wearing. Yet, modal is lightweight and soft – especially compared to cotton blends – so, of course, Twisted Wrapper’s underwear was quite comfortable. Twisted Wrapper’s fabric felt more relaxed than UnderAir’s trunks. I believe this is due to Twisted Wrapper having 5% spandex compared to UnderAir’s 2% spandex content. 

Despite my hesitation with the 2” waistband, the waistband performed well while wearing. Visually, I prefer a smaller waistband, especially with a more discrete logo. Nonetheless, the waistband did not ride up or fold over as I thought it might. The waistband held the underwear in place and wasn’t annoying at all, which is fantastic. For guys that need extra stability, the large waistband will assist you, especially when moving around.

When I was outside in brutal Texas heat – it’s the humidity! – I sweated a lot. As expected with modal, the boxer briefs retained more moisture compared to quicker-drying polyester/nylon blends. The moisture didn’t make these boxer briefs uncomfortable, yet if you prefer wearing a polyester/nylon blend while sweating, modal takes longer to dry out. Then again, if you compare to cotton blends, modal dries quicker (I can’t say enough good things about modal!).

Finally, in terms of overall comfort, I felt that Twisted Wrapper’s boxer briefs provide great all-day comfort, which is precisely what Twisted Wrapper’s founder set out to do. However, I felt one particular aspect could improve compared to Calvin Klein’s modal boxer briefs. I noticed that the underwear slightly rubs against the rear of my crotch – right below my butt – while walking around. If there was just ever-so-slightly more room in this area, I feel it would be excellent.

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Details and Notes

Using my Ultimate Guide to Men’s Boxer Briefs, below are my notes on the factors that may make these boxer briefs right for you:

  • Length: Twisted Wrapper’s boxer briefs have a 4” inseam, which is on the shorter side for boxer briefs (generally 4”-6”). For only having one model, 4” – 5” is the sweet spot to offer, as lovers of boxer briefs and trunks will find the length accommodating. Trunk lovers will appreciate these shorter-length boxer briefs for working out instead of wearing longer boxer briefs or compression shorts. However, if you need longer boxer briefs due to chafing, 4” inseam will be too short. 
  • Price: $$. Each pair is around $15, which is reasonable for boxer briefs with a greater than 85% modal content blend. Calvin Klein’s modal boxer briefs, which I hold as the standard-bearer in modal underwear, usually are in the $20-$25 range for comparison.
  • Colors and Patterns: Currently, Twisted Wrapper only offers solid gray boxer briefs with red stitching. I love the red stitching, which adds a bold element to otherwise standard gray. Hopefully, in the future, Twisted Wrapper will add to their lineup as they continue to grow. 
  • Material and Fabric: 95% modal/5% spandex. I won’t repeat myself and gush again about how magical modal is. I’ll just note that the fabric blend generated my excitement in trying out these boxer briefs.
  • Flys: Unlike many brands, Twisted Wrapper offers a functional vertical fly with their gray boxer briefs. Although I am used to not having a fly, I am sure many guys appreciate having a fly. And with choices dwindling that still have a fly, Twisted Wrapper’s offering is a welcome addition for guys preferring to pee through the gate.
  • Penis Pouches: Twisted Wrapper offers a standard penis pouch on their boxer briefs. I felt it was comfortable and equivalent to Calvin Klein’s pouch.
  • Branded Waistbands: Yes. Twisted Wrapper currently offers the choice of either a gray waistband or black waistband. Offering a selection of waistbands is unique, and I applaud Twisted Wrapper for providing the option. Each color has a different logo style, allowing you to choose a waistband that fits your personality. As I mentioned, I prefer more discrete branded waistbands, yet this doesn’t take away from Twisted Wrapper’s waistband. Furthermore, note that the waistband size is 2”, which is on the large end of men’s underwear waistbands.
  • Multipacks: No multi-packs yet. 
  • Design Country: United States


I have a soft spot for anything with modal fabric in it, so naturally, Twisted Wrapper’s boxer briefs delighted me. The material didn’t disappoint and held well compared to my Calvin Klein modal boxer briefs, although not as “luxurious” as Calvin Klein per se. Then again, you are paying more for the luxury of Calvin Klein.

I found the boxer briefs comfortable all day, especially while sitting down, working from home. I appreciated the red stitching against the solid gray background to spice up the design, as solid gray boxer briefs are boring. While the large 2” waistband with bold logo isn’t my cup-of-tea, it was comfortable nonetheless and benefits active guys; the larger waistband helps keep the underwear in place. Furthermore, if you are a guy who appreciates having a fly, these boxer briefs will satisfy your need with a functional vertical fly.

I prefer wearing microfiber (polyester/nylon) underwear for better moisture-wicking in the sweltering, humid Texas heat. Nonetheless, if you are currently wearing cotton, modal is by far a step up from absorbent cotton underwear. Additionally, while walking, I felt that the underwear was slightly rubbing against my crotch. While I was still comfortable, it was something I noticed.

While not as luxurious as Calvin Klein or as high-tech as other performance underwear, Twisted Wrapper makes a solid modal boxer brief that is quite comfortable for daily wear. And unlike those higher-end brands, at $15/pair, Twisted Wrapper occupies the sweet spot of men’s underwear. You can afford to stock up on higher-quality underwear than the seven-pack you bought while shopping for groceries!

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